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general economics essentials of economics economics 3rd edition 3rd edition paul krugman princeton university usa and robin wells formerly of princeton university usa paul krugman princeton university usa robin wells formerly of princeton university usa and kathryn graddy brandeis university usa worth publishers – a macmillan higher education company essentials of economics brings the captivating writing and innovative features of krugman/wells to the one-term micro/macro module it is ideal for teaching basic economic principles in a real-world context contents part i what is economics • part ii supply and demand • part iii the production decision • part iv beyond perfect competition • part v introduction to macroeconomics • part vi economic growth and fluctuations • part vii stabilization policy • part viii the international economy 640pp hardback new november 2013 9781429278508 £43.99 ebook ic 2nd edition tyler cowen and alex

macroeconomics macroeconomics economics of development european edition 8th edition theory and evidence 2nd edition n.gregory mankiw harvard university usa and mark p taylor warwick business school uk mankiw taylor european edition macroeconomics second edit ion worth worth publishers – a macmillan higher education company macroeconomics european edition n gregory mankiw mark p taylor the new european edition of mankiw’s bestselling and highly readable text communicates the theories and models of macroeconomics in a concise and accessible way with real-world examples discussions and case studies the text is fully updated with extensive coverage of the global financial crisis and in particular its impact on european economies concluding with a brand new chapter on the topic secondeditiona full table of contents is available at www.palgrave.com 640pp paperback new n gregory mankiw harvard university usa ic a.p thirlwall university of kent uk worth publishers – a

microeconomics austan goolsbee steven levitt and chad syverson all at university of chicago usa microeconomics institutional economics 3rd edition an introduction paul krugman princeton university usa and robin wells formerly of princeton university usa worth publishers – a macmillan higher education company microeconomics bridges the gap between the theory and practice making the course immediately relevant and useful with carefully crafted features and examples this breakthrough text helps instructors move students from understanding basic economic principles to applying the powerful tools of economic analysis contents part i basic concepts• adventures in microeconomics •supply and demand •using supply and demand to analyze markets • part ii consumption and production •consumer behavior •individual and market demand •producer behavior • costs • part iii markets and prices • supply in a competitive market •

health economics health and well-being princeton university usa health economics jay bhattacharya stanford university usa timothy hyde yale university usa and peter tu harvard university usa ’a very thorough introduction to health economics combining the important theoretical literature from economics including neighboring fields with an account of the actual systems which allocate medical care in its various dimensions.’ kenneth j arrow joan kenney professor of economics professor of operations research emeritus and stanford health policy fellow usa and nobel prize-winning economist ‘this comprehensive and up-to-the-minute book offers an engaging introduction to the complex subject of health economics covering every aspect of the market i look forward to using this book in the classroom.’ janet m currie henry putnam professor of economics and public affairs director of the center for ‘this is an exceptionally rich and comprehensive undergraduate

econometrics applied econometrics 2nd edition econometrics by example damodar gujarati emeritus professor us military academy west point usa dimitrios asteriou hellenic open university greece and stephen g hall university of leicester uk ‘i wholeheartedly recommend this econometrics textbook which was clearly written with students’ needs in mind.’ kaddour hadri professor of economics queen’s university management school belfast uk the second edition of this highly successful text refines existing strengths and adds significant new material expanding the scope of the book and making it a more flexible teaching tool in addition to providing instructions for performing all tests in eviews and microfit the book now includes instructions for stata 512pp paperback ebook june 2011 9780230271821 £39.99 ic web available on amazon look inside ‘when it comes to getting clear answers to my basic questions i always reach for guj i wouldn’t try to learn

mathematics for economics mathematics for economics essential quantitative methods the practice of statistics for business and economics an integrated approach for business management and finance international version 3rd edition 5th edition 3rd edition mik wisniewski university of strathclyde uk ‘this book does a great job by teaching how mathematics used in economic models both reveals and is enlivened by economic intuition.’ sujoy mukerji oxford university uk this book shows how mathematics is used in developing economic theory and in applied economic analysis the text gradually develops the mathematical skills needed by students and allows them to progress at their own pace a wide variety of examples shows how and why the application of mathematics has become essential to economists a full table of contents is available at www.palgrave.com 544pp paperback ic march 2013 9780230278929 £36.99 web available on amazon look inside les oakshott university of warwick uk

international finance 4th edition keith pilbeam city university uk an introduction to global financial markets 7th edition stephen valdez former financial trainer and consultant and former director of profile financial training plc and philip molyneux bangor university uk ‘international finance offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject – covering theory policy and empirical situations but the author also manages to succeed in adding that extra bit of understanding without ever becoming too technical.’ franc klaassen associate professor of international economics university of amsterdam the netherlands ‘both students and practitioners working through this book will gain an excellent grounding in the fundamental features of international finance i highly recommend this book to any reader.’ dennis vink professor nyenrode business university the netherlands international finance is an established and internationally renowned introduction to the

international economics applied international trade international economics 3rd edition 2nd edition harry p bowen queens university of charlotte usa abraham hollander university of montreal canada and jean-marie viaene erasmus university rotterdam the netherlands ‘clear exposition thorough explanation up-to-date empirical information and fresh insights unrivalled in its market.’ charles van marrewijk utrecht university the netherlands robert c feenstra and alan m taylor both at university of california usa 2nd edition henk jager university of amsterdam the netherlands and catrinus jepma university of groningen the netherlands worth publishers – a macmillan higher education company combining classic international economics with straight from the headlines immediacy feenstra and taylor’s text seemlessly integrates the subject’s established core content with topic areas and ideas that have emerged from recent empirical studies ‘an increasing

history of economic thought economic methodology understanding economics as a science marcel boumans and john davis both at university of amsterdam the netherlands founders of scottish economics 1700–1900 donald rutherford university of edinburgh uk ‘this volume sets out an impressive thematic account of the remarkable range of contributors and contributions to economic theory and policy in scotland from 1700 to 1900.’ sheila dow university of stirling uk ‘this is an excellent book that goes beyond being a textbook it is a contribution in synthesizing issues in methodology of economics.’ sohrab behdad and john e harris denison university usa like other sciences the study of economics has been shaped by rigorous arguments and debates that continue to influence economists today in this fascinating introduction boumans and davis consider the scientific nature of the methods logic and forms of explanation that underlie economics as a discipline 224pp

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