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knee ligament knexus 15” wraparound 50k316 and 50k317 range of motion hinged knee brace our shorter most popular hinged knee brace is compact and ideal for most patients.  our wraparound design allows for application without removing shoes.  features • range of motion sport hinges adjust without tools using the ottobock click2go system flexion and extension stops included • malleable uprights can be contoured for a customized fit • innovative low profile material combines compression and breathability for improved durability and patient comfort • inset sharkskin material grips the skin to help prevent migration • alternating • angled • open • pdac verified l1833 straps secured to uprights improve fit and reduce migration design for anatomical fit popliteal design • durable boot pull tabs ease application indications • indicated for mild ligament sprains meniscus injuries and mild knee instabilities.  not

knee post-operative genu immobil 8060 and 8062 knee immobilizer traditional three panel knee immobilizer holds the leg in full extension 20⁰ of flexion also available   features • three panel design allows for anatomical placement of medial and lateral stays • malleable stays can be contoured to fit the leg • patella strap secures brace in place while adjusting and securing remaining straps • non-slip terry cloth liner for increased patient comfort indications • indicated for immobilization of the knee in full extension following injury or operative procedures available • pdac verified l1830 • 16” • 0⁰ part no 8060 and 8062 20” 24” and 28” lengths and 20⁰ positioning options while standing and weight bearing measure leg circumferences 6” above mid-patella and 6” below mid-patella circumference size thigh 24 0˚ 20˚ calf s 11.4 12.6 29-32cm 13.8 23.6 35-60cm 8060=s-7 8062=s-7 m

spine lumbar sacral orthoses cybertech premium plus 50r210 classic lso t9-s1 our classic lso offers 6:1 compression and stabilization from t9 to s1 features • unsurpassed compression and support with a 6:1 mechanical advantage pulley system • one-hand anatomy pull system compresses and cones to individual patient • rigid posterior and anterior panels can be heat molded for customized fit • modular step-down system is ideal for treatment pre-op post-op and through rehabilitation • bariatric sizes available fitting patients up to 68” 173 cm waists • pdac verified l0631 or l0648 indications • indicated for post-operative stabilization protocol following spinal fusion laminectomy/laminotomy foraminotomy laproscopic disk replacement idet procedures mult-level decompression available • standard and low-profile designs available part no 50r210 measure waist circumference size waist circumference standard low-profile s 25 30 63.5-76cm

spine lumbar orthoses cybertech multi 627 50r319=627 universal lo l1-s1 universal sized lo offers superior 6:1 compression and stabilization to fit most patients with one brace   features • new universal sizing reduces sizes on hand from six to one!  the corset can easily be adjusted to accomodate 25” to 55” waists using the unique pocket system • adjustable cord allows the pull tab to be shortened and lengthened to fit every patient • anatomically contoured posterior panel can be heat molded and customized to fit individual patients removable anterior panel is incorporated into the corset for ease of use • unique pulley system reduces friction and offers a 6:1 mechanical advantage for each pound of pull six pounds of intra-abdominal compression are applied • single one-hand pull self regulates compression to accommodate various girths and shapes for a more customized and contoured fit the corset can be flipped to accommodate a right or

spine hyperextension support hyperextension orthosis 28r18 hyperextension support uses a three-point pressure system to maintain spinal posture while preventing unwanted spinal flexion of the thoracic and lumbar spine with lateral control   features • spring loaded hinged pelvic band allows for support in seated or standing positions • simple slide adjustments allow for individulized fitting • patient thumb loop closure eases donning • corrosion-resistant frame indications • indicated for prevention of unwanted spinal flexion of the thoracic and lumbar spine compression fractures and osteoporosis available • pdac verified l0472 part no 28r18 52 • standard and short heights available measure pelvic circumference and front length size pelvic circumference front length standard short 28r18=m/short s 23.5 29.5 59.5-75cm 15.5 18 39.5-45.5cm 28r18=s m 29.5 35.5 75-90cm 16.5 19 42-48.5cm 28r18=m 28r18=l/short l 35.5 41.5 90-105.5cm 17.5 20.5

foot and ankle ankle malleo arexa 7772 hinged ankle brace traditional hinged ankle support providing inversion and eversion control without limiting plantar flexion and dorsiflexion   features • stabilizing • 8.5” strap for increased support and inversion control height and tibial strapping for high ankle support • strapping system adjusts for varying ankle sizes • low-profile • left/right design easily fits into any shoe universal reduces inventory on hand indications • indicated for grade ii and grade iii ankle sprains chronic ankle instability and for use during rehabilitation following operative procedures • pdac verified l1906 part no 7772 size 62 measure using shoe size shoe size part number men’s women’s m up to 7.5m up to 7.5m 7772=m l 8-12.5m 8-12.5m 7772=l ottobock

foot and ankle walker boots heel wedges 29s35 walker boot accessory wedges place the foot in a plantar flexed position to reduce stress on the achilles tendon   features • use in conjunction with the malleo immobil walker standard height walker boots • wedges can be removed as patients progress indications • indicated for use with standard height malleo immobil walker boots for achilles tendon injuries and repairs • pdac verified l9900 part no 29s35 size 72 measure using shoe size and corresponding malleo immobil walker boot size shoe size part number men’s women’s s/m 4.5-10.5m 6-11.5w 29s35=l-s/m 29s35=r-s/m l/xl 10.5+m 11.5+w 29s35=l-l/xl 29s35=r-l/xl ottobock ottobockorthopedicservices.com left

shoulder shoulder immobilizers omo immobil sling 50a8 shoulder immobilizer arm sling and waist strap supports and immobilizes the shoulder in internal rotation for healing features • quick • soft release buckles for easy donning and doffing material is ideal for post-surgical patients • thumb strap maintains arm placement in the sling • padded neck strap for increased patient comfort indications • indicated for immobilization of the shoulder following injury or operative procedures soft tissue injuries of the shoulder and fractures of the arm • pdac verified l3670 part no 50a8 measure using patient arm length elbow to back of the hand size arm length part number s 11.5 13 29-34cm 50a8=s m 13 14.5 35-37cm 50a8=m l 14.5 16 38-41cm 50a8=l ottobock bracing and supports

upper extremity wrist and hand manu comfort 4055 and 4058 specialty wrist brace our most comfortable wrist brace ideal for long-term and nighttime wear features • phase change material absorbs excess body heat and releases it again when the body needs it • removable • dual and malleable palmer stay spiral dorsal stays • circumferential elastic strap restricts wrist movement indications • indicated for wrist support due to injury or strain tendonitis selected injuries soft tissue injuries and post cast healing available • standard • stable • pdac verified l3908 wider palmer stay part no 4055 and 4058 measure wrist circumference size wrist circumference xs/s standard stable left right left right 5.1 6.3 13-16cm 4055=l-xs 4055=r-xs 4058=l-xs 4058=r-xs m/l 6.3 7.5 16-19cm 4055=l-m 4055=r-m 4058=l-m 4058=r-m xl/2xl 7.5 9.1 19-23cm 4055=l-xl 4055=r-xl 4058=l-xl 4058=r-xl ottobock bracing and supports

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