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combat shooting paladin best-sellers handgun combatives part 1 proven combat shooting essentials with dave spaulding in part 1 spaulding focuses on shooting essentials shooting a handgun is pretty simple explains spaulding whether you are an elite military or police marksman or a civilian who keeps a handgun for self-defense situations firing a handgun involves the same mechanics draw hold aim and shoot by keeping these moves simple and consistent you increase your chances dramatically of hitting what you target when lives are at stake from grip stance weapon retention concealed draws seated shooting to live-fire drills ­ everything in this video is geared to helping you become a much more confident efficient and proficient handgun shooter mastering these essential skills is crucial because they will determine whether you prevail in an armed encounter and surviving a gunfight is not good enough prevailing is the only acceptable outcome color approx 180 min this title is also available for download as a dvd on demand #hg1dvd 2-disc set $29.95 handgun combatives part 2 enhancing your combat shooting skills with dave spaulding in part 2 dave spaulding shows you how to apply the handgun shooting essentials you learned from part 1 to more advanced scenarios the fundamental rule for situational shooting ­ from vehicles in low-light or inconsistent lighting in extreme close quarters to the rear or when clearing a building in a one-man-entry operation ­ is behavioral consistency achieving this consistency requires the right skills every move you make every aim you take or every shot you fire is more likely to be successful if it has been perfected through proper training techniques and drills now you can benefit from spaulding s hands-on street experience in-depth firearms instruction and committed personal training practices to ensure that you are ready able and willing to fire your handgun if needed color approx 160 min this title is also available for download as a dvd on demand #hg2dvd 2-disc set $29.95 save $9.95 when you buy handgun combatives part 1 and handgun combatives part 2 #hgsetdvd $49.95 for retail sales only 21st-century stopping power what works what doesn t and why by matthew campbell 21st-century stopping power is different than other books on the topic because it is about more than handgun calibers and ammunition and their performance it is also about the performance of men and women in combat and in personal-defense situations in this book matthew campbell a military firearms and nra-certified instructor examines ammunition performance combat shooting tactics and bullet placement from the perspective of personal defense after all if the shooter cannot stand and deliver shots on target ammunition performance means little the heart of the book lies in the program campbell devised to test the wound potential of dozens of popular loads in common handguns the tables give you the handgun used load range velocity penetration and accuracy of each cartridge along with the author s recommendations the testing is straightforward verifiable and repeatable and the procedures are carefully outlined to ensure that others can test loads not covered in the book 21st-century stopping power demystifies the science of handgun ballistics and brings it up to date for modern shooters though of interest to military and police shooters it is primarily intended for civilians who know that it is their responsibility to protect themselves their families and their property from attack 8½ x 11 softcover photos 214 pp #21stop $19.95 the hamilton bowen .500-caliber pistol is an excellent choice for personal defense or even hunting if one has the skill to master such a cartridge and firearm experienced shooters only need apply the glock generation 4 builds on the success of pre the glock model 37 .45 gap with combat lights is vious models and adds even more improvements.the one of the best choices available for all-around personal defense glock 17 in 9mm is a very controllable gun this tuckable holster from theis carries a springfield trp .45 a very effective handgun that will seldom be carried in deep concealment but with this holster deep concealment is a possibility 56 see complete selections and order online paladin-press.com u.s retail orders 1.800.392.2400