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sniping state-of-the-art training with the world s best snipers ultimate sniper iii the video with maj john l plaster usa ret premier sniping authority john plaster returns in this third installment of his best-selling ultimate sniper video series joining plaster in this exclusive video from paladin press are record-holding long-range snipers steve reichert rob furlong and jim gilliland together with plaster these world-class snipers show you just what it takes to win on today s battlefields drawing on their extensive knowledge of current tactics and techniques used by the insurgents in iraq and afghanistan these snipers reveal the skills and mindset needed to be a successful modern-day sniper the marksmanship fundamentals and state-of-the-art equipment used by u.s snipers how to design and conduct practical shooting drills for long-range accuracy the training and strategy used by enemy forces and the very real threats faced by u.s sniper teams everyday learn how the stopping power

survival self-reliance paladin best-sellers wilderness evasion a guide to hiding out and eluding pursuit in remote areas by michael chesbro you don t have to be on the run to benefit from this unique survival book it includes skills you can use every day whether you re heading into the woods for evasion or recreation this manual will teach you about survival medicine caching communications food and water procurement and storage counter/anti-tracking and the psychological aspects of being alone in the back country 5½ x 8½ softcover photos 168 pp #we $20.00 kenn abaygo s fugitive series k kindle shoestring survivalism how to prepare for bad times on a budget by andy james shoestring survivalism is a budget-minded blueprint for preparing for tough times self-reliance veteran andy james shows you dozens of shoestring survival methods that cost little or nothing yet will tremendously advance your preparedness for any sort of large-scale emergency from natural disasters to societal

martial arts erle montaigue reveals the mysteries of dim-mak paladin best-sellers the encyclopedia of dim-mak the main meridians by erle montaigue and wally simpson this essential reference covers the 12 main energy meridians giving the exact locations effect of striking them from every directions set-up points for enhancing the effect of the major point strike antidotes and healing applications 8½ x 11 softcover photos illus 430 pp #dme $50.00 paladin best-sellers speed training how to develop your maximum speed for martial arts by loren w christensen loren christensen uses his hard-learned lessons from the dojo and the streets to show you how to acquire instantaneous reflexes and explosive speed for punching kicking grappling and police defensive tactics learn how to stay a step ahead of your opponents in the dojo or on the streets 5½ x 8½ softcover photos 258 pp #speed $24.00 k kindle the encyclopedia of dim-mak the extra meridians points and more by erle montaigue and wally

martial arts the life and legacy of frank gotch king of the catch-as-catch-can wrestlers by mike chapman this book chronicles frank gotch s rise to the top of the wrestling world before his untimely death in 1917 it provides little-known details about his earliest matches and his two epic bouts against the russian lion the great george hackenschmidt author mike chapman has unearthed fascinating accounts from wrestling legends promoters and sports writers during and after the gotch era close to 80 photos many of which are being published for the first time in nearly a century round out this portrait of one of the most influential figures in the history of professional wrestling 5½ x 8½ softcover photos 162 pp #llfg $19.95 catch wrestling round two more wild and wooly tales from the early days of pro wrestling by mark s hewitt take another trip back to the raucous early days of pro wrestling as mark hewitt brings you even more blow-by-blow accounts of dozens of the most famous and

israeli security warrior training by garret machine if you are interested in a career in the security field you owe it to yourself and your future clients to learn from the best and there is no one better at turning out security professionals than someone who has been trained and tested in israel in israeli security warrior training garret machine shares the skills and knowledge he learned in the israel defense forces and as a security warrior for the israeli ministry of defense this manual provides an instructional blueprint for urban tactical and security operations as well as building equipping and training a security team israeli training turns out security warriors not security agents the distinction is in the skill set and the mindset of the warriors a critical difference when lives are at stake 5½ x 8½ softcover photos 182 pp #iswt $22.00 garret machine served as warrior medic and firearms tactics instructor in an idf undercover unit for several years.this unit specialized in

exotic weapons backyard catapults how to build your own by bill wilson be the first on your block to have your own catapult bill wilson provides photos and plans for the building process plus construction information on ballistas onagers and trebuchets 5½ x 8½ softcover photos illus 96 pp #byc2 $10.00 paladin best-seller zips pipes and pens arsenal of improvised weapons by j david truby see rare photographs of deadly improvised weapons collected from prisons police departments and third world countries and learn about their distribution and use 5½ x 8½ softcover photos illus 160 pp #zips $18.00 ebook k kindle bad a video guide to constructing and firing your own backyard artillery device with ed carson with the information in this video and a few parts from a hardware store you can construct test and fire your own artillery piece color approx 60 min #baddvd $19.95 dvd on demand k kindle bazooka how to build your own by anthony lewis find out how to build a bazooka from

historical arms combat paladin best-seller sigmund ringeck s knightly arts of combat sword-and-buckler fighting wrestling and fighting in armor by david lindholm and peter svärd this lavishly illustrated companion to sigmund ringeck s knightly art of the longsword examines ringeck s instruction on fighting with the sword and buckler fighting in armor with longsword and spear and wrestling these disciplines and more are fully explained both by ringeck s text offered in old german and english and detailed captions for the stepby-step illustrations 8½ x 11 softcover illus photos 298 pp #kac $35.00 paladin best-seller techniques of medieval armour reproduction the 14th century by brian r price through more than 1,000 photos and clear textual instruction brian price presents a working handbook for aspiring and active armourers who want to develop and sharpen their skills in the production of medieval armour in the style of the 14th century taking the aspiring armourer through the

combat shooting the perfect pistol shot by albert h league iii to fire perfect shots you must train for perfect shots but whether you want to shoot squirrels punch holes in paper targets or defend your home there is only one path to achieving consistent accuracy with a handgun mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship written by a former u.s marine corps firearms instructor who has taught more than a thousand law enforcement military and security personnel the perfect pistol shot uses succinct lessons uncommon exercises and real-world stories to provide a fresh look at a vital topic for all gunmen it includes new title · the single most important trick to perfecting handgun marksmanship · a simple concept for learning how to shoot a gun twice as fast · a series of unique prove it exercises that allow you to test the concepts offered without the pressure of actual shooting knowing how to engage targets is valuable for the defensive shooter but if engaging doesn t translate

combat shooting fast and fancy shooters produced by col rex applegate relive an earlier spectator shooting sport that hundreds of thousands of older generations of shooters were privileged to personally witness and enjoy american in origin exhibition shooting got its start in the early wild west shows at the turn of the 20th century fortunately enough early motion-picture footage has survived to enable this video presentation so that future generations of shooters will know about the kind of shooting skill and showmanship that will never be equaled.this video produced by the late col rex applegate features bill jordan ed mcgivern herb parsons and other well-known remington exhibition shooters color and b&w approx 76 min #fafsdvd $19.95 dvd on demand shooting by j henry fitzgerald forewords by t.j mullin kevin williams john henry fitz fitzgerald worked for colt from 1918 till 1944 giving shooting exhibitions training police departments and appearing as an expert witness in forensic

new id personal freedom even more dangerously fun stuff for boys who never really grew up the original paladin book of dangerously fun stuff hit a nerve with thrill seekers and information junkies everywhere now we ve dug even deeper into the paladin archives and commissioned more new articles for a second volume of action arcana handy how-to taboo topics comical capers and just plain weird stuff that we re sure will delight all you guys who ve never really grown up what s on the menu this time this actionpacked sequel will teach you how to · · · · · · · survive an armed roadblock without getting shot live high on the hog without a job buy and sell precious metals without getting screwed keep a military coup covert or improvise when it gets discovered defuse a barroom brawl four strategies outwit your interrogator on the witness stand remember where you stashed your valuables in that place no one would ever think to look ­ but now even you forgot where it was · identify

order toll free 1.800.392.2400 u.s retail orders only 7077 winchester circle boulder co 80301-3505 usa new title s bob kasper:the lost tapes combative knife skills with bob kasper designed to enhance awareness and develop an appreciation of distancing positioning and unarmed skills bob kasper s vicious street series knife attack and defensive techniques use violent smash-and-slash reality-based training to mimic encounters most likely to be encountered in the streets see page 53 the fighting kukri illustrated lessons on the gurkha combat knife by dwight c mclemore the kukri is one of the oldest combat/utility knives in existence today recognized as the national weapon of nepal the kukri has been associated with the british army s fearsome gurkha brigades since their creation see page 54 tactical ruger 10/22 building your own marksman sniper simulator and competition models by j.m ramos you could pay top dollar to get a factory-made tactical 10/22 but it won t be