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now accepting proposals publishing across the humanities the social sciences and business palgrave pivot introduces an innovative new format for scholarly research designed to liberate scholarship from the straitjacket of traditional formats and business models palgrave pivot allows us to deliver quality new research rapidly and at its natural length benefits to authors flexibility pivot offers the opportunity to publish at lengths between the journal article and the conventional monograph typically 25 ­ 50,000 words speed publication of accepted manuscripts within 12 weeks peer-review palgrave pivot publications are subject to a professional and rigorous peer-review process wide dissemination publications are available as digital collections for libraries including via palgrave connect individual ebooks for personal use and as print editions is an exciting new this development which provides a welcome alternative to the conventional journal article or monograph conundrum the pivot

international political economy migration globalization and the state edited by rachel k brickner acadia university canada drawing evidence from north and south america europe asia and the middle east the contributors illustrate that even within the common framework of economic globalization the ways in which the interests of state actors and the agency of migrants intersects continuously shapes and reshapes both home and destination societies contents 1 exploring the dynamic intersections of migration globalization and the state rachel k brickner part i economic globalization and migration 2 legacies of forced migration a comparative-historical perspective stephen ahern 3 globalization social justice and migration indonesian domestic migrant workers in malaysia cynthia joseph 4 violent enclosure the political economy of forced displacement in colombia terry gibbs part ii local interests and migration policy in the context of globalization 5 economic immigration and women not

international political economy international political economy series cont resilience of regionalism in latin america and the caribbean development and autonomy edited by andrés rivarola puntigliano university of stockholm sweden josé briceño-ruiz university of the andes venezuela as regionalisation becomes an increasingly hot topic the authors explain why regionalism has been most successful in latin america and analyse current processes and opinions of possible future developments in the region including the caribbean central america brazil and mexico contents preface olivier dabène introduction regional integration linking past and present andrés rivarola puntigliano and josé briceño ruiz part i thematic perspectives 1 geopolitics and integration a south american perspective andrés rivarola puntigliano 2 regional integration in the inside trends of latin american dependency thinking Ángel m casas-gragea part ii sub-regional perspectives 3 the caribbean regional

political economy and economic development the failure of anglo-liberal capitalism colin hay university of sheffield uk this book provides a clear analysis of britain s long-standing economic problems that goes beyond the debates about the banking system education standards immigration investment and government spending it shows how any solution must integrate policies in all these areas and generate a sustainable growth pattern that avoids environmental disasters peter taylor-gooby university of kent uk the british economy is still mired in the fall-out from the 2008 financial crash in his new book colin hay provides a powerful and arresting argument that the crisis is not a crisis of debt but a crisis of growth and that the causes are rooted in britain s long addiction to a particular form of economic liberalism essential reading andrew gamble university of cambridge uk colin hay argues that the crisis in which we are still mired is best seen as a crisis of growth and not as a

politics governance globalization and the state the transnational governance of violence and crime non-state actors in security edited by anja p jakobi klaus dieter wolf both at peace research institute frankfurt germany building upon a range of case studies that range from civil war to maritime security and cyber crime the contributors analyse how non-state actors can and should be involved in contributing to state and human security contents part i introduction 1 non-state actors and the governance of violence and crime anja p jakobi klaus dieter wolf part ii traditional fields of security 2 warlords and governance kimberley marten 3 constraining the conduct of non-state armed groups stefanie herr 4 formal and informal governance in the un peacebuilding commission oliver westerwinter 5 governing war economies conflict diamonds and the kimberley process anja p jakobi 6 governance efforts to prevent weapons trafficking simone wisotzki part iii emerging fields of security

civil society ngos and human rights civil society ngos and human rights genocide and its threat to contemporary international order adrian gallagher university of leeds uk in an innovative approach this interdisciplinary book considers the impact of genocide on the contemporary international order rather than appealing to the idea of humanity contents acknowledgements introduction words matter genocide and the definitional debate genocide and the three traditions genocide and international legitimacy the impact of genocide on international order the responsibility to protect the three traditions revisited conclusion answering the `east tennessee question bibliography ngoization complicity contradictions and prospects edited by aziz choudry mcgill university canada dip kapoor university of alberta canada ngo-ization pulls together for the first time unique perspectives of social struggles and critically-engaged scholars from wide range of geographical and political contexts

poverty and human development learning capability building and innovation for development edited by gabriela dutrénit universidad autónoma metropolitana mexico keun lee seoul national university republic of korea richard nelson columbia earth institute usa luc soete maastricht graduate school of governance maastricht university the netherlands alexandre vera-cruz universidad autónoma metropolitana mexico this book is a worthy tribute to a towering figure in the modern understanding of the development process it is all the more useful to both scholars and policy-makers for having gathered the work of some of the best researchers to have followed jorge s trails a must read for all those interested in explaining the current catching-up processes or participating in them carlota perez london school of economics uk and technological university of tallinn estonia a global cast of contributors examine economic development as a process of learning and technological accumulation and

society culture and development global ethics series edited by christien van den anker society culture and development ideology in a global age continuity and change rafal soborski richmond university usa this book challenges the popular view that established ideologies no longer make sense in today s globalizing world considered from a broad historical perspective major ideological traditions have not become destabilized and incoherent by globalization but remain meaningful political beliefs that shape the globalization debate contents introduction 1 globalization and ideology mapping the shifting debate 2 classical liberalism globalization as the logic of freedom 3 socialism globalization as the fulfilment of history 4 national populism and fascism blood and soil against globalization 5 anarchism and ecologism alternative localizations in a comparative perspective conclusion crisis of ideologies or ideologies of crisis extractions an ethnography of reproductive tourism michal

gender and development organizing women workers in the informal economy beyond the weapons of the weak edited by naila kabeer school of oriental and african studies uk ratna sudarshan institute of social studies trust new delhi india kristi milward based in west bengal india this book explores the emergence of an alternative repertoire among women working in the growing informal sectors of the global south the weapons of organization and mobilization offerings vibrant accounts of collective action by organizations of women working in various areas contents 1 beyond the weapons of the weak organizing women workers in the informal economy naila kabeer kirsty milward and ratna sudarshan 2 women and rural trade unions in north east brazil ben selwyn 3 understanding the dynamics of an ngo/mbo partnership organizing and working with farm women in south africa colette solomon 4 organizing for life and livelihoods in the mountains of uttarakhand the experience of uttarakhand mahila

environment and development resource management and contested territories in east asia ralf emmers s rajaratnam school of international studies nanyang technological university singapore ralf emmers assesses whether the joint exploration and development of resources can act as a means to reduce tensions in contested territories contents introduction 1 natural resources and international law 2 the sea of japan 3 the east china sea 4 the south china sea conclusion negotiating climate change radical democracy and the illusion of consensus amanda machin university of westminster uk this book provides a refreshing new perspective that decries the illusions of consensus in current climate change discourse contents introduction where are the politics of climate change 1 magic and markets technological and economic approaches 2 good individuals the ethical approach 3 beyond conflict the deliberative democratic approach 4 celebrating disagreement the radical democratic approach 5