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opw tank gauging tank gauging • sitesentinel® nano® console 240-241 • sitesentinel® integra 100™ console 242-243 • sitesentinel® integra 500™ console 244-245 • sitesentinel® itouch™ console 246-247 • the vsmart module 248-249 • model 924b probe 250-251 • model 924b inventory-only probe 252-253 • model 7100 ast flex probe 254-255 • intellisense™ sensors 256-257 • aqueous ethanol float sensor 258-259 • density measurement float 260-261 • model 327 volumetric line leak detector 262-263 www.opwglobal.com

sitesentinel® integra 500™ console the sitesentinel® integra 500™ tank gauge offers the industry’s most comprehensive tank monitoring capabilities including inventory management environmental compliance testing and remote access to real-time inventory data the integra 500 represents the fueling industry’s most powerful tank gauge with the ability to communicate with a wireless vsmart which has an external nema 4-class wiring enclosure that can be mounted on the forecourt the integra 500 can monitor more probes and sensors than any gauge on the market the tank gauge’s automatic calibration and reconciliation ensures in-depth and up-to-the-moment fuel monitoring optional statistical leak detection offers continuous automatic in-tank leakdetection operation while programmable automatic leak detection will perform daily weekly monthly and annually required static leak tests when the system detects a quiet time the integra 500 also offers cost-savings

specifications u p  robe/sensor location class 1 division 1 group d eex ia iia t4 u d  imensions u t  ypical u m  aximum u o  perating temperature u m  aximum u d  ata u w  ireless mounting location outdoor – non-hazardous zone -40°f to 158°f 40°c to 70°c cable belden 88760 18 awg maximum of 1,000 feet 305 m per barrier position belden 88761 22 awg maximum of 500 feet 152 m per barrier position [w xhxd 11.3 x 5.6 x 5.8 inches 29 x 14 x 15 cm twisted-pair wiring using rs-485 5,000 feet 1,524 m wiring for ethernet cat5/cat6 300 feet 91.4 m capabilities extend up to 1,500 feet 457 m maximum with free line-of-site vsmart digital 12-volt i.s module capabilities vsmart module vsmart digital 12-volt i.s module capabilities vsmart module capabilities • two 4-channel is modules per vsmart module • maximum of 8 is channels per vsmart module • maximum of 8 vsmart modules per compatible console • maximum of 8 ast flex probes per vsmart module

probe length specifications probe available from 12 to 20-foot lengths 3.7 to 6 meters available in 6-inch 15.2 cm increments only type magnetostrictive/float material stainless-steel body nickelcoated brass cap location hazardous class 1 division 1 group d temperature 5 rtds probe float kits part description 30-1509-02 2 inch 5.1 cm gas/water nitrophyl float kit 30-1509-01 2 inch 5.1 cm diesel/water nitrophyl float kit 30-3232 2 inch 5.1 cm density measurement kit temperature range -40º f to 158º f 40º c to +70º c at pi 1w data cable 1,000 feet 305 m belden 88760 500 feet 152 m maximum of belden 88761 stainless-steel floats available upon request note no leak testing available with stainless-steel floats opw lpg floats and density measurement sensors are not certified for applications in which they will be subjected to pressures at or above 300 psi pressures higher than 300 psi will damage the devices preventing them from providing accurate measurements tank

aqueous ethanol float sensor opw’s aqueous ethanol float sensor provides industry-leading in-tank detection of water contamination and phase separation phase-separated fuel occurs when water in the tank causes the ethanol to become saturated to the point that it can no longer be suspended and falls out of the gasoline and settles at the bottom of the tank fuel contamination resulting from phase separation can cause significant damage to vehicle engines opw’s aef sensor detects water level changes and product density changes at the bottom of storage tanks sooner than competing water-detection devices and unlike competing aqueous ethanol detection devices opw’s aef sensor’s real-time density readings are temperature-corrected which prevents false phase separation alarms opw’s aef sensor is compatible with rigid probe applications and monitors ethanol blends ranging from e10 to e85 programmable thresholds allow corrective actions to be deployed before

model 327 volumetric line leak detector vlld model 327 volumetric line leak detector vlld features while pressure may have its place in many fuel-related applications it’s performance in line-leak detection has been found less than reliable rising to the challenge of finding a more reliable solution opw fuel management systems offers the model 327 volumetric line leak detector vlld the vlld has been designed to use a highly accurate flow sensor rather than less-reliable pressure decay methods to measure the product line’s leak rate in turn vlld provides a more accurate measure of the actual product volume that is being lost the model 327 vlld has been designed to detect a leak in the pressurized product pipe by utilizing the submersible turbine pump stp in order to monitor volume changes in the product piping when no one is dispensing fuel the opw vlld utilizes an internal flow sensor to detect and measure any volume changes in the product pipe and will initiate an

benefits networks fsc3000™ specifications u p  ci u t  he dimensions [h xwxd 2.25 x 10.0 x 8.25 inches 5.7 x 25.4 x 21.0 cm power requirements 85-240 vac 50/60 hz 25 watts maximum compliance ensures cardholder data security the widest selection of fueling networks and major bank cards fsc3000™ interfaces with many authorization and commercial fueling networks to accept the following cards u a  ccepts u m  emory to support larger card files more than 64,000 cards with optional memory card expansion u e  mbedded hardware platform for ultimate 24/7 reliability • cfn bank cards tch fuelman® gascard comdata nbs paymentech fleet one® wex t-chek™ efs pacific pride and buypass u d  ual network option reduces wait times by accessing two networks simultaneously u u  ses flash technology to remotely download software updates u integrated u t  he u interfaces u fsc3000™ can be installed inside a fuel island terminal for installations where no

c/opt™ fuel control system c/opt™ fuel control system features up to 8 c/opt™ fuel island terminals fits used by drivers at the island to activate the fuel dispensers now with the flexibility of having the fsc3000™ within the fuel island terminal petro vend’s c/opt™ offers the ability to operate as a stand-alone system the c/opt interfaces with many networks to accept a wide range of commercial fueling and bank cards making it a superior choice for 24-7 unattended fuel control usb electronic transaction recording card updates with a wide variety of options available the c/opt fuel control system is one of the most comprehensive solutions for your fleetfueling or petroleum marketing application features u e  ach fsc3000 can control up to 8 fuel island terminals with a maximum of 32 hoses per site u a  ccepts dual readers including magnetic proximity and chipkey® for maximum flexibility and reliability accepts the widest selection of fueling

k800™ hybrid fuel control system k800™ hybrid fuel control system features now with the flexibility of having the fuel site controller within the fuel island terminal as a standalone system for sites that require outdoor installations or as a separate unit indoors whether operating a small fleet with a single fuel site or a large fleet with multiple sites the petro vend k800™ hybrid fuel control system can help you improve the management of your unattended fueling operations by controlling one of your biggest assets and expenses – your fuel benefits u  ideal for small private fleets needing a low-cost fuel management solution u e ach fuel island terminal controls up to 4 mechanical dispensers u each fsc3000™ can control up to eight 8 fits with a maximum of 32 hoses per site u  acklit lcd provides enhanced b visibility in bright sunlight and at night u p rogrammable prompts to guide drivers through the fueling process u  urable metal keypad

additional afc™ features u p  rovides comprehensive reports for critical fuel management decisions u  dministrator pc software is used to a program vehicles drivers personal identification numbers limits etc u a  scii utility exports data to thirdparty software packages u h  istorical totalizer readings provide data for inventory reconciliation u installation and service features include afc™ specifications • field wiring terminals are clearly marked and easily accessible in the spacious enclosure ­­readers magnetic-stripe card durakey™ • modular design makes servicing the afc™ easy cabinet dimensions [h xdxw 10 x 12 x 20 inches 25 x 30 x 51 cm • f ewer cable connections minimize maintenance and decrease service time operating temperature range -40°f to 158°f 40°c to 70°c  anual override switches allow • m you to bypass the card system if the unit is not operational • pre-punched conduit termination

ordering specifications part connection supported networks 20-6000 wired cfn t-chek tch efs paymentech fleet 20-6005 at&t cellular cfn t-chek tch efs paymentech fleet 20-6014 verizon cellular cfn t-chek tch efs paymentech fleet 20-6013 wired nbs fleet one comdata cfn tch t-chek efs paymentech pacific pride 20-6015 at&t cellular nbs fleet one comdata cfn tch t-chek efs paymentech pacific pride 20-6016 verizon cellular nbs fleet one comdata cfn tch t-chek efs paymentech pacific pride 20-6003 wired buypass cfn tch t-chek efs paymentech 20-6008 at&t cellular buypass cfn tch t-chek efs paymentech 20-6017 verizon cellular buypass cfn tch t-chek efs paymentech 20-6012 wired ip converter iol 20-6009 at&t cellular inbound only 20-6010 verizon cellular inbound only features of the fsc3000â„¢ u s  tores transaction data and vehicle records including fueling restriction data u stores thousands of proprietary cards and transactions so even the largest operations have room to expand u p