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ideas advice 3 desirable m ee t s dur able i’m delighted to be introducing the mackintosh kitchen range and offering a few thoughts and ideas to help you create the perfect kitchen space co n t en t s introducing mackintosh ideas advice crafted for the individual 4 inspired british design 5 great british craftsmanship 6 colour inspiration 8 texture inspiration when choosing a kitchen people often overlook the importance of build quality it’s very easy to get distracted by the style and overall design of a kitchen but solidly built cabinets is what gives your new kitchen that premium quality feel the mackintosh name has a long association with cutting-edge design and superior craftsmanship so it’s no surprise that these cabinets are designed to last in fact every kitchen mackintosh make is guaranteed for 10 years if that doesn’t give you all the peace of mind you need you’ll also find an indispensable guide to buying a new kitchen on page 156 to help make the process as simple as possible with so many fantastic styles accessories and ideas across the following pages i know you’ll have no problem creating that dream kitchen george clarke architect writer lecturer and tv presenter ps you’ll find even more useful information and a kitchen visualiser tool at 2 accents patterns inspiration 40 102 the kitchens our shaker range 10 our modern range 42 our traditional range 104 options accessories door collection 124 colour palette 128 visualise your kitchen 131 handle options 132 handle-less kitchens 134 enhancing the design 138 cabinet specification 142 grass drawer systems 144 storage solutions 146 a place for everything 148 let there be light 150 sinks taps 152 worktops 154 the right way to buy a kitchen 156 more reasons to choose mackintosh 159 index and faqs 162