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sociology and criminology surviving forced disappearance in argentina and uruguay sociology and criminology why the social sciences matter identity and meaning edited by jonathan michie university of oxford uk cary cooper lancaster university uk this book powerfully demonstrates that if some of the planet s most urgent problems are to be solved then the social sciences are not just necessary but are in fact indispensable humanity today needs high-quality social science more than ever this book brilliantly shows why and how this is so — david inglis university of exeter uk published with the support of the academy for social sciences this volume provides an illuminating look at topics of concern to everyone at the beginning of the twenty-first century leading social scientists tackle complex questions such as immigration unemployment climate change war banks in trouble and an ageing population contents foreword howard newby introduction and overview jonathan michie cary l

politics and international studies new institutions for participatory democracy in latin america now available in paperback voice and consequence maxwell a cameron university of british columbia canada eric hershberg american university usa kenneth e sharpe swarthmore college usa rather than assume that institutions of participatory democracy necessarily compete for political influence with more traditional institutions of representative democracy new institutions for participatory democracy in latin america explores how the two might reinforce each other in positive ways that can improve the quality of democratic governance in the region based on case studies from six countries across latin america [this volume is empirically rich and theoretically innovative —philip oxhorn institute for the study of international development mcgill university canada this volume describes and analyzes the proliferation of new mechanisms for participation in latin american democracies and

politics and international studies neoliberal hegemony and the pink tide in latin america experiencing puerto rican citizenship and cultural nationalism breaking up with tina jacqueline n font-guzmán the werner institute creighton university school of law usa tom chodor the university of queensland australia this book examines the pink tide of leftist governments in latin america struggling against neoliberal hegemony from a critical international political economy perspective focusing particularly on venezuela and brazil it evaluates the transformative and emancipatory potentials of their political projects domestically regionally and globally contents introduction breaking up with tina in latin america 1 orthodox ipe globalisation and the need for critical alternatives 2 the neoliberal world order 3 neoliberalism and organic crisis in latin america 4 the bolivarian revolution as a counter-hegemonic project 5 lula’s passive revolution 6 the pink tide

politics and international studies the politics of autonomy in latin america a history of the ftaa the art of organising hope from hegemony to fragmentation in the americas ana cecilia dinerstein department of social and policy sciences university of bath uk terrific and necessary an excellent and informative account of the wonderful movements of revolt in latin america in recent years —john holloway benemérita universidad autónoma de puebla mexico marcel nelson queens university canada the author contests older concepts of autonomy as either revolutionary or ineffective vis-à-vis the state looking at four prominent latin american movements she defines autonomy as the art of organising hope a tool for indigenous and non-indigenous movements to prefigure alternative realities at a time when utopia can be no longer objected contents 1 gramsci hegemony and global governance 2 the ftaa negotiations context and history 3 the ftaa negotiations context and history 4

art literature and language borges the unacknowledged medievalist old english and old norse in his life and work new trends in contemporary latin american narrative m.j toswell university of western ontario canada the argentinian writer and poet jorge luis borges 1899-1986 was many things during his life but what has gone largely unnoticed is that he was a medievalist and his interest in germanic medievalism was pervasive throughout his work this study will consider the medieval elements in borges creative work and shed new light on his poetry post-national literatures and the canon edited by timothy r robbins drury university usa josé eduardo gonzález university of nebraska-lincoln usa the authors of this timely collection provide a solid account of the nature of post-politics and the subsequent demise of the idea of the nation in contemporary latin american narrative also scrutinizing the crucial role of the internet in the construction of a simultaneously global and local

film media and culture media systems and communication policies in latin america migration in lusophone cinema edited by cacilda rêgo utah state university usa marcus brasileiro utah state university usa this is the first book about how migration has been represented in lusophone cinema in the last decades rêgo and brasileiro have moved beyond the mere confines of the field of film studies and enriched the text with thought-provoking essays written by academics from several disciplines the result is a fascinating volume containing essays that inquire deeply about issues involving identity immigration transnationalism and the meaning of home in an increasingly complex world —eva paulino bueno professor of spanish and portuguese st mary s university usa edited by manuel alejandro guerrero universidad iberoamericana mexico mireya márquez-ramírez universidad iberoamericana mexico media systems and communication policies in latin america proposes tests and analyses

film media and culture reclaiming poch pop theatre and performance examining the rhetoric of cultural deficiency cruz medina santa clara university usa reclaiming poch pop is a must-read for all scholars although the poch identity a complex mestizaje way of being has existed within the latino culture for years its existence has often been downplayed within the academy medina s work on poch@ismo and artists is a desperately needed piece to the puzzle for academics across disciplines of rhetoric communication writing pop culture and ethnic studies — octavio pimentel associate professor texas state university usa tracing the historical trajectory of the pocho latinos who are influenced by anglo culture in pop culture medina shows how the trope of pocho/pocha/poch which traditionally signified the negative connotation of ‘cultural traitor’ in spanish has been reclaimed through the pop cultural productions of latinos who self-identify as poch contents foreword

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