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introduction ottobock today a changing company a changing company 1 the name ottobock has stood for technology innovation quality and customer orientation for more than 90 years driven by a pioneering spirit courage and decisiveness the prosthetist otto bock founded otto bock orthopädische industrie gmbh in berlin in 1919 he had the courage to break new ground and set higher standards which would revolutionise an entire industry under the leadership of dr max näder ottobock became a company of international standing thanks to his creativity and inventive talent max näder 2 continued to set standards in orthopaedics technology with the development of products such as the modular leg prosthesis system or myoelectric arm prosthesis the company began to establish an international sales structure in 1958 when the first foreign branch was founded after years of consistent and dynamic expansion ottobock is now a true global player and a strong corporate brand today our name stands

alignment apparatuses 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 ottobock planning and

patient and fitting area fitting area 1 fitting area 758g10 parallel bars 2 article number 758g10=3 equipment adjustable height and width flat base plates collapsible rails 758g10=4 material steel construction length 118 1/8 inch height adjustment 27 1/8 41 3/8 inch width adjustment 19 5/8 31 1/2 inch weight 127,87 lbs colour signal white ral 9003 to be used for freestanding set-up when not used the parallel bars can be folded up and put to the side 157 1/2 inch 143,30 lbs 758g10=5 758g10=6 196 7/8 inch 236 1/4 inch 158,73 lbs 198,41 lbs 3 758g30 parallel bars 4 5 article number 758g30=3 equipment adjustable height and width without braces between the vertical tubes vertical tubes that can be unscrewed with base plate and mounting elements 758g30=4 material steel construction powder-coated handrail length 118 1/8 inch height adjustment 27 1/8 41 3/8 inch width adjustment ± 5 7/8 inch weight 112,43 lbs colour signal white ral 9003 to be used for mounting the base plate in the

plaster casting and plaster modification plaster room equipment 704b1 vice article number 704b1 100-1.2 704b1 120-1.2 704b1 140-1.2 version opens forward equipment surface-hardened clamping jaws adjustable hardened guide rail hardened anvil mounting device for jaw protectors measuring scale for quick pre-adjustment of the clamping width round stable forged vice base without mounting materials material forged steel jaw width 3 7/8 inch 4 3/4 inch 5 1/2 inch 6 1/4 inch jaw opening 4 7/8 inch 5 7/8 inch 7 7/8 inch 8 7/8 inch hole spacing 3 1/2 inch 4 1/2 inch 5 3/4 inch colour anthracite grey ral 7016 1 704b1 160-1.2 704b1=140-1.2 3 758y290 grating frame for plaster modelling tables article number 758y290=2 758y290=3 758y290=4 for accessories for 758a10 and 758a11=2 plaster modelling table accessories for 758a100 and 758a110=1420 plaster modelling table square accessories for 758a110=1250 plaster modelling table square dimensions wxdxh 139 3/4 x 103 1/2 x 1 1/8 inch 129 7/8 x 129 7/8 x

vacuum forming plastic forming 1 2 vacuum forming plastic forming 3 thermoplastics are finding increasing use in the production of orthopaedic aids this is because of their special properties such as quick and easy processing minimum weight excellent hygienic characteristics as well as outstanding strength stiffness and shape retention thermoplastics can also be reshaped at any time there are a variety of heating plates air-recirculation heating cabinets and infrared heating cabinets available for heating thermoplastics we offer a range of different products depending on the size of the plastic materials and the required heating time infrared heating cabinets are particularly suited for quickly and gently heat thermoplastics compared with air-recirculation heating cabinets they heat the plastic material up to 300 percent faster pre-heating is not required most plastic materials can be placed directly into the cold infrared heating cabinet another advantage is their low energy

vacuum forming plastic forming vacuum pumps vacuum pumps 1 755e70=1-us vacuum pump without tank 2 3 article number 755e70=1-us equipment water trap filter vacuum meter vacuum extraction via ball valve dimensions wxdxh 14 3/4 x 10 x 8 1/4 inch material steel sound intensity level 60 dba suction power 3.5 cfm end pressure 0.72 psi electrical connection in v/hz/kw 1x 208 60 0.25 connecting cable incl power plug l6-15p 118 1/8 inch hose connection output Ø 1/2 inch colour light grey ral 7035 755e80=2-us mobile vacuum pump with tank 4 5 6 7 8 9 42 ottobock planning and equipping article number 755e80=2-us equipment trolley with handle filter vacuum meter water trap fill level indicator dimensions wxdxh 23 3/8 x 20 1/2 x 32 3/4 inch sound intensity level 66 dba nominal intake volume 23.54 cfm end pressure 0,07 psi tank volume 6,6 gal electrical connection in v/hz/kw 3x 208 n/pe 60 1,35 connecting cable incl power plug l15-20p hose connection output Ø 1 inch weight 71 kg colour

lamination and pre-preg accessories and tools for lamination workstations 719s6 bandage scissors 1 2 article number 719s6=1 719s6=2 719s6=3 version straight curved curved open length 5 1/8 inch 719s7 sizing scissors 3 article number 719s7 material crucible steel plastic handles length 9 inch to be used for cutting silicone liners 719s21 aramid scissors 4 article number 719s21 version edge micro-serrated on both sides curved botec cut soft rubber insert material stainless steel plastic handle length 7 7/8 inch to be used for heavy aramids 5 718h7 leather knife 6 article number 718h7 version tapered blade equipment wooden handle with brass collar blade length 4 7/8 inch 718h5 deburring knife 7 article number 718h5 equipment with protective cape replaceable blade plastic-coated handle length 6 1/4 inch to be used for plastics replacement blades 718y130 replacement blade 1 package 100 pcs 8 9 50 ottobock planning and

socket router and dust extraction accessories for socket router 749f6 sanding drum outside-Ø 2 7/8 inch 1 article number 749f6 749f6=t equipment with conical attachment 1 sanding sleeve 80 grit material integral foam to be used for sliding onto the shaft of ottobock grinding and milling machines sliding onto shaft of trautman grinding machines sanding sleeves 749y8=73x200x24 24 grit 749y8=73x200x40 40 grit 749y8=73x200x60 60 grit 749y8=73x200x80 80 grit 749y8=73x200x100 100 grit 749y8=73x200x150 150 grit 2 749f6=t 3 749z7 ottobock polisher 4 article number 749z7=1/2 x45 equipment including a sanding sleeve 80 grit diameter 1 3/4 inch material tool steel holder rubber abrasive body thread 1/2 13 width 2 3/4 inch 749z7=1/2 x60 2 3/8 inch sanding sleeves for 749z7=1/2 x45 749y16=a45 40 grit 749y16=b45 80 grit 749y16=c45 120 grit sanding sleeves for 749z7=1/2 x60 749y16=a60 40 grit 749y16=b60 80 grit 749y16=c60 120 grit 5 6 749z8=1/2 x25 sanding drum 7 article number

tools and workshop equipment 1 2 tools and workshop equipment 3 numerous tools and hand power tools are required to fabricate and repair prostheses orthoses and orthopaedic appliances clearly arranged storage and placement of these objects ensures quick access and order at the workplace available oiled and unoiled compressed air as well as a sufficient number of electric sockets at the workplace prevents unnecessary paths and increases efficiency this allows for fast high quality fabrication and repair of prostheses orthoses and orthopaedic appliances the primary aim is to reduce the costs for fitting and repair in accordance with the practice requirements 4 5 workbenches 65 6 accessories for workbenches 67 tools 68 7 8 9 planning and equipping ottobock

tools and workshop equipment tools 756e2=110v triac hot air gun article number 756e2=110v version continuously adjustable temperature and air flow temperature range 104 1292 °f air volume 8.5 cfm electrical connection in v/hz/kw 1 x 120 n/pe 50/60 1.6 connecting cable with us plug round nozzle Ø interchangeable 1/4 inch 1 2 756e11=110v ghibli hot air gun article number 756e11=110v version continuously adjustable temperature two air flow levels equipment with 1/4 inch standard nozzle temperature range 68 1112 °f air volume level 1 10.60 cfm level 2 12.36 cfm electrical connection in v/hz/kw 1 x 110 n/pe 50/60 1.56 connecting cable 3 m with two-pin earthed plug standard nozzle Ø 1/4 inch 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 planning and equipping ottobock

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