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macmillan audio november 2012 victory at yorktown a novel newt gingrich and william r forstchen new york times bestselling authors newt gingrich s and william r forstchen s george washington series continues it is 1781 and washington and his army have spent three years in a bitter stalemate engaging in near constant skirmishing against the british the enemy position in new york city is too strong all approaches blocked by the royal navy at last two crucial reports reach washington the first is that the french have briefly committed a fleet to the american coast the second is that british general cornwallis driven to distraction by protracted warfare in the carolinas has withdrawn into yorktown washington decides to embark on one of the most audacious moves in american military history he will force-march nearly his entire army south more than three hundred miles in complete secrecy counting on a blockade of the chesapeake bay by the french navy fall upon cornwallis and capture his

macmillan audio november 2012 demand the impossible conversations on the decline of u.s empire and global democratic uprisings noam chomsky read by the author and david barsamian political science international relations macmillan audio november 2012 9781427225856 $24.99 28.99 can cd-audio carton qty 20 5 cds 7 hours subrights second serial audio book club reprint british translation other available formats trade_paperback isbn 9780805096156 ebook isbn 9780805096163 marketing a compelling new set of interviews on our changing and turbulent times with noam chomsky one of the world s foremost thinkers in this new collection of conversations conducted from 2010 to 2012 noam chomsky explores the most immediate and urgent concerns the future of democracy in the arab world the implications of the fukushima nuclear disaster the european financial crisis the breakdown of american mainstream political institutions and the rise of the occupy movement as always chomsky presents his ideas

macmillan audio october 2012 fourth grave beneath my feet darynda jones read by lorelei king macmillan audio october 2012 9781427225948 $39.99 45.99 can cd-audio carton qty 20 8 cds 9.5 hrs other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250014467 ebook isbn 9781250014474 marketing the fourth in this fun and sexy new york times bestselling paranormal series sometimes being the grim reaper really is that grim and since charley s last case went so awry she has taken a couple months off to wallow in the wonders of self-pity but when a woman shows up on her doorstep convinced someone is trying to kill her charley has to force herself to rise above or at least get dressed she quickly realizes something is amiss when everyone the woman knows swears she s insane the more they refute the woman s story the more charley believes it in the meantime the sexy sultry son of satan reyes farrow has been cleared of all charges he is out of prison and out of charley s life as per her wishes and several

macmillan audio october 2012 howard s gift uncommon wisdom to inspire your life s work eric sinoway biography autobiography business macmillan audio october 2012 9781427226068 $39.99 45.99 can cd-audio carton qty 20 8 cds 9 hrs other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250004246 trade_paperback isbn 9781250005106 ebook isbn 9781250015624 marketing a timeless classic this is a book of head and heart of wisdom and emotion mindy grossman ceo of hsni with forty years at harvard business school howard stevenson is renowned as an entrepreneur and business strategist author philanthropist and professor he has mentored more than ten thousand business founders ceos professionals and top business school faculty around the world written by mentee and successful entrepreneur eric sinoway howard s gift offers stevenson s timeless lessons on life and career full of personal and professional insight this guide presents a series of thirteen strategies that can be applied to professional

macmillan audio november 2012 echo alyson noël juvenile fiction science fiction fantasy magic macmillan audio november 2012 9781427226150 $29.99 34.50 can cd-audio carton qty 20 6.42 w 9.27 h 1.16 t 8 cds 9 hrs other available formats hardcover isbn 9780312664879 trade_paperback isbn 9780312575663 ebook isbn 9781250015785 marketing the second book in the soul seekers series about a girl who can navigate between the worlds of the living and the dead daire santos just saved her grandmother s life and her soul but at a cost the richters a dark family of sorcerers have been let loose in the lowerworld and daire and her boyfriend dace must once again work together to find them before they upset the balance between good and evil and destroy not only their small town in new mexico but the entire world as daire and dace s relationship deepens dace s evil brother cade grows stronger than ever building his power and forcing daire to confront the horrifying prophecy that has brought them

macmillan young listeners september 2012 outpost ann aquirre read by emily bauer juvenile fiction action adventure macmillan young listeners september 2012 9781427226273 $29.99 34.50 can cd-audio carton qty 20 5.50 w 8.50 h 0.57 t 6 cds 7.5 hrs subrights all except uk translation audio editions multimedia versions dramatic adaptations merchandising and commercial graphic novel other available formats hardcover isbn 9780312650094 marketing the freaks from enclave are back and this time they re much smarter in this sequel to enclave ann aguirre ramps up the action and horror if you were scared of the blood-thirsty freaks before brace yourself for this incredible sequel deuce s whole world has changed down below she was considered an adult now topside in a town called salvation she s a brat in need of training in the eyes of the townsfolk she doesn t fit in with the other girls deuce only knows how to fight to make matters worse her hunter partner fade keeps deuce at a distance

macmillan audio october 2012 an irish country wedding patrick taylor read by john keating another heart-warming tale from the new york times bestselling author patrick taylor fiction general macmillan audio october 2012 9781427226396 $39.99 45.99 can cd-audio carton qty 20 6.13 w 9.25 h 0.32 t 8 cds 10 hours other available formats hardcover isbn 9780765332172 trade_paperback isbn 9780765332189 ebook isbn 9781429955713 marketing love is in the air in the colourful ulster village of ballybucklebo where dr fingal flahertie o reilly has finally proposed to the darling of his youth kitty o hallorhan there s a wedding to be planned but before o reilly can make it to the altar he and his young colleague barry laverty m.b must deal with the usual round of eccentric patients and crises both large and small being a g.p in a place like ballybucklebo often means more than simply splinting broken bones and tending to aches and pains it can also mean helping a struggling young couple

macmillan young listeners october 2012 eve and adam katherine applegate and michael grant and girl created boy macmillan young listeners october 2012 9781427226631 $29.99 34.50 can cd-audio carton qty 4.13 w 6.75 h 0.84 t 5 cds 6 hours subrights 1st serial 2nd serial selection uk book club translation graphic book audio non-dramatic readings other available formats hardcover isbn 9780312583514 ebook isbn 9781250026484 marketing the idea was simple revisit the idea of adam and eve with bestselling author and feiwel and friends alum katherine applegate writing the girl s voice and her husband michael grant new york times bestselling author of the gone series writing the boy s none of us were prepared for what happened when they took the idea flipped it on its head and ran with it together this husband and wife team both masters of the genre have created a romantic sci-fi thriller for everyone with strong characters great action and a gripping plot in the beginning there was an

macmillan audio october 2012 the cursing mommy s book of days a novel ian frazier a hilarious and delightfully profane novel about the daily frustrations of family life based on his widely read columns for the new yorker ian frazier s uproarious first novel the cursing mommy s book of days centers on a profoundly memorable character sprung from an impressively fertile imagination structured as a daybook of sorts with the cursing mommy beleaguered wife of larry and mother of two boys twelve and nine trying more or less valiantly to offer tips on how to do various tasks around the home only to end up on the ground cursing surrounded by broken glass her voice is somewhere between phyllis diller s and sylvia plath s a hilariously desperate housewife with a taste for swearing and large glasses of red wine who speaks to the frustrations of everyday life fiction literary macmillan audio october 2012 9781427226976 $29.99 34.50 can cd-audio carton qty 20 6 cds 7 hours subrights brit trans

macmillan young listeners september 2012 safekeeping karen hesse tomorrow everything could change juvenile fiction social issues macmillan young listeners september 2012 9781427227201 $19.99 22.99 can cd-audio carton qty 20 6.13 w 9.25 h 0.68 t 4 cds 4.5 hrs subrights 1st serial 2nd serial selection uk translation audio book clubs non-dramatic readings motion picture and tv game dramatic merchandising and commercial other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250011343 marketing when newbery medalist karen hesse says that she s working on something a little different you take note from the first draft we knew this new direction was also completely brilliant illustrated throughout with her own hauntingly beautiful photographs safekeeping is a vision of a near-future america that only karen could write real gripping and deeply personal radley just wants to get home to her parents in vermont while she was volunteering abroad the american people s party took power the new president

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