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the atlantic experience peoples places ideas catherine armstrong manchester metropolitan university uk and laura m chmielewski state university of new york purchase college usa a succinct yet comprehensive introduction to the history of the atlantic world in its entirety the book explores discrete themes such as conquest trade and race in an holistic atlantic context and provides a thorough overview of key and cutting edge scholarship in the field for an undergraduate audience contents introduction ­ studying atlantic history · navigation and empire · contact and encounter · bondage and freedom · trade and economy · atlantic religion beliefs and behaviours · cultural transfer in the greater atlantic · dependence and independence · the quest for abolition · conclusion 288pp hardback paperback new eic transforming the world global political history since world war ii keith robbins formerly university of wales uk an ambitious and engaging narrative survey that charts the history of the world from a political perspective from 1937 to the post9/11 era providing a wide-ranging assessment of global interactions in peace and war since world war ii robbins connects the crises conflicts and accommodations that have brought us to the still-troubled present contents chronology · maps · introduction grasping global history · part i ending war building peace · part ii 1945-1955 making a cold peace · part iii 1955-1965 to the brink and back · part iv 19651975 old patterns and new permutations part v coming to conclusions 1975-1989 · part vi 1991-2011 new world orders 392pp hardback paperback eic intercultural transfers and the making of the modern world sources and contexts thomas adam university of texas usa a]n exemplary set of case studies in transnational history ian tyrrell university of new south wales australia this introduction and collection of sources for courses on world and transnational history focuses on the interconnected and interrelated nature of societies and cultures from 1800 onwards case studies trace transnational connections through the examples of co-operatives housing reform education eugenics and non-violent resistance november 2011 168pp hardback £50.009780230243538 paperback £15.999780230243545 eic december 2013 9780230272736£52.50 9780230272743£19.99 december 2012 9780333771990£60.00 9780333772003£19.99 15