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begonia elatior ilona pot plant mainly for indoor use with good bench life in many countries also used for planting outside good crop for programming for sales all year round in as many as 19 striking colors can be produced yearround in pot sizes from 4 6 inch 10-15 cm height from 8 12 inch 20-30 cm easily programmable plant suitable for spot cropping can best be put in a light place avoiding direct sunlight begonia elatior volcano compact growing pot plant ideal for indoor use can also be used for mixed plantings good crop for programming for sales in spring and summer in 5 different colors ideal pot size is 3.5 in to 5 in 9 cm to 12 cm easily programmable plant type also suitable for spot crops put volcano in a light place avoiding direct sunlight elatior begonia elatior begonia series

elatior begonia ilona collection batik blitz britt dark carneval® camill cam lla camilla® camilla® lla® cindy frinjed® clara® c clara® lax clara frinjed® eva® janny frinjed® julie® glory kristy frinjed® kr sty frinjed® y frinj njed® nadine® nelly netja frinjed® netja dark peggy® sandrin sandrine® sandrine® d veronica® begonia ilona collection 250 cuttings 10-12 weeks 4-6 inch 8-12 inch 10-15cm 20-30cm

gerbera crazy colors most outstanding gerbera colors on the market with large flowers 3.5-4.5 inch 9-11 cm which contrast well with the dark foliage excellent as an indoor potplant but can also be used in patio planters can be placed in full sunlight keeps very well in the trade and with consumers can be used for programmed cropping with flowers yearround cultivation in pots of 5-6 inch 12-15 cm with a very fast production time of only 9-12 weeks currently offered only as seeds in the usa market gerbera gerbera crazy colors

poinsettia ecostars® alreddy® fancy alreddy® red estrella® red estrella® pink charon pandora red poinsettia alreddy poinsettia estrella poinsettia stargazer 12-16 weeks 7 8 weeks 12-16 weeks 7 8 weeks 12-16 weeks 4-5.5 inch 10-13cm 2.5 inch 6cm 4-5.5 inch 10-13cm 2.5 inch 6cm 4-5.5 inch 10-13cm 10-12 inch 25-30cm 6.5-7 weeks 5.5-6 inch 12-15cm 10-12 inch 25-30cm 6 6-5 weeks 5.5-6 inch 12-15cm 10-12 inch 25-30cm 7-8 weeks

celosia 23 16

dahlia dahila 18

waterfall® begonia encanto orange® victoria falls® rainbow falls® pearl falls® begonia waterfall 100 cuttings 8-10 weeks 5 inch 12cm -hb trailing

our garden begonia solenia® assortment consists of a select group of cultivars all are very weather resistant and specially selected for outdoor performance peat solenia® can be potted in every good quality peat most important the peat must keep a good moisture level example for a good quality mix 80 peat moss 15 peat moss fragments 5 clay balance the ph to 5.8-6.2 pot size pink and orange 5-6 inch 12-14cm red 4-5 inch 10-12cm solenias® are also very suitable for growing in dishes or larger hanging baskets for a 10 inch 25cm hanging basket we recommend 3 cuttings or plugs per basket 2 for 8 inch 20cm basket pinching red for a good size it is recommendable to pinch pink and orange you have to pinch for bigger pot sizes time one week after potting or after three leaves appear temperature after potting keep a temperature of 680 f 200 c day and night as soon as the plants are well rooted you can drop the temperature to 660 f 680 170 190 c to harden off the plants you should keep

impatiens new guinea achilles ajax argos athena calypso corinth delphi hermes ilus nestor nestor white orestes olympus paris sparta troy improved zeus impatiens odyssey unrooted 100 cuttings 4.5-7 inch 11-17cm 8-10 inch 20-25cm wk 42-20

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