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a history of world societies 9th edition john p mckay university of ilinois usa bennett d hill georgetown university usa john buckler university of iliinois usa patricia b ebrey university of washington usa roger b beck eastern illinois university usa clare haru crowston university of illinois usa and merry e wiesner-hanks university of wisconson-milwaukee usa published by bedford st martin s volume 1 to 1600 9th edition march 2012 568pp paperback £40.999780230394377 ic volume 2 since 1450 9th edition march 2012 728pp paperback £40.999780230394384 ic `a history ofworld societies is an elegantly written narrative that captures the voices of the human past [it adopts a unique world regional approach with special emphasis on social history the artful presentation and effective integration of written text and visual materials helps instructors promote history and the historian s craft the textbook s gorgeous professional layout and diverse pedagogical activities keep students interested matthew d esposito drake university usa contents the earliest human societies to 2500 b.c.e · the rise of the state in southwest asia and the nile valley ca 3200-500 b.c.e · the foundation of indian society to 300 c.e · china s classical age to 221 b.c.e the greek experience ca 3500-150 b.c.e · the world of rome ca 750 b.c.e 400 c.e.· east asia and the spread of buddhism 221 b.c.e-800 c.e.· continuity and change in europe and western asia ca 350-850 · the islamic world ca 600-1400 · african societies and kingdoms ca 1000 b.c.e.­1500 c.e.· the americas 3000 b.c.e 1500 c.e.· cultural exchange in central and southern asia to 1400 · states and cultures in east asia ca 800-1400 · europe in the middle ages 800-1450 · europe in the renaissance and reformation 1350-1600 · the acceleration of global contact 1450-1600 · european power and expansion ca 1500-1750 · new worldviews and ways of life 1540-1790 · africa and the world ca 1400­1800 · the islamic world powers ca 1300-1800 · continuity and change in east asia ca 1400-1800 · revolutions in the atlantic world 1775-1815 · the revolution in energy and industry ca 1760-1850 · ideologies of change in europe 1815­1914 · africa southwest asia and the new imperialism 1800­1914 · asia in the era of imperialism 1800-1914 · nation building in the americas and australia ca 1770-1914 · world war and revolution 1914-1929 · nationalism in asia 1914-1939 · the great depression and world war ii 1929-1945 · global recovery and division between superpowers 1945 to the present · independence progress and conflict in asia and the middle east 1945 to the present · the global south latin america and africa 1945 to the present · a new era in world history march 2012 1192pp hardback £49.999780230394360 ic volume 3 1775 to the present 9th edition march 2012 504pp paperback £39.999780230394391 ic 17