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master gunmakers guide to building bolt action rifles the complete guide to lock picking how to customize your glock how to build your own gun stocks lock set 4 lock 1 key instructions on how to build a 22 rifle step by step safety and security and order the man with the bag what is the important of the title page out of print book parts of the book parts of the books ruger 10 22 rifle build your own gun pistol grip barrel and magazine how to make own rifle remote control toy cars living off the grid how to get rich he will see you through down but not out nobody knows you when you down and out how to make maintenance to a drilling tool how to use sheet metal brake show how to use what is the difference between a two core and a three core how to make the t joint gun parts for the gun to shot put your hand in the hand how to use this types of ups and all types diagrames parts of the body 20 tool the material type and the use of it 20 tools the material type and the use of it colt 45 pistol books drilling hand book drilling manual books and videos the first picture book of horses what are the kinds of arts books what are the kinds of reference book what is an title of the book what are the kinds of technology books parts of a book with exercise what are the different parts of a book parts of a book parts and uses of book press on hose clamp for 1 8 hose ho chi minh ruger bull barrel 50 caliber rifle ruger pistol barrel 22 barrel bolt action rifle ruger 22 pistol barrel bolt action rifle trigger bolt action rifle

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survival self-reliance emergency air for shelter-in-place preppers and home-built bunkers by f.j bohan from the author of living on the edge and barbed wire barricades and bunkers comes a new information-packed guidebook for today s survivalists emergency air for shelter-in-place preppers and home-built bunkers this new book offers a breath of fresh air on a subject about which very little information is currently available it won t matter how well you plan or how much food water and other gear you have stored and waiting for your neighborhood to become a nuclear fallout zone without breathable air you will die leaving it for others to compile the lists of bullets beans and band-aids in their disaster-relief books f.j bohan details how to safely ventilate an underground bunker or shelter-in-place room sealed with duct tape and plastic sheeting so you can escape the airborne particulate threats of anthrax nuclear fallout dirty bombs biological and pandemic agents or other airborne

self-defense paladin best-seller mass attacks real-life tactics against multiple opponents with lee morrison facing multiple opponents is the worst possible situation to find yourself in and you should avoid it if possible if you pay close attention to your surroundings rather than tuning out to listen to music or retreat into your thoughts you should be able to spot a multiple assault before it happens situational awareness and avoidance is the premise on which lee morrison an active combatives instructor and the author of paladin s best-selling urban combatives series has built his system for defending against multiple opponents for mass attacks morrison draws from his vast experience with multiple threats to teach potential victims how to avoid de-escalate or fight against multiple assailants from key principles pre-threat recognition and physical tactics to contact management possible responses third-party protection various scenarios and drills morrison stresses the importance of

self-defense the deadliest men the world s deadliest combatants throughout the ages by paul kirchner fifty of the greatest warriors of all time including alexander the great jim bowie nathan bedford forrest geronimo bat masterson audie murphy shaka alvin york and more 5½ x 8½ softcover photos illus 430 pp #dmen $35.00 ebook more of the deadliest men who ever lived by paul kirchner this collection features warriors of such strength skill courage and ferocity that they often turned the tide of battle each of the warriors fought for blood not sport with the weapons of individual combat fist knife sword bow pistol rifle and machine gun.they range from western lawmen to big-city cops from crusaders to fighter pilots from a boy shepherd in judea to two women ranchers in kenya most of them fought for something beyond survival ­ a cause a code a creed or a country ­ while others fought solely in defense of their lives some of them are well known others are not so well known though they

martial arts lethal karate strikes secrets of the meridians by cliff field md veteran martial artist cliff field has used acupuncture in his medical practice for decades his background in both eastern and western medicine as well as his years studying karate gives him a unique insight into how strikes to specific points on the human body can cause unexpected ­ even lethal ­ damage 5½ x 8½ softcover photos illus 150 pp #lks $20.00 the way and the power secrets of japanese strategy by fredrick j lovret explore the diverse aspects of japanese strategy including inyo michi ki and sutemi and their use on the battlefield and in business 5½ x 8½ softcover photos illus 324 pp #way $36.00 paladin best-seller the black science ancient and modern techniques of ninja mind manipulation by dr haha lung and christopher b prowant learn the secrets that will allow you to tell when someone is lying implant false memories tailor your attack by using the specific keys to each individual s mind use

sniping peter r senich s sniping classics the german sniper 1914­1945 here is the complete story of a most significant era in modern small-arms development beginning with world war i military researcher peter senich details the adaptation of the bolt-action mauser 98 for long-range sniping and covers the special measures needed to ensure the rifle s accuracy moving on to world war ii senich discusses the venerable mauser karabiner 98k and the various novel mounting systems used to adapt the rifle to optical sights this book is a must for anyone interested in the german military sniping combat or military history 8½ x 11 softcover photos 468 pp #gersnip2 $59.95 the one-round war usmc scoutsnipers in vietnam discover the circumstances behind the training and employment of snipers in vietnam the sniping equipment sent to vietnam the transition from the vietnam-era m700 sniping rifle to the contemporary m40a1 and much more 8½ x 11 softcover photos illus 384 pp #round $59.95 ebook the

military police science sog medic stories from vietnam and over the fence by joe parnar and robert dumont joe parnar served with sog during 1968 in fob2/ccc near the tri-border area that gave them access to the forbidden areas of laos and cambodia during his tour with sog he served as dispensary medic chase medic hatchet force medic and as a recon team member this variety of roles gave him experience not only in combat but in dealing with and treating the civilians and indigenous peoples of that area his candid stories capture the extraordinary commitment made by all the men of sog and reveal the special dedication of the tireless medics who put their own lives at risk to save the lives of their teammates 8½ x 11 softcover photos illus 164 pp #sogm2 $31.00 paladin best-seller the bush war in rhodesia the extraordinary combat memoir of a rhodesian reconnaissance specialist by dennis croukamp the rhodesian bush war was a ferociously brutal guerrilla war between the rhodesian army and

combat shooting kalashnikov rifle gunfighting too simple to be tactical gabe suarez has embraced the kalashnikov rifle system for its utility accuracy and ruggedness in this video suarez teaches you the caveman simple skills you need to operate the ak rifle platform and win in a combat environment he addresses the common myths about the ak and explains why it is one of the best weapon choices for urban and close quarters combat he teaches you about the ak fire control system proper use of the sling zeroing the ak and ready/carry positions then you will learn about ambidextrous use of the rifle snap shooting cqb shooting and the use of the rifle in movement color approx 97 min this title is also available for download as a dvd on demand #krgdvd $49.95 gabe suarez on tactical shooting paladin best-seller the tactical shotgun the best techniques and tactics for employing the shotgun in personal combat everything you need to know about combat shotgunning in closequarter short-duration

firearms kelly mccann s crucible high-risk environment training,volume two pocket pistols small-frame handgun strategies for the street with phil motzer introduction by kelly mccann taught by the crucible s former chief firearms instructor this video will show you that it s not the size of the gun in the fight but where and how you place your rounds that spells the difference between getting home safe and going to the morgue there are a lot of myths and misinformation swirling around pocket pistols and veteran shooter phil motzer cuts through it all to teach various concealment and carry methods shooting tactics and ballistic effect on flesh going from revolvers to pistols and using calibers from the .22 to the .38 this is a comprehensive study of the real-world use of the pocket pistol in combat color approx 60 min this title is also available for download as a dvd on demand #ppdvd $49.95 see pages 12 15 26 60 and 83 for additional volumes in the series crucible high-risk environment

knives knife fighting paladin best-seller the complete bladesmith forging your way to perfection by jim hrisoulas ever wish you could take a bar of steel and forge it into the blade of your dreams master bladesmith jim hrisoulas teaches you how to build a forge equip a workshop choose materials and get to work learn how to heat the steel bending twisting folding cutting and stretching it then see how to put the perfect grind on the new blade make your own scrimshaw fit the best wood to the grip and slip your blade into your handmade sheath for the novice and veteran bladesmith alike 8½ x 11 softcover photos illus 192 pp #smith2 $33.00 the master bladesmith advanced studies in steel by jim hrisoulas precise instructions diagrams and photos to demonstrate the making of ghurka kukris,viking broadswords wavy blades and damascus steel that will take your breath away 8½ x 11 softcover photos illus 296 pp #mb $48.00 paladin best-seller the patternwelded blade by jim hrisoulas

new id financial freedom paladin best-sellers living well on practically nothing revised and updated edition by edward h romney this book is for people who need or want to live on a lot less money if you have been downsized demoted divorced or duped ­ or you want to quit your job and remain financially self-reliant ­ this revised and updated book will tell you how to go about it it contains hundreds of tips secrets and necessary skills for people who need to economize from cover to cover this book is stocked with proven methods for saving money on shelter food clothing transportation entertainment health care and much more let the author show you how you can live happily comfortably and with complete financial freedom 8½ x 11 softcover photos illus 200 pp #well2 $27.00 ragnar s guide to the underground economy by ragnar benson all across america carpenters farmers computer consultants mechanics and others are living off the economy ­ and thriving learn how you can too 5½ x 8½

order toll free 1.800.392.2400 u.s retail orders only 7077 winchester circle boulder co 80301-3505 usa www.paladin-press.com fighting is difficult enough when you ve got space and unrestricted movement ­ it s much more dangerous when you don t when someone attempts to stick an edged weapon in your body you have very little time to respond and the techniques you employ must be simple and immediate 4 car kem ba-tivz see page 16 fighting in confined spaces withkel ly mccann 4 edged weapon see page 16 responses to violent knife attacks withmau ry