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farrar straus

from crewel they came in the night once families fought them neighbors coming to their aid but now that peace has been established and the looms proven girls pray to be retrieved they still come at night but now it s to avoid the masses with eager hands it s a blessing to touch a spinster as she passes that s what they tell us no one knows why some girls have the gift there are theories of course that it s passed down genetically or that girls with an open mind can see the weave of life around them at all times even that it s a gift only given to the pure-hearted but i know better it s a curse i ve trained at night with my parents ever since they realized i had the calling they taught me clumsiness making me fumble until it looked natural when i dropped a bowl or spilled the water jug then we practiced with time my parents encouraging me to take the silky strands deftly into my fingers to twist and tangle them until they were warped and useless in my hands by my sixteenth birthday

september shadow michael morpurgo in this story a dog truly is this boy s best friend author of war horse and a bestselling storyteller michael morpurgo touched our hearts with this beautiful story of a boy his lost dog and the lengths he will go to be reunited this timely story of battle-scarred afghanistan delivers a masterful portrait of war love and friendship with the horrors of war bearing down on them aman and his mother are barely surviving in an afghan cave and staying there any longer will end horribly the only comfort aman has is shadow the loyal spaniel that shows up from places unknown it seems just when aman needs him most aman his mother and shadow finally leave the destroyed cave in hopes of escaping to england but are held at a checkpoint and shadow runs away after being shot at by the police aman and his mother escape without shadow aman is heartbroken just as they are getting settled as free citizens in england they are imprisoned in a camp with locked doors and a

september adventures in cartooning christmas special james sturm alexis frederick-frost and andrew arnold a holiday-themed story about making comics christmas is coming the magic cartooning elf and his friend the knight join forces to make a christmas comic for santa to give to all the boys and girls in the world as with previous installments in the adventures in cartooning series this zany adventure story is seamlessly integrated with nuggets of practical cartooning tips how to write illustrate print and distribute comics it s a terrific holiday gift and after reading it kids will be inspired to make more gifts with comics james sturm is the cofounder and director of the center for cartoon studies on the adventures in cartooning series he is joined by alexis frederick-frost and andrew arnold both graduates of ccs also available middle grade adventures in cartooning 978-1-59643-369-4 tp · $12.99 15.99 can on sale 9/18/2012 full-color graphic novel ages 5­8 · grades p­3 trade

october snowboy 1 2 3 joe wahman illustrated by wendy wahman a wonderful way to welcome winter and practice counting at the same time one snowboy all alone but he s not alone for long join this cheerful snowman for a wintertime counting romp complete with a whole host of animal friends playful rhythms and exuberant illustrations come together to celebrate the wonder of winter praise for a cat like that joe and wendy wahman live in washington state with their two poodles joe learned to count as a boy in indiana he now finds many interesting things to count in the pacific northwest this is his first picture book wendy is the author and illustrator of don t lick the dog making friends with dogs and a cat like that both from henry holt books for young readers cat lovers will be instantly smitten and even those who aren t as immediately enthusiastic may well be won over by this slinky strong-minded creature kirkus reviews the dynamic artwork

roaring brook

1 skellig by david almond july has been designated make a difference in the life of a child month the right book for the right child at the right time always has and always will a few events for july 24 change lives the book of the day is one that can happy birthday amy ehrlich rachel the story of be very powerful when it gets in a child s hands at the right moment however david almond s skellig rachel carson is one that got away from me as a publisher i first it s the birth date of esther averill 1902-1992 saw the manuscript when i was working at houghton mifflin and we had only a few days to decide if the fire cat we wanted to place a bid for the right to publish the it s also the birth date of aviator book as it was being auctioned normally i avoided auctions like the plague but i thought david alamelia earhart 1897-1939 hence mond s skellig one of the most brilliant manuscripts it is amelia earhart day read amelia i had ever read we placed a bid but delacorte won and eleanor go

november the dog whisperer series dog whisperer the ghost nicholas edwards in the third book emily and her dog zack learn they can do more than read each other s minds they can see ghosts from the day emily rescued her dog zack they have always shared a special connection but it s more than special they can read each other s minds and since zack can sense when someone is in danger they ve been using their special power to help save people but now emily and zack have discovered something new they can see ghosts and one ghost in particular needs their help shocked by her new discovery emily is determined to find out who this ghost is and why he is haunting her town helping the ghost will help save someone else but if emily and zack are the only ones who can see the ghost how can they get anyone to believe them will they be able to help in time or will the ghost be doomed to haunt the earth forever praise for dog whisperer i quickly felt the love emily and zack had for each other i look

featured backlist awards and honors alsc notable children s books hidden america is under attack don brownflash point roaring brook press $16.99 18.99 can 978-1-59643-694-7 hc helen frost frances foster books farrar straus giroux $16.99 19.95 can 978-0-374-38221-6 hc won ton lee wardlaw illustrated by eugene yelchin henry holt $16.99 19.50 can 978-0-8050-8995-0 hc yalsa best fiction for young adults enclave hurricane dancers anya s ghost vera brosgol first second books $15.99 18.50 can 978-1-59643-552-0 tp also available in hc margarita engle henry holt $16.99 19.50 can 978-0-8050-9240-0 hc zita the spacegirl grandpa green ben hatke first second $10.99 12.99 can 978-1-59643-446-2 tp also available in hc ann aguirre feiwel and friends $9.99 10.99 978-0-312-55137-7 tp also available in hc dead end in norvelt blizzard of glass sally m walker henry holt $18.99 21.99 can 978-0-8050-8945-5 hc lane smith roaring brook press $16.99 18.99 can 978-1-59643-607-7 hc jack gantos farrar straus

featured backlist all time favorites middle grade masterpiece elise broach $7.99 9.99 can 978-0-312-60870-5 tp also available in hc radiance a riley bloom book the revealers doug wilhelm $7.99 8.99 can 978-0-312-56374-5 tp alyson noël $7.99 8.99 can 978-0-312-62917-5 tp also available in audio cd shakespeare s secret elise broach $5.99 6.99 can 978-0-312-37132-6 tp also available in hc tuck everlasting natalie babbitt $6.99 7.99 can 978-0-312-36981-1 tp also available in hc and spanish edition a wrinkle in time madeleine l engle $6.99 7.99 can 978-0-312-36754-1 tp also available in hc mm and series boxed set young adult the adoration of jenna fox the jenna fox chronicles american born chinese gene luen yang $8.99 9.99 can 978-0-312-38448-7 tp also available in hc and deluxe tp celine brock cole $8.99 11.00 can 978-0-374-41082-7 tp cinder marissa meyer $17.99 19.99 can 978-0-312-64189-4 hc mary e pearson $8.99 9.99 can 978-0-312-59441-1 tp also available in hc and audio cd 170

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