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manifest destiny and american territorial expansion a brief history with documents amy s greenberg pennsylvania state university usa published by bedford st martin s hollywood and the american historical film edited by j e smyth university of warwick uk `this groundbreaking collection of essays redraws the parameters of the historical film expanding it to include a wide range of films set in the past notably comedies westerns and melodramas dry debates about historical accuracy and authenticity are rejected in favour of case studies that seek an understanding of the power and pleasures that this genre holds written in a lively and accessible style and harbouring a wealth of authoritative scholarship it is bound to become a fixture of university courses and a landmark in its field mark glancy queen mary university of london uk this interdisciplinary collection by leading scholars probes the theoretical and historical contexts of films made about the american past from silent film to the present the book offers a fresh assessment of studio era historical filmmaking and its legacy across a range of genres january 2012 272pp hardback £62.509780230230927 paperback £20.999780230230934 eic a selection of our textbooks are now available as inspection copy e-books via coursesmart visit http instructors.coursesmart.co.uk to sign up and request an e-copy `this volume is an exceptional window onto the process and ideology of american territorial expansionism it is thoughtfully conceptualized and provides an impressive blend of conventional and unconventional source material robert e may purdue university usa amy greenberg examines the social cultural and political context that gave rise to manifest destinyone of the most influential ideologies in american history drawing on primary documents she explores how it evolved from colonial roots to become a fully articulated rationale in the 1840s for expanding the nation s borders march 2012 208pp paperback £21.999780312600488 ic considering for your course request inspection copies from www.palgrave.com or lecturerservices@palgrave.com buy securely online at www.palgrave.com or telephone 44 0 1256 302866 25