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middle east politics democracy human rights and law in islamic thought mohammed abed al-jabri mohammed v university morocco mohammad abed al-jabri is one of the most influential political philosophers in the contemporary middle east a critical rationalist in the tradition of avincenna and averroes he emphasizes the distinctive political and cultural heritage of the arab world whilst rejecting the philosophical discourses that have been used to obscure its democratic deficit this volume introduces an english-language audience for the first time to writings that have had a major impact on arab political thought contents introduction part one question of religion and the state religion and the state in traditional authority execution of judgments the caliphate and the balance of power the caliphate constitutional flaws the ideology of power and islamic ethics ii religion and state in the renaissance referential authority the necessity of avoiding provincial problems sectarianism and democracy democracy and rationality substitute for `secularism religion politics and civil war part two the question of applying shari ah awakening and innovation traditionalism salafiyyah or the historical experience of the nation extremism right and left extremism in creed and shari ah towards a new ijtihad the rationality of shari ah judgments judgments and dependence every age has its own needs avoid penalty by benefit of doubt on the `full application of shari ah december 2013 us 264pp paperback published by i b tauris canadian rights collaborative colonialism the political economy of oil in the persian gulf hossein askari george washington university usa askari analyses how oil has affected governance and human political and economic development in the countries of the persian gulf and shaped these countries relations with the rest of the world contents the evolving role of oil in the persian gulf before oil political and economic conditions in the persian gulf oil discovery and production in the persian gulf 19001945 oil the early years opec and its empowerment 1945-1979 oil the turbulent years 1979-2001 oil the most recent years 2001-2013 the political economy of oil and transition to oil-less economies oil islam ownership and institutions oil foreign interference oil the fallout in the persian gulf after oil transition to oil-less economies conclusion september 2013 ukseptember 2013 us 224pp 6 figures 11 b/w tables hardback £57.50 $90.00 cn$104.00 canadian rights 9781137353764 $29.50 cn$34.00 9781780766508 conflicts in the persian gulf origins and evolution 2012 yearbook on peace processes vicenç fisas armengol autonomous university of barcelona spain 2012 yeabook on peace processes covers and analyses all ongoing peace negotiations in the world it does so through a comprehensive approach to each process that includes in-depth historical backgrounds and annual assessments its broad scope reaches exploratory and formalized phases of dialogue the majority of the negotiations analyzed refer to ongoing armed conflicts although negotiations related to unsolved conflicts that are no longer in phases of open war are also included the 2012 yearbook on peace processes also includes an assessment of witnesses and overseers in peace negotiations due to its scope and approach the yearbook is a reliable and useful source for practitioners experts and students of peace and conflict worldwide contents glossary introduction definitions and typologies usual phases in negotiation processes main conclusions of the year the peace processes in 2011 conflicts and peace processes at the end of 2011 main reasons for crises in the negotiations this year the temperature of peace in 2011 the conflicts and peace processes in recent years witnesses in peace negotiations ddrs in 2011 analyses by continent africa latin america asia and pacific europe middle east israel-palestine appendixes november 2012 us 232pp 106 tables 22 diagrams paperback$40.00 published by pluto press hossein askari george washington university usa this title analyzes the origins of conflicts and wars in the persian gulf assesses the common factors that have been their essential fuel determines their fallout for the political economic and human development of the region and provides insight into how they may be better contained contents foreword ahmad ghoreishi catalogue of persian gulf conflicts sectarian and religious disputes ethnic and tribal disputes territorial and resource oil natural gas water disputes the impact of governance underdevelopment deprivation and injustice the impact of foreigners the fallout the evolution islam and reconciliation conclusion november 2013 uk 256pp hardback canadian rights november 2013 us 5 figures 2 b/w tables £57.50 $90.00 cn$104.00 9781137358370 alternative energy in the middle east gawdat bahgat national defense university usa gawdat bahgat examines alternative energy renewable and nuclear in the middle east these largely under-utilized resources represent tremendous economic and environmental opportunities contents introduction morocco egypt israel saudi arabia united arab emirates iran conclusion 9788498884272 energy climate and the environment august 2013 ukaugust 2013 us 208pp 6 maps 3 b/w tables hardback £57.50 $85.00 cn$98.00 canadian rights ebooks available 9781137264572 click on the regional link to view more product information or to buy 21