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the visual and the visionary art and female spirituality in late medieval germany by j f hamburger in nine essays embracing the histories of art religion and literature jeffrey hamburger explores the interrelationships between the visual arts and female spirituality in the context of the cura monialium the pastoral care of nuns used as instruments of instruction and inspiration images occupied a central place in debates over devotional practice monastic reform and mystical expression 580pp mit press 1998 hardback was £32.95 the gothic cathedral by otto von simson this seminal study of the origins of gothic architecture focuses on three early gothic churches st denis sens and chartres.von simson stresses the importance of viewing the buildings as a whole showing how their form is born not of abstract aesthetic considerations but as a representation of the divine order of the cosmos 282pp b/w illus princeton university press 1994 paperback was £28.95 now £12.95 companion to churches defaced by stephen friar this well-illustrated a-z celebrates parish churches with informative entries on everything from church officials liturgy architectural features and decoration vestments festivals accounts and churchyards to saints sacraments divorce bridleways inscriptions monasteries pagan symbols plague wills silverware and vaults 517pp sutton publishing ltd 1996 paperback was £16.99 now £6.95 the visual culture of violence in the late middle ages by valentin groebner from the fourteenth century onward pictorial representations became increasingly violent whether in depictions of the passion or in vivid and precise images of torture execution and war this provoked a question how to distinguish the illegitimate violence that threatened and reversed the social order from the proper “just,” and sanctioned use of force 199pp zone books 2004 hardback was £22.95 now £9.95 now £12.95 the lantern tower of westminster abbey 1060-2010 reconstructing its history and architecture by warwick rodwell a study of the different physical struc­tures and prospective designs for towers to occupy the central crossing at westminster abbey from the tower depicted on the bayeux tapestry to plans by wren and hawksmoor 112pp oxbow books 2010 paperback was £15.00 101 medieval churches in west sussex a touring guide by paul coppin in this guidebook paul coppin describes the medieval churches of west sussex their architecture and its development fixtures and fittings their history and patrons and post-medieval alterations and conservation 144pp sb publications 2006 paperback was £9.95 romanesque edward iii s round table at windsor by norbert richard wolf norbert wolf provides an overview of romanesque art and its development through a selection of its most important works and impressive achievements architecture painting sculpture manuscript illumination mosaic goldwork and enamelling are all represented in glorious colour photography 96pp,taschen 2007 paperback was £6.99 by julian munby and richard barber essays on the excavation and architecture of edward iii s house of the round table there are also essays on the chivalric background to the building and on its novelty it formed a centrepiece to the pageantry of edward s court and the symbolism behind edward s desire to found an entirely secular order of knights based on arthurian legend 282pp boydell and brewer ltd 2007 paperback was £14.99 now £2.95 now £3.95 now £3.95 the king s glass stained glass of canterbury cathedral splendour gravity and emotion medieval clothing and textiles 5 edited by michael michael this truly stunning book reproduces all of the superlative twelfth century stained glass from canterbury cathedral together with a selection of highlights from later periods captions explain the iconography,an introduction outlines the general history of the glass and an additional chapter describes conservation work 224pp col illus scala publishers 2009 paperback was £19.95 the world of french medieval illuminated manuscripts edited by a.s kortweg this book provides an overview of ninety french manuscripts that are currently in dutch collections they are illustrated in full colour and linked by a text which explores their roles as monastic prayer books scholarly works aristocratic markers of status and reflections of lay piety 224pp uitgeverij matrijs 2004 hardback was £45.00 by robin netherton and gale r owen-crocker the fifth volume of this annual series features several articles examining the interaction of medieval romance with textiles and clothing other papers look at ecclesiastical attempts to restrict extravagance in women’s dress and the use of clothing references to signal impending conflict in icelandic sagas as well as many other topics 208pp boydell and brewer ltd 2009 hardback was £30.00 a story of tudor power and secret art by carola hicks this study examines the stained glass windows of king’s college cambridge and the people who created them the triumphant culmination of a project completed despite wars the death of kings and violent religious conflict planned by henry vii and continued by henry viii the windows are dynastic propaganda simultaneously blatant and subtle boasting the ancient lineage of an upstart monarchy 256pp col pls pimlico publishing ltd 2012 paperback was £14.99 now £5.95 now £7.95 now £14.95 now £12.95 now £5.95 the caporali missal a masterpiece of renaissance illumination by stephen n fliegel the sumptuously illuminated caporali missal was created by the caporali brothers for the franciscan community in the hillside town of montone near perugia in 1469 this exhibition catalogue celebrates this important manuscript elucidating the history style content function and authorship of the missal 132pp col illus prestel verlag 2013 hardback was £22.50 discovering cathedrals by david pepin this full colour pocket-guide takes us on a tour of the 48 anglican cathedrals of england and wales providing a brief history of each and pointing out particularly notable architectural features 168pp shire publications 1971 paperback was £8.99 now £3.95 now £9.95 the story of gothic architecture by francesca prina gloriously illustrated this introductory guide to gothic architecture first outlines the main characteristics of the style before taking the reader on a tour of europe’s finest examples including cathedrals palaces castles and town houses 144pp prestel verlag 2011 paperback was £14.99 now £5.95 medieval castles by robert higham and o h creighton an introduction to castles and castle studies answering such questions as who built castles when and why and assessing how they have been studied in the past individual chapters are devoted to exploring the social domestic and military functions of castles and sites are approached through archaeological and landscape perspectives 72pp shire publications 2003 paperback was £6.99 now £2.95 building-in-time from giotto to alberti and modern oblivion by marvin trachtenberg in the pre-modern age in europe the architect built not merely with imagination brick and mortar but with time using vast quantities of duration as the means to erect monumental buildings that otherwise would have been impossible to achieve trachtenberg argues that this was not mere medieval muddling-through but entailed a highly developed set of norms and effective practices 272pp,yale university press 2010 hardback was £45.00 the medieval chantry chapel now £19.95 an archaeology by simon roffey this archaeological study records and analyses in detail the structures of 80 chantry chapels in parish churches in the south and west of england it illuminates the spatial and visual construction of the pre-reformation parish church which emphasised processes of intercession facilitating a bond between the individual donor and the wider church community 189pp b/w illus boydell and brewer ltd 2007 hardback was £50.00 in and out of the marital bed lepers outside the gate seeing sex in renaissance art by d.wolfthal this book explores images whose sexual content has all too often been either ignored or denied each chapter is devoted to a place that artists associated with sexual activity or desire the bed the dressing area of the home the window and doorway the bath and the street wolfthal demonstrates how illicit forms of sexuality were linked to the chaste sexuality of marriage 244pp,yale university press 2010 hardback was £25.00 excavations at the cemetery of the house of st james and st mary magdalene chichester by john magilton frances lee and anthea boylston this report includes a discussion of leprosy medieval hospitals and cemeteries and the provision of charitable care the cemetery provided the largest sample of skeletons from an english medieval leper hospital to date and one of the most significant assemblages of leper graves in europe 294pp council for british archaeology 2008 paperback was £40.00 now £14.95 now £9.95 now £20.00 abbot suger on the abbey church of st denis and its art treasures edited by erwin panofsky a collection in english translation of all of abbot suger s writings on st-denis this revised edition incorporates the additions and corrections recorded by erwin panofsky until the time of his death in 1968 while gerda panofsky-soergel has updated the commentary in the light of new material 336pp princeton university press 1979 paperback was £32.95 studies in medieval sculpture translating truth by f h.thompson fifteen illustrated papers from an antiquarian seminar which discuss the major architectural and free-standing sculptures of the pre-conquest romanesque and gothic periods across england each chronological section is preceded by a broad survey of research themes 229pp society of antiquaries of london 1986 paperback was £18.00 ambitious images and religious knowledge in late medieval france and england by aden kumler this handsomely produced volume examines manuscript illumination and changing conceptions of the importance of the visual in conveying religious truth following the increased emphasis placed on pastoral work at the fourth lateran council 1215 290pp col illus,yale university press 2011 hardback was £45.00 now £4.95 now £19.95 now £12.95 archaeological approaches to medieval europe edited by kathleen biddick this volume presents a series of papers which showcased the potential of archaeology for the study of the middle ages at a time when medieval archaeology was still a relatively young discipline contributions include glanville jones on the multiple estate david hall on field systems oliver rackham on forest and woodland richard hodges on pre-viking trade in the north sea region and pamela crabtree on the zooarchaeology of west stow 310pp b/w illus medieval institute publications 1984 paperback was £29.99 now £7.95 +44 01865 241249 • medieval art and archaeology • 39