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new media and technology the cultural imaginary of the internet digital skills virtual utopias and dystopias unlocking the information society majid yar university of hull uk contemporary culture offers contradictory views of the internet and new media technologies painting them in extremes of optimistic enthusiasm and pessimistic concern this book explores such representations uncovering the roots of our cultural responses to the internet centred upon a profoundly ambivalent reaction to technological modernity contents 1 unravelling utopias and dystopias 2 the techno-scientific utopias of modernity from real to virtual 3 virtual utopias and the imaginary of the internet 4 the dystopian worlds of techno-science 5 virtual dystopias and the imaginary of the internet 6 beyond virtual utopias and dystopias may 2014 uk may 2014 us 116pp hardback £45.00 $67.50 cn$78.00 canadian rights ebooks available k=9781137436689 jan a g m van dijk university of

gender race and identity adaptation authorship and contemporary women filmmakers shelley cobb university of southampton uk how can a woman filmmaker claim her own authority in this engaging book cobb shows how women directors adapt the figure of the woman writer to negotiate questions of subjectivity desire and control moving adeptly from classics to chick lit from art films to popular cinema cobb weaves these doubly female texts into a productive conversation christine geraghty honorary professorial fellow university of glasgow uk a lively discussion of costume dramas to women s films shelley cobb investigates the practice of adaptation in contemporary films made by women the figure of the woman author comes to the fore as a key site for the representation of women s agency and the authority of the woman filmmaker contents acknowledgements introduction agency adaptation and authorship 1 envisioning judith shakespeare collaboration and the woman author 2 adapt or die the dangers

memory studies state society and memories of the uprising of 17 june 1953 in the gdr memory studies local memories in a nationalizing and globalizing world richard millington university of chester uk edited by marnix beyen university of antwerp belgium brecht deseure vrije universiteit brussel vub belgium in historical studies collective memory is most often viewed as the product of nationalizing strategies carried out by political élites in the hope to create homogeneous nation-states in contrast this book asserts that collective memories develop out of a never-ending triangular negotiation between local national and transnational actors contents 1 introduction local national transnational memories a triangular relationship marnix beyen part i politics of urban memory 2 physical space urban space civic space rotterdam’s inhabitants and their appropriation of the city’s past willem frijhoff 3 politics of street names local national transnational budapest emilia

cultural and media history public discourses of contemporary china american education in popular media the narration of the nation in popular literatures film and television from the blackboard to the silver screen yipeng shen trinity college usa public discourses of contemporary china is an ambitious and illuminating book through fascinating case studies and a rigorous reconceptualization of the relationship between aesthetics and politics shen convincingly shows the persistent centrality of nationalism in china even today and elucidates the ways in which individual subjects both participate in and remake stateinitiated modernization projects through narration and other forms of cultural production it will be an essential read for anyone wishing to understand mass nationalism and the interaction between state and society in postsocialist china tze-lan deborah sang professor of chinese literature visual studies michigan state university usa analyzing contemporary chinese

cultural studies the cultural politics of blood 1500-1900 adorno and performance edited by kimberly anne coles department of english university of maryland usa ralph bauer department of english and comparative literature university of maryland usa zita nunes university of maryland usa carla l peterson department of english university of maryland usa edited by will daddario illinois state university usa karoline gritzner aberystwyth university uk adorno and performance pursues adorno in lifelong performance this is a witty highly informed consistently thoughtful indeed responsible investigation by young intellectuals as well as seasoned scholars all of whom care about—and with pretty much equal concern—history society theater performance subjectivity and human agency adorno speaks to them but what they accomplish by way of adorno is not a mirroring but a critical engagement for reasons that matter the struggle for truths and the need for hope against whatever usually

cultural studies craft and the creative economy the search for meaning in film and television susan luckman university of south australia australia disenchantment at the turn of the millennium craft and the creative economy examines the place of craft and making in the contemporary cultural economy with a distinctive focus on the ways in which this creative sector is growing exponentially as a result of online shopfronts and home-based micro-enterprise mumpreneurialism and downshifting and renewed demand for the handmade marcus maloney monash university australia contents introduction 1 craft revival the post-etsy handmade economy 2 crafts as creative industry 3 material authenticity and the renaissance of the handmade the aura of the analogue or ‘the enchantment of making’ 4 craft micro-enterprise gender and work–life relationships 5 ‘self-making’ and marketing the crafty self 6 craft work and ‘the good life’ creative economic

media cultural and social theory the performing subject in the space of technology bourdieu habitus and social research through the virtual toward the real edited by cristina costa university of strathclyde uk mark murphy university of glasgow uk edited by matthew causey tinity college dublin ireland emma meehan coventry university uk néill o’dwyer trinity college dublin ireland this book reflects on the aftermath of shifts encountered in the maturing of digital culture in areas of critical theory and artistic practices focusing on the awareness that contemporary subjectivity is one that dwells within both the virtual and the real contents introduction ‘in the after-event of the virtual’ matthew causey emma meehan néill o’dwyer part i provocations subjectivity and technology introduction to part i matthew causey emma meehan and néill o’dwyer 1 ‘into the body of another strange couplings and unnatural alliances of harlequin

media cultural and social theory media representations of police and crime shaping the police television drama marianne colbran university of oxford uk this pioneering ethnographic study is the first to analyse the interactions of creative personnel and the political-economic pressures that shape the production of fictional television stories about the police it is a major contribution to the understanding of policing and the media and will be of great value to criminology and to media sociology robert reiner london school of economics uk this unique book explores the social processes which shape fictional representations of police and crime in television dramas exploring ten leading british and european police dramas from the last twentyfive years colbran a former scriptwriter presents a revealing insight into police dramas informed by media and criminological theory contents 1 introduction 2 research methods 3 inside the world of the bill 4 the origins of story ideas 5

ethnography visual culture living with london’s olympics visual culture an ethnography iain lindsay brunel university uk iain lindsay has produced a fascinating study of the london 2012 olympics specifically regarding how the world s biggest mega-event was experienced and endured by its immediate hosts the local people in one of the uk s poorest most ethnically complex and transient areas the book is urban anthropology at its very best richly ethnographic vividly detailed and sharply critical and is essential reading for anyone with an interest in sport mega-events community relations and urban redevelopment richard giulianotti professor of sociology loughborough university uk the quadrennial summer olympic games produces the world s biggest single-city cultural event drawing on ethnographic work around the london 2012 games this book contrasts the rhetoric and reality of megaevent delivery and shows that the notions of beneficial olympic legacies and delivery benefits for