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index johnston the neutron’s children jones soft condensed matter jordan maths for science 48 3 24 k karniadakis spectral/hp element methods for computational fluid dynamics kautz chaos kavokin baumberg malpuech and laussy microcavities kennedy a student’s guide to einstein’s major papers kenyon the light fantastic a modern introduction to classical and quantum optics kepler the six-cornered snowflake kiefer quantum gravity king stars a very short introduction kisi and howard applications of neutron powder diffraction klafter first steps in random walks klemm layered superconductors konishi and paffuti quantum mechanics kontturi ionic transport processes kopnin theory of nonequilibrium superconductivity kragh conceptions of cosmos kragh higher speculations kragh niels bohr and the quantum atom krauth statistical mechanics algorithms and computations kresin superconducting state kubin dislocations mesoscale simulations and plastic flow kubler theory of itinerant electron magnetism kutach causation and its basis in fundamental physics 23 16 11 4 10 47 7 45 37 14 33 4 32 13 6 49 48 2 13 33 26 51 l ladd symmetry of crystals and molecules lancaster quantum field theory for the gifted amateur larkin theory of fluctuations in superconductors launay electrons in molecules lax random processes in physics and finance leggett quantum liquids lellouch modern perspectives in lattice qcd quantum field theory and high performance computing lenton revolutions that made the earth letokhov and johansson astrophysical lasers letokhov laser control of atoms and molecules lewenstein ultracold atoms in optical lattices lindsay introduction to nanoscience lions mathematical topics in fluid mechanics li problems in structural inorganic chemistry littmann espenak and willcox totality li zhou and mak advanced structural inorganic chemistry loadman tears of the tree 36 4 13 29 14 12 20 41 7 9 10 31 23 39 7 39 41 m maekawa concepts in spin electronics 27 maekawa spin current 26 maggiore a modern introduction to quantum field theory 2 maggiore gravitational waves 9 malley c radioactivity 25 mansfield the long road to stockholm 42 marcovich toward a new dimension 46 marwan and krivit low-energy nuclear reactions and new energy 25 mason the physics of clouds 40 mate tribology on the small scale 33 mazo brownian motion 21 mccomb homogeneous isotropic turbulence 19 mccomb renormalization methods 19 mccoy advanced statistical mechanics 17 mcleish faith and wisdom in science 51 mcrae nuclear dawn 47 mcwhan sand and silicon 43 mello and kumar quantum transport in mesoscopic systems 28 mestel stellar magnetism 9 mézard information physics and computation 12 miniatura ultracold gases and quantum information 20 mittal nanocomposites with biodegradable polymers 31 moffat cracking the quantum code of the universe 6 montfrooij and de schepper excitations in simple liquids liquid metals and superfluids 35 moore the nature of computation 12 mörzer bruyns sextants at greenwich 45 54 1 mott electronic processes in non-crystalline materials muller herbst-irmer spek schneider and sawaya crystal structure refinement müller symmetry relationships between crystal structures mussardo statistical field theory 28 37 37 18 n nagourney quantum electronics for atomic physics and telecommunications 9 narlikar oxford handbook of nanoscience and technology 30 narlikar superconductors 13 neder and proffen diffuse scattering and defect structure simulations 38 newman monte carlo methods in statistical physics 14 newman networks 14 newnham properties of materials 31 niimura and podjarny neutron protein crystallography 38 nishimori elements of phase transitions and critical phenomena 18 nitzan chemical dynamics in condensed phases 17 norton complex variables for scientists and engineers 16 o o’brien the scientific sherlock holmes orton the story of semiconductors oxford scholarship online physics smith how big is big and how small is small 42 solymar electrical properties of materials 30 solymar waves in metamaterials 29 sozzi discrete symmetries and cp violation 8 spence high-resolution electron microscopy 29 spieler semiconductor detector systems 27 spohn the laws of belief 50 steane faithful to science 51 steane relativity made relatively easy 7 steane the wonderful world of relativity 43 stenholm the quest for reality bohr and wittgenstein two complementary views 43 stone the theory of intermolecular forces 31 strocchi an introduction to non-perturbative foundations of quantum field theory 18 succi the lattice boltzmann equation 23 sutton interfaces in crystalline materials 33 svergun small angle x-ray and neutron scattering from solutions of biological macromolecules 36 swendsen an introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics 17 t 42 27 52 p paganin coherent x-ray optics 36 page polymers for energy storage and delivery 32 pareschi interacting multiagent systems 16 pelant and valenta luminescence spectroscopy of semiconductors 27 peng high energy electron diffraction and microscopy 32 percus computational complexity and statistical physics 12 perkins particle astrophysics second edition 2 peter and uzan primordial cosmology 6 petrenko physics of ice 38 pewsey circular statistics in r 21 pitaevskii and stringari bose-einstein condensation 11 pottier nonequilibrium statistical physics 17 r radaelli symmetry in crystallography 37 rajeev advanced mechanics 22 rand lectures on light nonlinear and quantum optics using the density matrix 10 rezzolla relativistic hydrodynamics 6 richmond econophysics and physical economics 14 ridley quantum processes in semiconductors 27 ridpath a dictionary of astronomy 44 rindler relativity 8 ringström on the topology and future stability of the universe 22 robinett quantum mechanics 5 roland viscoelastic behavior of rubbery materials 31 ruban fluid dynamics 34 rubinstein and colby polymer physics 35 s salomon many-body physics with ultracold gases 20 sanderson macromolecular crystallography conventional and high-throughput methods 39 sauer molecular electromagnetism a computational chemistry approach 19 scarani quantum physics a first encounter 11 scerri a tale of seven elements 41 schimel writing science 43 secord visions of science 47 senechal i died for beauty 48 sen sociophysics an introduction 15 sethna statistical mechanics 2 sherwood and cooper crystals x-rays and proteins 38 shmueli theories and techniques of crystal structure determination 38 simon the oxford solid state basics 5 singleton band theory and electronic properties of solids 3 sivia data analysis 16 sivia elementary scattering theory 16 skomski simple models of magnetism 26 slanina essentials of econophysics modelling 15 tabeling introduction to microfluidics 35 tanaka advances in quantum monte carlo 16 tani photographic science 10 taylor elementary climate physics 5 taylor evolutionary biomechanics 35 taylor planetary atmospheres 7 terning modern supersymmetry 8 tsymbal multifunctional oxide heterostructures 33 tuckerman statistical mechanics theory and molecular simulation 17 tuniz radioactivity a very short introduction 45 u ullrich time-dependent density-functional theory university press scholarship online – physics 18 52 v van smaalen incommensurate crystallography vardavas radiation and climate vedral introduction to quantum information science very short introductions vignale the beautiful invisible violeau fluid mechanics and the sph method volovik the universe in a helium droplet 39 19 11 52 15 19 9 w wallace the emergent multiverse warner and terentjev liquid crystal elastomers wasserman tensors and manifolds second edition watkins the divine order the human order and the order of nature weinberg cosmology weiner light-matter interaction welberry diffuse x-ray scattering and models of disorder wells structural inorganic chemistry wen quantum field theory of many-body systems wesson the science of golf wesson tokamaks whitaker the new quantum age wilk how the ray gun got its zap wilkinson science religion and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence willis experimental neutron scattering wilson chance and temporal asymmetry witten and pincus structured fluids wolf graphene wolf principles of electron tunneling spectroscopy wong introduction to mathematical physics 50 35 5 51 7 11 38 30 18 43 25 43 10 50 38 50 35 29 31 23 y-z yaouanc muon spin rotation relaxation and resonance zaslavsky hamiltonian chaos and fractional dynamics zeidler oxford users’ guide to mathematics zinn-justin path integrals in quantum mechanics zinn-justin:phase transitions and renormalization group zlatic modern theory of thermoelectricity zou hovmöller and oleynikov electron crystallography 32 24 22 19 18 17 38 order online at   |   order by telephone on +440 1536 452640