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Featured catalog pages of Mackintosch Kitchens 2017 7 ideas advice the right way to buyaki tc h e n the modern-day british kitchen is by far the busiest and most regularly used room in the home with so many functions performed in it every day proper planning and great design is essential step 3 decide on the doors the kind of space you have available and how your family move around it will play a huge part in the overall design of your kitchen you want it to look beautiful but also work beautifully to complement your way of living a mackintosh kitchen has dozens of traditional shaker and modern styles available in a range of gloss wood effect timber and painted finishes all of which can be customised with an extensive range of handles or you can choose to go handle-less if you want a truly modern look so take your time to browse the full range of mackintosh kitchens in this brochure then follow these five simple steps to help you make the right choices nothing defines a kitchen more than the doors depending

modern 25 modern i n t eg ralg lo s s grey adding real impact to any modern home this kitchen’s sleek lacquered high-gloss style and on-trend features create a striking ambience shown here in gloss

modern 43 modern metricag lo ssbl ac kmetricag lo s s wa lnuta bold and sophisticated statement kitchen designed with stunning high-gloss slab doors and striking lines shown here in a gloss black finish a distinctly modern kitchen featuring glamorous high-gloss slab doors in a rich and exotic walnut

modern 61 chic create the perfect look with smooth matt doors and complementary colours that bring real depth to any modern home modern chic cashmere chic i vo ry cashmere chic anthracite chic light

modern 77 modern linear arling to n oa k a modern and beautifully simple slab-style kitchen with a textured woodgrain finish in arlington oak available in either horizontal or vertical

shaker 95 pa inted wo odshakera classic kitchen in a truly timeless design with innovative features and cutting-edge functionality shaker painted wood shaker steel blue the co lo u r pa lette pa inted wo o d shaker i vo ry painted wood shaker oyster painted wood shaker sage grey ivory light blue green taupe white oyster light grey steel blue hickory aubergine choose from our palette of natural elegant shades to add a splash of individuality and create the perfect look sage

shaker 113 shaker g lo s s s to n e shaker a striking one-piece shaker kitchen with a contemporary high-gloss finish shown here in a natural gloss stone

traditional 129 tr aditional fr amed pa intedi vo ry painted ivory framed doors make this kitchen the perfect choice for the traditional-style

traditional 147 shires pa inteda traditional in-frame kitchen with beautiful woodgrain-effect painted doors in a choice of 11 natural colours tr aditional shires painted green the co lo u r pa lette shires pa inteds ag egrey shires painted ivory shires painted oyster ivory light blue green taupe white oyster light grey steel blue hickory aubergine choose from our palette of natural elegant shades to add a splash of individuality and create the perfect look sage

design features 165 m ac k i n to shki tc hensincludegre at designideas n ot j us tontheoutsidebutontheinside to o e v ery thinginits per fec t pl ac e e v ery thingwithinre ac h easy to useande nj oy this is ultra-important for corner units which offer a lot of space but are often very difficult to access one brilliant solution to this problem is the lemans swing-out corner unit fitting from kesseböhmer a light touch swings the lemans trays out of the corner individually until they come to a stop with the contents right out in front of the unit you can check the whole contents at a glance and easily reach any item you want kesseböhmer storage solutions provide stylish practical and functional solutions meaning better organised and easier to access storage space in addition to brilliant functionality kesseböhmer storage solutions stand for exclusive design and a high quality finish internal cabinet space is used more efficiently than conventional

pa rtoftheve ry britishcollection for further information please contact the customer service department mackintosh kitchens omega boulevard capitol park thorne doncaster dn8 5tx tel 01405 743378 fax 01405 743330