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from the publishers of palgrave foundations languages and of mastering arabic new a modern engaging highly illustrated course in mandarin chinese ■ focuses on all four skills listening speaking reading and writing – through dialogues and interactive exercises both in the book and on lively audio cds ■ offers a wealth of carefully structured exercises to practise pronunciation ■ includes clear grammar explanations with plenty of practice ■ incorporates dual use of pinyin and script throughout ■ suggests optional exercises to recognise and write the chinese script stroke-by-stroke and build knowledge of how characters are formed order your free copy

about the author contents catherine hua xiang is mandarin chinese co-ordinator at the language centre university of bristol uk ■ how to use this book ■ shopping ■ book overview ■ review 5-8 ■ introduction ■ transport and directions ■ getting started ■ eating and drinking ■ greetings and introducing yourself ■ staying in a hotel ■ introducing family and friends ■ making phone calls ■ numbers ■ review 1-4 ■ dates and plans ■ leisure and hobbies ■ review 9-12 ■ answers ■ chinese-english word list ■ time mastering chinese is a modern new mandarin chinese course based on the author’s 10 years of experience teaching chinese in the uk and in china and on extensive reviewer feedback the book has been carefully structured and developed for a broad range of learners it is especially suited to nonspecialist university undergraduates on institutionwide language

158 ■ illustrations and photos make this a friendly fun yet fascinating introduction ■ dual use of pinyin and script with options to learn script or stick with pinyin only 贵 guì expensive 便宜 ■ uses a variety of exercises to help encourage good pronunciation 90 unit 5 2 4 qīng qíng qǐng qìng 5 kēng kéng kěng kèng 2 4 5 3 4 you met these words in the previous unit see if you can remember their meanings and mark up their tones then check them against the numbers and word list on pages 64 and 74 1 ling 2 er 3 si 4 qi 5 shiwu 6 sanshijiu 7 xuexi 8 zhongwen 9 dui 10 jinnian 11 ji 12 dianhua 13 qu 14 he 15 sui 16 yiqi communicating in chinese ■ exercises build up script skills stroke-by-stroke dates and plans 91 key expressions months of the year 3 listen and write down the words you hear in pinyin with tones 1 piányi cheap in chinese you also use numbers to say the months just say the number and add the word for

could mastering chinese be suitable for your students order a free inspection copy of the book now and see for yourself  yes please send me a free inspection copy of mastering chinese book i have a course of 12 or more students for which this book might be suitable  yes please send me a copy of the audio cds if i decide to adopt the course i must pay for the cds within 90 days or return them and pay nothing mastering chinese paperback and 2 audio cds pack mastering chinese paperback mastering chinese 2 audio cd pack 9780230200555 9780230200135 9780230200548 £29.99 including vat £17.99 £25.00 including vat how to order ▶ telephone +44 01256 302794 ▶ website www.palgrave.com ▶ post palgrave macmillan orders brunel road houndmills rg21 6xs united kingdom ▶ email lecturerservices@palgrave.com details delivery address module number of students start date level e.g ug/1st/2nd/3rd/4th/mba your name address of institution postal code country