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middle east politics science and innovations in iran development progress and challenges edited by abdol s soofi university of wisconsinplatteville usa sepehr ghazinoory tarbiat modares university iran this comprehensive work examines the iranian government s mobilization of resources to develop science and technology presenting an overview of the structure dynamics and outcomes of the government s science and technology policies authors are leaders in the industries they discuss and offer an unparalleled look into iran s technology sector contents preface h.m.doostdar introduction a.s.soofi s.ghazinoory history of science in iran from a physicist s perspective r.mansouri from developing a higher education system to moving toward a knowledge based economy a short history of three decades of sti policy in iran m.goodarzi s.ghazinoori national innovation system of iran a functional institutional analysis a.s.soofi s.ghazinoory s.farnoodi information and communication technology between a rock and a hard place of domestic and international pressures s.ghazinoory r.jamali nanotechnology new horizons approaches and challenges f.s.yazdi m.a.b.zarj biotechnology in iran a study of the structure and functions of the technology innovation system t.miremadi nuclear technology progress in the midst of severest sanctions b.soltani m.shaverdi iran s aerospace technology p.tarikhi m.abbassi m.ashrafi automotive industry new trends approaches and challenges m.manteghi concluding remarks s.ghazinoory a.s.soofi january 2013 uk 274pp hardback canadian rights january 2013 us 14 b/w tables 3 figures £57.50 $90.00 cn$104.00 ebooks available khatami s iran the islamic republic and the turbulent path to reform ghoncheh tazmini ravand institute for economic and international studies iran all eyes are on iran and one man has emerged pivotal to the country s future direction mohammad khatami not only his politics but his entire persona stand in stark contrast to his political rival mahmoud ahmadinejad whose four-year presidency has proved so fatefully controversial for iran when mohammed khatami stormed to his 1997 election victory in a landslide result the world waited anxiously for the reforms and radical changes that he would bring to the iranian presidency by the end of his term in 2005 general disillusion had spread among his supporters but when in early 2009 khatami again announced his candidacy for the presidency he was greeted with massive enthusiasm and support contents modernity modernisation and reform the man behind the movement the ideas behind reform the khatami way from slogan to practice unveiling iran s iron curtain reform meets reaction khatami s revolution and beyond conclusion june 2013 us 240pp paperback published by i b tauris canadian rights $28.00 cn$32.00 9781848851825 9781137030092 saudi arabia and iran the syria-iran axis cultural diplomacy and international relations in the middle east nadia von maltzahn university of oxford uk since the iranian revolution of 1979 the close alliance between syria and iran has endured for over three decades based on geopolitical interests between the two states and often framed in the language of resistance in view of their strong relationship at a state-level what have syria and iran each been doing to foster popular exchange and employ cultural tools to build an image in the other country the syria-iran axis examines the motivations content and reach of cultural diplomacy between syria and iran to determine to what degree the two partners have been successful in bridging their world views and political outlooks contents introduction the role of culture in foreign policy historical backdrop an overview of syrian-iranian relations policy and values pre-1979 cultural diplomacy and post-1979 foundations iran s cultural diplomacy in syria syria s cultural diplomacy in iran students fostering the bonds of the future religious tourism the blessedness of cultural ties conclusion cultural diplomacy soft power and the syria-iran axis soft power rivalry in the middle east simon mabon university of leeds uk simon mabon examines the different identity groups within saudi arabia and iran made up of various religions ethnicities and tribal groupings proposing that internal insecurity has an enormous impact on the wider ideological and geopolitical competition between the two with analysis of this heated and often uneasy relationship and its impact on the wider middle east this book is vital for those researching international relations and diplomacy in the region contents introduction 1 the middle east in international relations 2 arabian gulf vs persian gulf 3 history politics and narratives of state-building 4 religious incongruence 5 ethno-tribal incongruence 6 the response of the state 7 internal-external security dilemmas conclusion library of modern middle east studies july 2013 us 288pp hardback published by i b tauris canadian rights $95.00 cn$109.00 9781780763118 library of modern middle east studies july 2013 us 272pp hardback published by i b tauris canadian rights $90.00 cn$104.00 9781780765372 click on the regional link to view more product information or to buy 27