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history of science technology and medicine bioethics in historical perspective sarah ferber university of queensland australia bioethics concerns the relationship between the medical professions and the cultures in which they operate sarah ferber has developed an invaluable introduction to contemporary bioethics which incorporates historical and broader cultural approaches appealing and relevant to students and practitioners alike contents introduction · bioethics as scholarship · language narrative and rhetoric in bioethics · euthanasia the nazi analogy and the `slippery slope · heredity genes and reproductive politics · human experimentation · thalidomide · conclusion · glossary 256pp hardback paperback new eic medicine and empire 1600-1960 pratik chakrabarti university of kent uk a comprehensive overview of the history of medicine and european imperialism from the seventeenth to the mid-twentieth century drawing on recent scholarship the text comparatively examines the key developments that took place within colonialism and medicine and explores the main historiographical issues surrounding the topics contents preface · introduction · medicine in the age of commerce 1600-1800 · plants medicine and empire · medicine and the colonial armed forces · colonialism climate and race · mperialism and the globalization of disease · western medicine in colonial india · medicine and the colonization of africa · imperialism and tropical medicine · bacteriology and the civilizing mission · colonialism and traditional medicines · conclusion the colonial legacies of global health 288pp hardback paperback new eic an introduction to the social history of medicine europe since 1500 keir waddington cardiff university uk `keir waddington combines a readable and comprehensive outline of his subject with relevant writing and research in this single volume useful to undergraduate and other readers seeking an up-to-date survey of the social history of medicine steven cherry university of east anglia uk december 2013 9781403987235£49.50 9781403987242£16.99 a one-volume detailed survey of the major debates and themes in the history of western medicine from the early modern period to the present combining specialized knowledge with new ways of thinking about the subject this lucidly written illustrated text explores traditional views and questions existing orthodoxies november 2011 408pp hardback £57.509781403946928 paperback £19.999781403946935 eic november 2013 9780230276352£52.50 9780230276369£17.99 28