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poseidon’s spear flesh and blood nancy bilyeau christian cameron mark peterson february • 9781409135791 b format • £7.99 • h march • 9781409118084 b format • £7.99 • h march • 9781409135920 b format • £7.99 a superb tudor novel from the author of the chalice the third title in the long war series which follows killer of men and marathon the first novel in a new crime series starring detective sergeant minter as those closest to the throne battle against those desperate to save england’s monasteries from destruction young joanna stafford faces a far more personal battle when she learns her cousin is about to be burned at the stake for rebelling against henry viii joanna makes a decision that will change not only her life but quite possibly the fate of a nation and it will mean turning her back on everything she knows sold into slavery as a boy arimnestos of plataea fought his way to freedom then stood alongside the athenians at the battle of marathon against the invading persians a psychopath intent on annihilating anyone in his way a young detective with a troubled past an investigation on the verge of collapse in poseidon’s spear arimnestos goes on an epic journey that will take him to the limits of his courage and beyond the edge of the known world in a quest for freedom revenge – and a cargo so precious it’s worth dying for talking to the dead the incident harry bingham april • 9781780221045 b format • £7.99 march • 9781409137221 b format • £7.99 • h for detective constable fiona griffiths her first major investigation promises to be a tough initiation into cardiff’s dark underbelly a woman and her six-year-old daughter have been found murdered the single clue a platinum credit card belonging to a millionaire businessman who died six months before for her fellow cops it’s just another case of a prostitute meeting the wrong kind of client and coming to a nasty end but fiona is convinced that these deaths are part of a deeper darker mystery kenneth macleod craig was a teenage lifeguard on a beach when two children died on his watch his grandfather gordon mcinnes was on board a ship torpedoed during the war he survived by clinging to the body of one of his colleagues years later he met one of the crew of the u boat that attacked his ship gerd is now a refugee of the cold war the incident is a stunning literary novel about three lives marked by major turning points about history guilt and fate jasmine nights summer lies julia gregson bernhard schlink april • 9781409103042 b format • £7.99 • h may • 9781780220918 b format • £7.99 when an undercover police officer is killed and a deadly shipment of pure heroin hits land it looks as though the operation to bring down brighton’s biggest drug dealer is compromised but the investigation is in more trouble than either detective sergeant minter or his boss tom beckett could ever imagine paperback fiction the crown all i did was shoot my man walter mosley april • 9781780220963 b format • £7.99 • h seven years ago zella grisham was arrested for firearms offences and grand theft but she had played no part in that heist pi leonid mcgill had planted the evidence now he has regrets and hires a hotshot attorney to set her free as zella is hounded and an attempt is made on mcgill’s life the detective realises the case is more complicated than he had ever imagined – but can he live long enough to sort it out robert ludlum’s the janus reprisal robert ludlum jamie freveletti may • 9781409120308 a format • £7.99 • h a world war ii love story from the author of east of the sun from the bestselling author of the reader a mesmerising book about love in all its guises a new novel in robert ludlum’s international bestselling covert-one series saba tarcan is a young singer who leaves wales – and a burgeoning love affair with dom an raf pilot – to join a group entertaining the troops in the middle east in bernhard schlink’s beautifully crafted collection of stories a conversation between strangers will change lives forever one night in baden-baden will threaten to tear a couple apart and a meeting with an ex-lover will give a divorcee a second chance tender yet unsentimental achingly personal yet utterly universal schlink asks what it means to love to deceive and ultimately to be human jon smith is attending a who conference in the hague and wakes up to chaos bombs are exploding across the city and oman dattar a pakistani warlord being held captive escapes dom follows saba to cairo but when it becomes clear that saba is uniquely qualified for a secret mission of international importance she must conceal her new role from him – jeopardising not only her own safety but also the love of her life dattar has heard that a new strain of deadly bioelectric bacteria will be shown at the conference he plans to steal it and use it to bring down the west once and for all can jon smith stop him h – titles with extra web content on all information including prices formats cover 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