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september the opposite of boring 18 innovative pop-ups popposites a pop-up opposites book by mike haines there are many books to teach opposites but few are as enjoyable as this one featuring appealingly retro illustrations 40 sturdy interactive elements that conceal and then reveal each surprise and twenty pairs of words that move beyond the basics to tame the wild world of contrary language this concept book packs an immense amount of entertainment into a tiny package that children and adults will love who knew that opposites could be such fun popposites 978-0-7534-6624-7 paper over board · september ages 5 up · grades k up 8 1/4 x 6 3/4 · 40 pp $16.99 18.99 can mike haines is a familiar figure in the book trade best-known for his design paper-engineering and production talents 2 kingfisher · ·

september includes action-packed photographs of soccer superstars kingfisher · · 888330-8477

october we are probably not alone the alien hunter s handbook how to look for extra-terrestrial life by mark brake illustrated by colin jack given the mind-bogglingly large number of other galaxies and planets in the universe odds are pretty good that we may have neighbors out there somewhere this practical handbook an entertaining introduction to the field of astrobiology shows readers how life evolved on planet earth and how to go about finding other forms of life in other parts of the universe although this is a fun quirky and visually inventive approach to the search for aliens it is entirely based on real facts and ongoing international research and is written by mark brake a founding member of nasa s astrobiology institute through five easy-to-follow chapters the reader will find out where to look for an alien habitat how long aliens may have been in existence what they might look like how we might communicate with them and whether they may have made contact with or even

september it s a truckload of q&a fun about the series includes 10 books this innovative best-selling series starts with the basic building blocks of all scientific inquiry interesting questions answered in an accessible child-friendly style the conversational format is perfect for capturing the attention of curious readers while delivering solid information that encourages imaginative discussion i wonder why question express by the editors of kingfisher with a new preschool-friendly layout an adorable truck-shaped slipcase and all the best topics this junior i wonder why collection is the perfect vehicle for introducing a whole new generation of readers to this inspirational and ground-breaking series precisely tailored to the 4 age range with one question per spread colorful artwork and a mini-fact card on each double-page containing interesting facts and a scary rating this new series format is a perfect match for the natural curiosity of preschoolers everywhere titles included

october the series that meets the common core state standards october kingfisher readers l3 record breakers the biggest pob 978-0-7534-6879-1 pb 978-0-7534-6880-7 ages 5 to 8 · grades k to 3 6 x 9 · 32 pp paper over board $12.99 14.99 can trade paperback $3.99 3.99 can kingfisher readers l3 record breakers the biggest by claire llewellyn nothing hooks readers like record breakers and this book compiles the biggest of everything into an early reader kids can t resist starting with animals and moving through trees and plants ships planes mountains rivers deserts buildings bridges and much more each fascinating page draws kids in with interwoven photography and text that pushes their reading skills a little further think big fact boxes and an index add new elements and a glossary at the back helps define vocabulary highlighted throughout the text claire llewellyn is a prize-winning author of nonfiction on a wide range of subjects for young children in 1992 she won the tes junior

november questions the book of dinosaurs by moira butterfield illustrated by paul thomson ever wondered why you never see dinosaurs in the zoo or how big a dino poo is and when dinosaurs made noise what did it sound like the funny trio at the center of this series does join them on a playful visual romp through 50 of the most interesting questions about dinosaurs and discover facts on everything from fossil hunting to extinction kids will love the comic-style illustration with the curious characters acting out elements of the answers and the handy quickpickup format makes it perfect for travel independent reading trivia classroom use and much more the book of the human body by moira butterfield illustrated by paul thomson ever wondered what your body does when you are asleep or why people snore and what happens to food once it has been eaten join cat and his two friends for an exploration of the human body and get answers to the best questions on everything from burping and earwax

preschool ages 2-5 grades prek-1 animal babies ages 2-5 grades prek 24 pp animal babies around the house bb 978-0-7534-5840-2 $6.95 7.95 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in deserts bb 978-0-7534-5942-3 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in grasslands bb 978-0-7534-5943-0 $6.95 7.95 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in polar lands bb 978-0-7534-5944-7 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in ponds and rivers bb 978-0-7534-6059-7 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in rain forests bb 978-0-7534-6060-3 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in seas bb 978-0-7534-5945-4 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies in towns and cities bb 978-0-7534-5841-9 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies on mountains bb 978-0-7534-5839-6 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 animal babies on the farm bb 978-0-7534-5838-9 $6.99 7.99 can 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 baby animals bb 14 pp ages birth-4 grades prek 6 x 6 $5.99 5.99 can baby animals at night 978-0-7534-6458-8 baby animals at the

early grades ages 5-8 grades k-3 i am reading 6 x 9 48 pp ages 5-8 grades k-3 pb albert s racoon 978-0-7534-5717-7 $3.95 4.50 can alien alby 978-0-7534-3005-7 $3.99 4.99 can alligator tails and crocodile cakes 978-0-7534-5853-2 $3.99 4.99 can doctor witch s animal hospital 978-0-7534-5977-5 $3.99 4.99 can j.j rabbit and the monster 978-0-7534-5855-6 $3.99 4.99 can jumping jack 978-0-7534-6297-3 $3.99 4.50 can moose and mouse 978-0-7534-5715-3 $3.99 4.99 can mr cool 978-0-7534-5822-8 $3.99 4.99 can the princess and the pets 978-0-7534-6212-6 $3.99 4.99 can princess rosa s winter 978-0-7534-5859-4 $3.95 4.95 can purr-fect pete 978-0-7534-6242-3 $3.95 4.95 can scratching s catching 978-0-7534-5958-4 $3.99 4.99 can sniffer s golden nose 978-0-7534-5959-1 $3.99 4.99 can the ugly egg 978-0-7534-6284-3 $3.99 4.99 can watch out william 978-0-7534-5960-7 $3.95 4.95 can yeti spaghetti 978-0-7534-6308-6 $3.99 4.99 can question books 7 7/8 x 7 7/8 64 pp $7.99 9.99 can ages 5-8

upper elementary and middle school ages 9-12 grades 4-7 kingfisher knowledge 9 x 10 7/8 64 pp ages 9-12 grades 4-7 animal giants pb 978-0-7534-6157-0 $8.95 9.95 can dangerous creatures pb 978-0-7534-6120-4 $8.95 9.95 can dangerous creatures pob 978-0-7534-5622-4 $12.95 14.50 can dinosaurs pb 978-0-7534-6406-9 $8.99 10.99 can dinosaurs pob 978-0-7534-6102-0 $12.95 14.50 can endangered planet pb 978-0-7534-6160-0 $8.99 9.99 can endangered planet pob 978-0-7534-5776-4 $12.95 14.50 can epidemics plagues pob 978-0-7534-6035-1 $12.95 14.95 can forensics pb 978-0-7534-6211-9 $8.95 9.95 can forensics pob 978-0-7534-5862-4 $12.99 14.50 can genes dna pb 978-0-7534-6121-1 $8.95 9.95 can genes and dna pob 978-0-7534-5621-7 $12.99 14.99 can human body pb 978-0-7534-6292-8 $8.99 9.99 can hurricanes tsunamis pob 978-0-7534-5975-1 $12.95 14.50 can inventions pb 978-0-7534-6293-5 $8.99 9.99 can microscopic life pob 978-0-7534-5778-8 $12.99 16.99 can the middle east pb

subject index fourth to seventh grade battles and quests legends .74 beasts and monsters legends .74 death and the underworld legends .74 heroes and villains legends .74 out of this world science fiction .76 pirouette ballet stories .76 tricks and transformations legends 74 wrath of the gods the legends 74 fifth to ninth grade book of bad things the .70 epic climbs epic adventure .70 epic flights epic adventure .70 epic treks epic adventure .70 epic voyages epic adventure .70 kingfisher atlas of world history the .77 kingfisher history encyclopedia 3rd edition the .24 legendary journeys trains .71 legendary journeys ships .71 legendary journeys space .12 ten explorers who changed the world .69 ten inventors who changed the world 69 ten kings and queens who changed the world .69 ten leaders who changed the world .69 a nation of immigrants all about america .69

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