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ideas advice 103 accents pat terns accents and patterns can be used with colour and texture to lift the character of your scheme and are an easy way to keep your kitchen looking fresh and on-trend you don’t need more than one accent colour in a scheme as this can dilute the impact – just choose a colour you love perhaps a burnt orange or olive-green accents should be used sparingly to add a burst of colour or texture to an otherwise minimalist and neutral scheme using one colour can have a dramatic effect and is easily achieved by introducing coloured gadgets artwork or floral displays you could even feature soft furnishings in vibrant colours such as cushions or rugs adding a pattern to your scheme doesn’t always mean using bright flamboyant designs – patterns can be introduced as with accents in small measures less is more and the brighter the colour the less you need to make an impact a simple line or subtle check can often add more than a louder more detailed pattern accent pattern tips use accents and patterns to complement rather than dominate the colour scheme george clarke architect writer lecturer and tv presenter pattern doesn’t need to be repetitive so long as it has a link to the scheme either through colour or texture try to introduce accent colours and patterns within items that can be easily changed to reflect new trends and your own personal tastes.