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the german democratic republic peter grieder university of hull uk a clear concise and thought-provoking introduction to the history of east germany which engages critically with key debates and advances new interpretations of the origins development and demise of the gdr peter grieder also offers an original conceptualization of the gdr as a totalitarian welfare state contents map of the gdr · introduction concepts · conception 1945-1949 · construction 1949-1960 · consolidation 1961-1971 · conservativism 1971-1977 · crisis 1977-1989 · collapse 1989-1990 · conclusion obituary · bibliography 176pp paperback november 2012 9780230579378£16.99 a history of the low countries 2nd edition paul arblaster zuyd university the netherlands `arblaster s writing is fluent and enjoyable this will be a valuable addition to reading lists for students and worthy of recommendation to those general readers who wish to learn more about the rich heritage of the low countries and its impact on modern benelux peter illing christ s college university of cambridge uk this successful text remains the sole historical survey of the benelux area to be written in english arblaster describes the full sweep of the history of the low countries from roman frontier provinces to the present day the second edition has been revised and updated in the light of recent events and scholarship and brings the story up to 2011 344pp hardback paperback june 2012 9780230293090£55.00 9780230293106£17.99 a history of spain 2nd edition simon barton university of exeter uk `clear comprehensive up-to-date barton s text is an incisive and accessible introduction for students and others interested in spanish history james w brodman university of central arkansas usa `this leading synthesis of spanish history now analyzes events since 2004 students and teachers will also welcome a number of new quotations maps and figures bethany aram international college of seville spain this expanded edition has been revised throughout in order to amplify key points the last chapter brings the story up-to-date and includes discussion of recent events such as the 2004 madrid bombings and the 2008 general election june 2009 352pp hardback £57.509780230200111 paperback£17.999780230200128 studies in european history series editors sarah badcock peter wilson and julian jackson eic palgrave essential histories series editor jeremy black ebook eic palgrave essential histories series editor jeremy black eic 12