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options accessories 135 handle l e ss k i tc h en s inset oblique gloss white if you’re looking for a minimalist kitchen perhaps a kitchen that doesn’t feature handles as these can detract from clean lines and a sleek design then mackintosh has three ways to achieve this – inset touch and in-line mackintosh integral kitchens aluminium cashmere copper dark grey limestone white options accessories mackintosh inset is designed in two ways the first using a wide range of slab doors in a variety of colours and finishes fitted with a discreet handle on the reverse allowing the cabinet to be opened without the need for a protruding handle the second is by using the oblique gloss white door which incorporates a chamfer on the top edge of the door creating a grip to allow the cabinet to be opened both solutions provide a sleek handleless look inset is available with a number of different extrusion and handle colours aluminium white cashmere limestone dark grey and copper allowing you to create stunning co-ordinated or contrasting designs inset mattonella gloss cashmere white