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introductory texts the reflective journal barbara bassot senior lecturer in education canterbury chirst church university uk `in the reflective journal barbara bassot has created a very useful and flexible tool this is the ideal place for someone to practice reflective writing at any stage of their professional life from student to long time professional the combination of theory and experiential opportunity will allow both the novice and the experienced reflective writer to learn deepen and develop a beneficial reflective practice many of the techniques and exercises will continue to be of benefit long after the empty pages here have been filled kate thompson ma the therapeutic writing institute and the new school of psychotherapy counselling uk the reflective journal is a thoughtful and encouraging introduction to the theory and practice of critical reflection this unique book is for anyone who is · being encouraged to reflect more deeply or critically on their work ·

empathy what it is and why it matters david howe obe emeritus professor centre for research on the child and family university of east anglia uk `throughout this highly accessible book david howe communicates complex subjects with magisterial clarity and ease bernard r moss emeritus professor of social work education and spirituality staffordshire university uk empathy is profoundly important for understanding people s feelings and behaviour it s not only an essential skill in conducting successful personal and working relationships it also helps us understand what makes people moral and societies decent david howe invites the reader on an illuminating journey of discovery into how empathy was first conceptualised and how its influence has steadily risen and spread he captures its growing significance in many fields and its importance to child development intimate relationships therapy neurology and ethics 248pp paperback eic a brief introduction to psychoanalytic theory stephen

theory and approaches in counselling and psychotherapy california state university dominguez hills usa reviews of 1st edition `a who s who of contemporary person-centred thinkers and practitioners this handbook will be the standard reference work in the area william b stiles professor of clinical psychology miami university usa `so comprehensive is this handbook that if students of the person-centred approach could only afford to buy themselves one book then they would do well to make it this one therapy today this edition of a highly successful text offers a wide-ranging comprehensive introduction to the key concepts of contemporary person-centred therapy exploring both theoretical development and their application to practice written by leading international experts it is an indispensable resource for those studying and working in the area contents preface m.cooper m.o hara p.f.schmid a.bohart « person-centred therapy today m.cooper m.o hara p.schmid a.bohart «the basic

a-z of groups and groupwork mark doel professor of social work university of central england uk and timothy kelly professor of social work university of dundee uk written by two highly experienced practitioners and lecturers this book is a primary groupwork reference for students across the health and social care disciplines given the vast remit of group and groupwork theory it provides an ideal starting point for anyone new to the subject as well as an excellent reference tool for those more familiar with groupwork study and practice each entry introduces the reader to the fundamental aspects of groupwork its theoretical underpinnings and practice implications as well as the critiques debates and research that inform current thinking policy-making and debate a full table of contents is available at 276pp paperback december 2013 9780230308572£13.99 relational depth new perspectives and developments edited by rosanne knox person-centred therapist in private practice

family and relationship existential perspectives on relationship therapy edited by emmy van deurzen director new school of psychotherapy and counselling uk and susan iacovou existential therapist and counselling psychologist in private practice uk this text shines the light of existential thought on relationships showing how an awareness of these theories can enrich practice taking in common issues clients bring to therapy this text written by an internationally renowned team is a vital read for both those working existentially and those accessing existential thought for the first time a full table of contents is available at 288pp paperback new eic introduction to systemic and family therapy john hills co-vice chair association for family therapy uk ideas drawn from family and systemic therapy form the basis of many interventions in mental health and childcare this brief introduction offers an ideal starting-point for non specialists and new students keen to develop

telephone counselling a handbook for practitioners maxine rosenfield counsellor in private practice new south wales australia `in the field of telephone counselling which is much more extensive complex and sophisticated than many realise maxine rosenfield is the supreme authority and this is the essential guide colin feltham emeritus professor of critical counselling studies sheffield hallam university uk the telephone continues to be a key tool in therapy this skills-based handbook illustrates and discusses practical aspects and developments in telephone counselling from ethics and payment to coaching and skype relevant across therapeutic approaches this book is essential for all those conducting telephone counselling a full table of contents is available at 200pp paperback may 2013 9780230303362£22.99 online counselling a handbook for practitioners gill jones director counsellor trainer and supervisor counselling online ltd and anne stokes director counsellor

an introduction to psychodynamic counselling 2nd edition laurence spurling senior lecturer in counselling birkbeck college uk this latest edition gives readers a detailed understanding of the aims and principles of psychodynamic therapy from basic concepts to advice on more complex cases spurling draws on his wide experience to offer practical guidance across a variety of settings and illustrates this with a wealth of vivid case examples this authoritative engaging and practical text continues to be an essential guide both for trainees and practitioners in counselling or psychotherapy a full table of contents is available at 192pp paperback june 2009 9780230578616£24.99 counselling and psychotherapy for families in times of illness and death 2nd edition jenny altschuler registered clinical psychologist and family psychotherapist tavistock clinic uk living with serious illness has profound effects not only on patients themselves but also on their families this fully

professional issues a-z of professional ethics essential ideas for the caring professions richard hugman professor of social work university of new south wales australia `hugman provides readers with clear explications of core and essential ethics concepts frederic reamer professor school of social work rhode island college usa this book is a primary reference guide on key theories related to ethics values and the concept of `the right action offering clear reference and direct application to practice in a neat a-z format given the importance and vast nature of ethics within the fields of health and social care it is an ideal starting point for anyone new to the subject as well as an excellent reference tool for those wishing to refresh their ethical knowledge base a full table of contents is available at 240pp paperback november 2013 9780230337220£13.99 a-z of spirituality steve nolan chaplain princess alice hospice margaret holloway professor of social work and

difference and diversity internal racism a psychoanalytic approach to race and difference m fakhry davids psychoanalyst in private practice uk `this book is well written and a welcome addition to the literature on `race and racism the british journal of psychiatry an in-depth account of how racism operates in the mind this book links vivid clinical observation with theory and research to present an original model of the psychology of racism covering key issues from internal and institutional racism to the stephen lawrence case the book illuminates key issues for practitioners from all approaches a full table of contents is available at 272pp paperback june 2011 9780333964576£23.99 promoting equality working with diversity and difference 3rd edition neil thompson writer trainer and director of avenue consulting ltd highly anticipated this third edition of a trusted book provides health and social care readers with a lucid guide to the theory and practice of

aa allan working with substance users altschuler counselling and psychotherapy for families in times of illness and death bb barrett-lennard the relationship paradigm bassot the reflective journal bayne the counsellor s guide to personality beres the narrative practitioner bor stokes setting up in independent practice cc cooper o hara schmid the handbook of person-centred psychotherapy counselling cromby harper reavey psychology mental health and distress dd davids internal racism davies hughes doing a successful research project doel kelly a-z groups and groupwork driver crawford stewart being and relating in psychotherapy dunnett jesper o donnell getting the most from supervision ff farrimond doing ethical research frosh a brief introduction to psychoanalytic theory 20 19 4 18 19 8 9 2 6 13 3 2 9 7 17 11 14 frost mcclean thinking about the lifecourse g g gardner being critically reflective geldard geldard counselling skills in everyday life geldard geldard practical counselling

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