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anthropology • banking and finance anthropology banking and finance the validation of risk models scandizzo the validation of risk models the validation of risk models scandizzo a handbook for practitioners palgrave pivot textbook talk about prayer managing your money an ethnographic commentary a practical guide to personal finance johannes fabian university of amsterdam the netherlands tony boczko hull university business school uk talk about prayer is an experiment in writing ethnography a commentary on a conversation with mama régine tshitanda the leader of a charismatic prayer group groupe de prière in lubumbashi katanga democratic republic of the congo and members of her family in 1986 with student debt now at record levels and people of all ages struggling to meet personal financial commitments this text gives a simple and practical framework within which to make sound financial decisions contents 1.into the past global charismatic renewal and local survival 2.back

business and management palgrave pivot post-materialist business spiritual value-orientation in renewing management business and management marketing and branding more than a showroom crafting sustainable wine businesses strategies for winning back online shoppers concepts and cases laszlo zsolnai business ethics center corvinus university of budapest hungary post-materialist business presents a spiritual-based approach to business and management it uses pluralistic view of spirituality and provides a number of inspiring cases of alternative organizations which go beyond the materialistic mindset of business and serve the common good of society nature and future generations contents preface acknowledgements list of tables 1 the fallacy of materialistic management 1.1 malfunctioning business 1.2 the flaws of rationality 1.3 problems with the profit-principle 2 the promise of spiritual-based management 2.1 spiritually and business 2.2 human reason in economic action 2.3 the

culture and media • economics new in paperback textbook media communication textbook an introduction to theory and process old and new media after katrina “hurricane katrina left an indelible footprint not only on the city of new orleans the infrastructure of its culture and the ecosystem of the louisiana coast but also on a vast spectrum of american cultural narratives and on the media that proliferate them magnificently assembled and superbly edited the essays in old and new media after katrina maintain the perfect intellectual pitch and stylistic tone lisa nakamura university of illinois urbana champaign usa on the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina this book examines the television coverage of september 2005 and the manifestation of its legacy in a range of other media forms contents introduction old and new media after katrina d.negra the big apple the big easy articulating proximity and disaster in visual culture j.v.fuqua discovery channel’s

education palgrave pivot palgrave pivot philosophies of environmental education and democracy adult literacy policy and practice from intrinsic values to instrumentalism harris dewey and bateson on human freedoms in nature joseph watras university of dayton usa the project examines how three prominent philosophers of education william torrey harris john dewey and gregory bateson each developed a world view that provides a philosophical basis for environmental education contents 1 defining the task 2 developing freedom within social institutions-the ideas of william torrey harris and the st louis hegelians 3 pragmatism and ecological conservation-the ideas of john dewey 4 science imagination and the environmental movement-gregory bateson’s views 5 where do we go from here september 2015 hardback 110pp £45.00 216x138mm 9781137484208 the cultural and social foundations of education series edited by a g rud k=9781137484208 palgrave pivot gordon

history new in paperback the making of europe’s critical infrastructure common connections and shared vulnerabilities edited by per högselius royal institute of technology sweden anique hommels maastricht university the netherlands arne kaijser royal institute of technology sweden erik van der vleuten school of innovation sciences eindhoven university of technology the netherlands europe’s critical infrastructure is a key concern to policymakers ngos companies and citizens today this book argues that present-day infrastructure vulnerabilities resulted from choices of infrastructure builders in the past contents general introduction 1 europe’s critical infrastructure and its vulnerabilities promises problems paradoxes erik van der vleuten per högselius anique hommels and arne kaijser part i connecting a continent part ii negotiating neighbours part iii coping with complexity bibliography index january 2016 328pp 13 b/w tables 26 b/w photos paperback

literature literature literary theory lucretius and modernity epicurean encounters across time and disciplines edited by jacques lezra new york university usa liza blake university of toronto canada lucretius’s shadow is long and extends across the humanities bringing together essays by scholars at the top of their field this book examines the relationship between lucretius and modernity nuanced and passionate these essays offer an account of what is at stake when we claim lucretius for modernity contents introduction jacques lezra and liza blake part i what is modern about lucretius 1 michel serres’ nonmodern lucretius manifold reason and the temporality of reception brooke holmes 2 lucretius and the symptomatology of modernism joseph farrell 3 lucretius the physicist and modern science david konstan part ii what is lucretian about modernity 4 the presence of lucretius in eighteenth-century french and german philosophy catherine wilson 5 epicureanism across the

politics new in paperback the scottish nation at empire’s end bryan glass texas state university usa using a striking range of sources and archives including oral evidence glass ranges widely over the reactions of scottish business the unions the church the newspapers that were in many homes and the schools the result is a book which should take its place as a truly significant work about the important domestic dimensions of imperial history it should be read by all scholars students and members of the general public interested in this key field for understanding modern british history john m mackenzie emeritus professor of imperial history lancaster university honorary professor university of st andrews the rise and fall of the british empire profoundly shaped the history of modern scotland and the identity of its people by examining the opinions of scots towards the empire from numerous professional and personal backgrounds scotland emerges as a nation inextricably linked

politics climate change and american foreign policy edited by paul g harris hong kong institute of education this book’s diverse investigations into the reasons for the slow pace of the american policy response to the climate problem also show the possibilities and limits of various theoretical approaches to policy analysis given the importance of climate change issues and the obvious need for a constructive american policy this book is a timely contribution that will stimulate scholarly discussion about both pressing practical policy matters as well as the current conceptual questions in studying international environmental policymaking simon dalby carleton university ottawa climate change and american foreign policy examines the actors institutions and ideas shaping u.s policy on climate change global warming the book begins by introducing the issue of climate change in the context of u.s foreign policy before critically evaluating u.s policies and actions contents 1

sociology sociology new in paperback telecare technologies and the transformation of healthcare palgrave pivot inquiring into animal enhancement nelly oudshoorn university of twente the netherlands model or countermodel of human enhancement edited by simone bateman centre national de la recherche scientifique france jean gayon université paris 1 panthéonsorbonne france sylvie allouche université catholique de lyon france jérôme goffette université cl bernard lyon 1 france michela marzano université paris descartes france this book explores issues raised by past and present practices of animal enhancement in terms of their means and their goals clarifies conceptual issues and identifies lessons that can be learned about enhancement practices as they concern both animals and humans contents introduction simone bateman jean gayon sylvie allouche jérôme goffette and michela marzano 1 animal enhancement technovisionary paternalism and the colonisation of nature

index collins neubauer redefining asia pacific higher education in contexts of globalization 25 dead white men and other important people bancroft fevre 67 energy policy of the european union schubert pollak kreutler 49 comer fundamentals of abnormal psychology 60 debating race in contemporary india mcduie-ra 57 enos service-learning and social entrepreneurship in higher education 24 comparative government and politics hague harrop mccormick 55 deery consuming reality 18 entrepreneurship and small business burns 7 consuming reality deery 18 deixis in the early modern english lyric dubrow 41 environmental governance in latin america de castro hogenboom baud 53 20 delreux happaerts environmental policy and politics in the european union 49 democratizing europe vauchez 48 environmental policy and politics in the european union delreux happaerts 49 deplato american presidential power and the war on terror epistemology pritchard 45 57 dickens ormrod the palgrave handbook of society culture

women in business sharing the insights and knowledge of women in the professional world available available available november 2015 december 2015 october 2015 available december 2015 9781137478931 hb £29.99 240pp 9781137475015 hb £21.99 208pp 9781137476548 hb £22.00 208pp 9781137451422 hb £29.99 288pp learn more at or follow us on twitter @palgravebiz isbn