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middle east history terrorist s creed fanatical violence and the human need for meaning roger griffin oxford brookes university uk a nuanced analysis that is at once philosophical psychological political and historical griffin s work makes an important contribution to the field -christina hellmich university of reading times higher education a compelling historical and political overview of ideologically driven terrorist violence any psychologist interested in terrorism and violence should read griffin s book the psychologist terrorist s creed casts a penetrating beam of empathetic understanding into the disturbing and murky psychological world of fanatical violence explaining how the fanaticism it demands stems from the profoundly human need to imbue existence with meaning and transcendence contents acknowledgments introduction the liquid fear of terrorism terrorism as zealotry defending the nomos modernist terrorism creating the nomos the metapolitics of terrorism in

middle east history military intervention and a crisis democracy in turkey the menderes era and its demise mogens pelt university of copenhagen denmark this unique exploration of the menderes period sheds new light on the shaping of post-war turkey and will be vital for those researching the turkish republic and the influence of the military in its destiny contents introduction the democratic party versus the heirs to the one-party regime the democratic party the kemalist revolution and the ottoman past challenges to the one-party regime menderes and counter-kemalist currents the kemalists hit back the military versus the democratic party and the role of chp the military and menderes the 27 may coup d état and military regime transition from military regime to civilian government national and regional politics in an international context searching for a place among the nations turkey s regional relations turkey and the cold war in the middle east conclusion and

middle east politics democracy human rights and law in islamic thought mohammed abed al-jabri mohammed v university morocco mohammad abed al-jabri is one of the most influential political philosophers in the contemporary middle east a critical rationalist in the tradition of avincenna and averroes he emphasizes the distinctive political and cultural heritage of the arab world whilst rejecting the philosophical discourses that have been used to obscure its democratic deficit this volume introduces an english-language audience for the first time to writings that have had a major impact on arab political thought contents introduction part one question of religion and the state religion and the state in traditional authority execution of judgments the caliphate and the balance of power the caliphate constitutional flaws the ideology of power and islamic ethics ii religion and state in the renaissance referential authority the necessity of avoiding provincial problems sectarianism

middle east politics science and innovations in iran development progress and challenges edited by abdol s soofi university of wisconsinplatteville usa sepehr ghazinoory tarbiat modares university iran this comprehensive work examines the iranian government s mobilization of resources to develop science and technology presenting an overview of the structure dynamics and outcomes of the government s science and technology policies authors are leaders in the industries they discuss and offer an unparalleled look into iran s technology sector contents preface h.m.doostdar introduction a.s.soofi s.ghazinoory history of science in iran from a physicist s perspective r.mansouri from developing a higher education system to moving toward a knowledge based economy a short history of three decades of sti policy in iran m.goodarzi s.ghazinoori national innovation system of iran a functional institutional analysis a.s.soofi s.ghazinoory s.farnoodi information and communication technology

middle east politics the emergence of modern istanbul transformation and modernisation of a city murat gül university of sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina in its transition from eighteenth century capital of the ottoman empire to economic powerhouse of the turkish republic the city of istanbul has been transformed beyond recognition using newly released archive sources murat gül charts the urban transformation of istanbul during the late ottoman early republican and the democrat party periods of turkish history after the establishment of the republic turkey increasingly turned to the west for ideas about how to develop a modern culture particularly in its most populous city istanbul became a forum for the different regimes to display their political ideological and social policies in the context of the built environment instilling religion in greek and turkish nationalism a sacred synthesis ioannis n grigoriadis bilkent university turkey `this inspiring comparative case study is not

middle east politics secret war in the middle east the covert struggle for syria 1949-1961 andrew rathmell university of exeter uk covert action and terrorism have played major roles in the policies of the middle east it is impossible to comprehend the intricacies of regional politics without an understanding of the covert machinations that lie beneath the surface this work is an in-depth study of syrian politics and foreign relations between 1949 and 1961 topics covered include the role of foreign governments in manipulating syria s numerous military coups the covert struggle to remove adib al-shishakli the conflicts in the late 1950s between syrian politicians and officers the consolidation of power in syria by chief abd al-hamid sarraj and his covert battles with lebanon jordan and iraq from 1957 onwards contents acknowledgements a note on transliteration abbreviations preface to the paperback edition introduction syria in its environment coups and covert action the shiskali

middle east media cultural studies egyptian revolution 2.0 political blogging civic engagement and citizen journalism mohammed el-nawawy knight school of communication queens university of charlotte usa sahar khamis university of maryland college park usa egyptian revolution 2.0 sheds light on the growing phenomenon of cyberactivism in the arab world with a special focus on the egyptian political blogosphere and its role in paving the way to democratization and sociopolitical change in egypt which culminated in egypt s historical popular revolution contents acknowledgements preface blogging as cyberactivism introductory themes political blogging re envisioning civic engagement and citizen journalism the arab political blogosphere the case of egypt blogging on violations of human rights and limitations on freedom blogging on governmental corruption the future of political blogging in egypt looking ahead references may 2013 us £60.00 $90.00 cn$104.00 ebooks available

middle east religion wahhabism in tribal arabia politics power and religion in the rise of al-saud tarik firro ben-gurion university israel firro offers insight into the arabian tribal system and the relationship between the ruling princes such as turki ibn `abdallah ibn saud and his son faysal ibn turki with the ulama such as the al-shaykh family contents introduction the foundation of wahhabiyya and the tribal society wahhabiyya in tribal society wahhabiyya facing internal and external challenges animating the wahhabi spark al al-shaykh s circle under faysal and his successors takfir in wahhabiyya thought and practice epilogue religion and state in islam and the saudi-wahhabi case sexuality in muslim contexts restrictions and resistance edited by anissa hélie john jay college of criminal justice usa homa hoodfar concordia university canada this insightful collection shows that conservative muslim discourse does not necessarily match practices and that women s empowerment is

middle east sociology psychoanalysis and social involvement interpretation and action uri hadar tel aviv university israel psychoanalysis and social involvement offers a manifesto for community mental health weaving as it does between the freeing of the individual and the freeing of community it discusses the related issues on many levels from the most abstract to the most practical and achieves both a unity of perspective and a diversity of interests at times it creates powerful insights while at others it engages gripping life stories uri hadar s sense of justice is refreshing and his book should be read by all those who care for the mental health of individuals and society especially in israel and palestine eyad sarraj gaza community mental health program psychoanalysis and social involvement considers psychoanalysis as an ethical enterprise both on the level of the individual in analytic psychotherapy and on the level of society in the global struggle for human and civil rights