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legal method theory and skills legal method 8th edition ian mcleod visiting professor university of teesside uk this popular and long established text provides a lively introduction to both the nature of the english legal system and its sources and the techniques which lawyers use when handling those sources this new eighth edition has been fully updated throughout with the latest legal developments march 2011 400pp 234x156mm paperback £21.99 978-0-230-28568-2 available on inspection new edition `this book continues to be the most erudite and yet readable book of its kind leonard jason-lloyd loughborough university uk new a student guide to clinical legal education and pro bono kevin kerrigan and victoria murray both at northumbria university school of law uk an authoritative and practical student guide to clinical legal education a subject that plays an increasingly important role within uk law schools written by members of the long established and ground-breaking student law

criminal law criminal law 7th edition jonathan herring exeter college oxford uk jonathan herring s engaging and bestselling introduction to criminal law is supported by features throughout to help students appreciate the key themes and major legal authorities within this area compact yet sufficiently comprehensive to support undergraduate study of this subject the new 7th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and now includes a student-friendly colourful text design march 2011 392pp 246x171 mm paperback £21.99 978-0-230-28572-9 available on inspection new edition `another excellent text from the palgrave law masters series it provides excellent value for money and allows the reader to quickly understand the basic principles of criminal law whilst being alerted to the wider issues student law journal great debates criminal law jonathan herring an engaging introduction to some of the more advanced writing on criminal law for a reader with a reasonable grasp of the basic

contract and tort law contract law 9th edition ewan mckendrick university of oxford uk a new edition of mckendrick s bestselling and highly respected text providing a reliable concise and readable guide to contract law for those embarking on a first degree or conversion course in law fully revised and updated the book combines a clear and straightforward account of the basic rules with coverage of many of the subject s more complex issues june 2011 424pp 246x171mm paperback £21.99 978-0-230-28569-9 available on inspection bestseller new edition `mckendrick s text offers students an unparalleled combination of accessibility and comprehensiveness lee roach times higher education supplement torts 4th edition alastair mullis university of east anglia uk and ken oliphant head of the research institute for european tort law vienna austria the brand new edition of this popular textbook provides an accessible introduction to the essential principles of this complex yet fascinating

public law constitutional and administrative law 8th edition john alder visiting professor bangor university uk constitutional and administrative law provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic legal principles of the uk constitution this bestselling book places the law in the context of the main political ideas which have influenced its development and discusses some of the most fundamental questions about government this eighth edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect important changes that have taken place since the election of the new coalition government there is a new expanded section on administrative law new chapters on international affairs and constitutional reform and more detailed coverage on many key areas including human rights judicial review and the role of semi-accountable public bodies new edition march 2011 480pp 246x189mm paperback £21.99 978-0-230-28570-5 available on inspection perfect partner text new keith syrett the foundations of public law

property law land law 7th edition joe cursley former senior lecturer university of east london uk and mark davys keele law school uk this new edition of a successful introduction to land law uses clear language and a broad range of features to reinforce student understanding of the key cases and concepts it has been comprehensively revised and expanded with the latest developments in the law is presented in new two-colour text and is supported by an innovative and useful companion website march 2011 280pp 246x171mm paperback £21.99 978-0-230-28418-0 available on inspection new edition making sense of land law 3rd edition april stroud southampton solent university uk alt law teacher of the year 2005 widely praised by students this text provides a fresh and innovative approach to land law intending to help those coming to the subject for the first time its clear and engaging style assists students understanding of the essential concepts and brings land law to life practical

medical law highlight new medical law jo samanta leicester de montfort law school uk and ash samanta consultant rheumatologist university hospitals of leicester nhs trust uk the latest addition to the renowned law masters series this major new text is a clear and concise introduction to medical law and medicolegal principles written by an author team with a combination of both legal and medical expertise the book provides a strong practical focus underpinned by academic rigour april 2011 464pp 246x171 mm paperback £23.99 978-0-230-23532-8 available on inspection contents the scope and nature of medical law the contemporary health care environment clinical negligence capacity and consent to medical treatment the beginning of life children clinical research human tissue and transplantation mental health law the end of life future challenges family law family law 7th edition kate standley university of essex uk family law provides a clear comprehensive and engaging account

commercial law new company law 7th edition janet dine queen mary university of london uk and marios koutsias university of essex uk a complete and accessible guide to the legal framework in which companies operate logically structured and with a readable style the text includes helpful summaries for each chapter along with case notes this new edition features a comprehensive treatment of the companies act 2006 and other developments arising august 2009 352pp 246x171 mm paperback £21.99 978-0-230-57914-9 available on inspection `company law is well-researched and wonderfully written allows the reader to quickly understand this complex and often misunderstood area of law no other company law text provides better value for money student law journal business law 4th edition stephen judge formerly university of surrey uk with its real-world business-orientated approach business law has been fully updated in line with the companies act 2006 and also streamlined to address the needs of

sports law sports law mark james university of salford uk a clear and rigorous introduction to the fascinating area of sports law providing a solid grasp of the necessary legal principles and examining the way that the law has become a means of regulating modern sport at both the professional and amateur levels march 2010 360pp 246x171 mm paperback £23.99 978-0-230-22341-7 available on inspection `this is the strongest sports law textbook i have seen professor richard parrish centre for sports law research edge hill university `the most up to date and serious proposition in the current sports law academic books panorama alfonso valero contents origins and sources of sports law what is sports law domestic and national sports law global and european sports law sports injuries and dangerous sports liability for injuries caused by other participants liability for injuries caused by non-participants violence injuries and the criminal law the legality of

new core statutes publishing in july 2011 clear concise and great value for money 9780230308220 £10.99 9780230308268 £10.99 9780230308251 £12.99 9780230308190 £12.99 9780230308275 £12.99 9780230308237 £12.99 9780230308183 £12.99 9780230308282 £10.99 9780230308244 £10.99 9780230308206 £12.99 9780230308213 £10.99 ideal for exam

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