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medieval history the new middle ages series cont the medieval motion picture the politics of adaptation the king’s bishops edited by margitta rouse humboldt-universität zu berlin germany andrew james johnston freie universität berlin germany philipp hinz curator germany “from kurosawa’s ran to hbo’s game of thrones the essays in this theoretically sophisticated volume reveal the complex dialogic interplay of pre-modern and postmodern temporalities.” richard utz chair and professor in the school of literature media and communication georgia institute of technology usa the politics of patronage in england and normandy 1066-1216 everett u crosby university of virginia usa this is the first detailed comparative study of patronage as an instrument of power in the relations between kings and bishops in england and normandy after the conquest esteemed medievalist everett u crosby considers new perspectives of medieval statebuilding and the vexed

medieval history women rank and marriage in the british aristocracy 1485-2000 imagining european unity since 1000 ad an open elite european unity is a dream that has appealed to the imagination since the middle ages its motives have varied from a longing for peace to a deep-rooted abhorrence of diversity as well as a yearning to maintain europe’s colonial dominance this book offers a multifaceted history that takes in account the european imagination in a global context patrick pasture university of leuven belgium kimberly schutte suny usa through an analysis of the marriage patterns of thousands of aristocratic women as well as an examination of diaries letters and memoirs this book demonstrates that the sense of rank identity as manifested in these women’s marriages remained remarkably stable for centuries until it was finally shattered by the first world war contents introduction prologue identity and rank part i the statistical side of the story 1 the basic

medieval literature contested language in malory’s morte darthur arthurian and courtly cultures series the politics of romance in fifteenth-century england mapping malory regional identities and national geographies in le morte darthur dorsey armstrong purdue university usa kenneth hodges university of oklahoma usa “by tracking the complex ways that questions of space and geography inform le morte darthur dorsey armstrong and kenneth hodges have generated a striking reassessment of malory’s great work gracefully written amply researched and persuasively argued mapping malory regional identities and national geographies in le morte darthur should be on the reading list of anyone seeking a fuller understanding of arthurian literature.” kathy lavezzo associate professor of english the university of iowa usa medievalists are increasingly grappling with spatial studies this timely book argues that geography is a crucial element in sir thomas malory’s morte

medieval literature the new middle ages series cont wales and the medieval colonial imagination marking maternity in middle english romance mothers identity and contamination angela florschuetz trinity university usa the matters of britain in the twelfth century michael a faletra reed college usa “faletra has composed an ambitious and challenging account dedicated to the proposition that the complex representation of wales in medieval literature should matter to everyone interested in the development of medieval european culture placing the work of geoffrey of monmouth at the heart of his narrative faletra traces the resonances of geoffrey’s work in a variety of french and latin texts from the twelfth century as well as considering the contact of welsh literature with these other british and french traditions.” simon meechamjones affiliated lecturer for the english faculty university of cambridge uk focusing on works by some of the major literary figures of the

medieval literature book destruction from the medieval to the contemporary early modern literature in history series edited by gillian partington birkbeck college university of london uk adam smyth birkbeck college university of london uk this rich and varied collection of essays by scholars and interviews with artists approaches the fraught topic of book destruction from a new angle setting out an alternative history of the cutting burning pulping defacing and tearing of books from the medieval period to our own age contents list of illustrations notes on the contributors introduction adam smyth and gill partington part i burning 1 burning sex subjects books homophobia and the nazi destruction of the institute of sexual sciences in berlin heike bauer 2 burning to read ben jonson’s library fire of 1623 adam smyth part ii mutilating 3 from books to skoob or media theory with a circular saw gill partington 4 the complete works of franz kafka burned [interview ross

medieval literature the return of theory in early modern english studies volume ii the humanities higher education and academic freedom edited by paul cefalu lafayette college usa gary kuchar university of victoria canada bryan reynolds university of california usa three necessary arguments this companion volume to the return of theory in early modern english studies tarrying with the subjunctive exemplifies the new directions in which the field is going as well as the value of crossing disciplinary boundaries within and beyond the humanities topics studied include posthumanism ecological studies and historical phenomenology contents acknowledgements notes on the contributors introduction part i posthumanism 1 it’s for you or the tele-t/r/opical post-human julian yates 2 margaret cavendish and the creation publishing and empowering of subjectivity in the blazing world dan mills 3 the bee and the sovereign ii segments swarms and the early modern multitude joseph campana

medieval performing arts vol i editing performance texts vol ii performing environments new practices in medieval and early modern english drama edited by jacqueline jenkins university of calgary canada julie sanders university of nottingham uk susan bennett university of calgary canada mary polito university of calgary canada editing performance texts “the essays in this volume offer readers a diverse array of critical approaches that challenge our definitions of and processes for editing dramatic work the collection showcases innovative methodologies related to editing practices making it tremendously valuable to scholars editors theatre artists and educators alike.” jill stevenson marymount manhattan college usa performing environments “this impressive volume makes an important contribution to critical work on memory history and performing environments in the medieval and early modern periods the essays interrogate the volume’s theme from a range of

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