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modern britain a history of the british isles 3rd edition jeremy black university of exeter uk `the perspective of the work is wider and fuller than that of any other recent history black s work is also remarkable for the sense which it conveys of the power of broad social and cultural change times educational supplement from earliest times to the present day jeremy black explores the rich history of the whole of the british isles and how they have achieved their current identity the third edition of this established concise text has been revised and updated throughout and now contains more on social and cultural history and the british empire 384pp hardback paperback august 2012 9780230362055£55.00 9780230362062£17.99 mastering modern british history 4th edition norman lowe formerly nelson and colne college uk the evolution of the british welfare state a history of social policy since the industrial revolution 4th edition derek fraser university of teesside uk `i think the clarity of organization and presentation of this text is one of its major strengths everything is where you would expect it to be and i know that students who use this text find it clear and helpful john traynor ormskirk school uk for individual or classroom study this revised fourth edition brings british history up-to-date with additional content on britain under new labour since 1997 taking into account latest research and interpretations the commentary is informative and enjoyable the source material stimulating and enlightening july 2009 848pp paperback £20.999780230205567 `there is no better account of how the british welfare state evolved over two centuries than derek fraser s book it continues to provide a lively and authoritative history of the period from the industrial revolution to the present day david martin university of sheffield uk derek fraser s book has established itself as a classic text on the history of social policy and social ideas in britain since the industrial revolution this fourth edition features a revised introduction incorporates the latest research and extends the coverage of the final chapter june 2009 464pp hardback £67.509780230224650 paperback £22.999780230224667 eic palgrave essential histories series editor jeremy black eic palgrave master series eic web 9