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a history of western society 10th edition john p mckay university of ilinois usa bennett d hill georgetown university usa john buckler clare haru crowston both at university of illinois usa merry e wiesner-hanks university of wisconsinmilwaukee usa and joe perry georgia state university usa published by bedford st martin s since 1300 10th edition january 2011 752pp paperback £41.999780230121058 ic `students relate well to the `people emphasis it s the best textbook i ve seen nancy b bjorklund fullerton college usa a history of western society is one of the most successful textbooks available because it captures students interest in the everyday life of the past tying social history to politics and culture the tenth edition has been thoroughly revised to strengthen readability and the attention to daily life and incorporate new scholarship volume 1 antiquity to enlightenment 10th edition january 2011 656pp paperback £40.999780230121034 ic contents origins ca 400,000-1100 b.c.e small kingdoms and mighty empires in the near east ca 1100-513 b.c.e the development of classical greece ca 2000-338 b.c.e the hellenistic world 336-30 b.c.e the rise of rome ca 750-31 b.c.e the pax romana 31 b.c.e 284 c.e late antiquity 250-600 europe in the early middle ages 600-1000 state and church in the high middle ages 1000-1300 the life of the people in the high middle ages 1000-1300 the creativity and challenges of medieval cities 1100-1300 the crisis of the later middle ages 1300-1450 european society in the age of the renaissance 1350-1550 reformations and religious wars 1500-1600 european exploration and conquest 1450-1650 absolutism and constitutionalism ca 1589-1725 toward a new worldview 1540-1789 the expansion of europe 1650-1800 the changing life of the people 1700-1800 the revolution in politics 1775-1815 the revolution in energy and industry ca 1780-1850 ideologies and upheavals 1815-1850 life in the emerging urban society 1840-1900 the age of nationalism 1850-1914 the west and the world 1815-1914 war and revolution 1914-1919 the age of anxiety ca 1900-1940 dictatorships and the second world war 1919-1945 cold war conflict and consensus 1945-1965 challenging the postwar order 1960-1991 europe in an age of globalization 1990 to the present january 2011 1152pp hardback £49.999780230121027 ic volume 2 from the age of exploration to the present january 2011 608pp paperback £40.999780230121041 ic 18