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Catalog 2018 Upper Extremity Prostheti

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• tools for the children’s system pvc connection tube article no 99b13 the pvc connection tube serves as a connection channel between the inner and outer sockets article no colour diameter 99b13=16 beige 16 mm 99b13=16-7 black 16 mm 99b13=21 beige 21 mm 99b13=21-7 black 21 mm tube dummies article no 99b83 the tube dummies are used for fabricating vacuum-formed inner sockets article no diameter 99b83=16 16 mm 99b83=21 21 mm alignment rod article no 711m20 in combination with the mounting adapter article no 711m50 the alignment rod hexagon is suitable for installation and removal of the 4in1 controller ls article no 9e369 and 9e370 as well as the 7in1 controller article no 9e420 or for inserting and ejecting the switching units article no 9e349 and 9e350 mounting adapter article no 711m50 for installing the 4in1 controller ls article no 9e369 and 9e370 as well as the 7in1 controller article no 9e420 in combination with the alignment rod article no 711m20 30 

• myo terminal device digital twin system electric hand article no 8e38=7 the digital twin system electric hand with quick-disconnect wrist unit is suitable for all residual limb lengths except wrist disarticulation residual limbs passive hand rotation with ratchet lock can be replaced by the friction ring article no 11s30 the digital twin control device features a digital and dual-channel control mode the desired control option is selected with the integrated function plug article no 13e185 the digital twin system electric hand can be operated with the myoenergy integral article no 757b35 the energypack article no 757b20/757b21 or the x-changepack article no 757b15 it features a central coaxial plug connection automatic shut-off electronics with integrated on-off switch low-friction bevel gear positive back lock and system inner hand with potentiometer for adjusting the switching threshold doublechannel control an integrated slip clutch makes opening possible in case of

• elbow components ergoarm hybrid plus article no 12k44 ergoarm hybrid plus with internal ratchetless lock afb flexion aid and upper arm rotation joint humeral rotation feature with adjustable friction plastic forearm shell length 305 mm circumference approx 260 mm and elbow ball made of plastic the slip-stop function makes it possible to lower the forearm in a controlled manner without having to fully release and reactivate the lock the lock can bear a load of up to 230 n at a forearm length of 305 mm the electrode and battery connection cables can be plugged into the elbow ball since there are no external cables the risk of defects caused by broken cables is reduced and the cosmetic appearance is enhanced the internal ratchetless lock can be unlocked or locked in any position even under a load 1 2 3 4 5 accessories for 12k44 • adapter article no 13z68 aid for ergoarm article no 743a23 • clamp stopple set article no 21a207 • forearm article no 12k48 •

axon-bus prosthetic system perfect use of precision technology the axon-bus prosthetic system is a new system for transradial and transhumeral prostheses axon stands for adaptive exchange of neuroplacement data the axon-bus itself is a new ottobock development for the field of exoprosthetics it was derived from safetyrelated bus systems in the aviation and automotive industries and represents a true innovation from our research and development department the advantage is that it constitutes an optimised self-contained data transmission system the individual components communicate with each other perfectly eliminating losses in terms of data transmission speed and functionality this results in a clear plus in safety and reliability for the user this is achieved by a significant reduction in sensitivity to outside interference in comparison with conventional systems in combination with the michelangelo hand the axon-bus prosthetic system offers more degrees of freedom than ever before

• prosthetic gloves prosthetic glove for children article no 8s6=170x65 the prosthetic glove for children is compatible with size 6 ¾ with long sleeve and available in 18 colours in addition to the standard prosthetic glove ottobock also offers the models in the skin natural series the multilayer structure of the gloves gives them a depth effect so that they have a very vivid appearance the outer translucent layer allows the coloured fibres of the material to shine through this simulates the natural vein structure of human skin please add an n before the in the article number example • 8s6=170x65l standard glove • 8s6n=170x65l skin natural 647g468 standard glove 647g571 skin natural article no side size sleeve length 8s6=170x65l left l 6¾ 300 mm 8s6=170x65r right r 6¾ 300 mm •t  he entire skin natural colour palette is produced with seven colours the new 646m47 colour scale helps when selecting the right pattern prosthetic glove for adolescents

• elbow components and accessories elbow component with cable lock article no 12k27 thanks to the exterior joint construction and special technology for interior and exterior rotation of the forearm this joint allows the distal residual limb to reach up to the joint ball as a result it is suitable for all residual limb lengths including elbow disarticulation with single-sided rotatable cable lock 18 locking positions in approx 7.2° increments and upper arm rotation joint humeral rotation feature with lamination ring the beige elbow component made of plastic has a length of 270 or 300 mm and a circumference of 260 or 300 mm the elbow ball is made of beige plastic corresponds to skin colour 4 upper arm connection diameter lamination medial joint ring diameter diameter 12k27=58x45 6 ¾  – 7 ¼ 70 mm 45 mm 58 mm 12k27=58x50 7 ¾ – 8 70 mm 50 mm 58 mm 12k27=78x45 6 ¾  – 7 ¼ 90 mm 45 mm 78 mm

• adapter modular adapter for armliners article no 13r11 to connect ottobock arm liners article no 14y1 and 14y5 to the lock set article no 14a1 with ottobock modular arm component article no 13r11 647g164 6 prosthetics – upper limb |  ottobock 

• passive prosthetic hands for men 75 70 210 190 167 162 405 390 234 237 side article no check no 8s4=218x85l 8s7=218x83r 75 76 210 192 175 153 410 415 255 side article no 8s4=220x91l 8s7=220x91l 206  ottobock  |  prosthetics – upper limb side 8s4=218x83r 8 8s7=218x85l article no 223 check no 11 article no 8s4=214x90r 8s7=214x90r

• body harnesses and accessories coupling piece article no 21a7 coupling piece for perlon cable threaded fitting long article no 21a11 the long threaded sleeve is screwed onto the perlon cable article no 21a18=2 contents 2 pieces threaded sleeve article no 21a12 the short threaded sleeve is screwed onto the perlon cable article no 21a18=2 contents 2 pieces eyelet cable anchor small article no 21a24 6 prosthetics – upper limb |  ottobock 

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