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october marketing · lego® ninjago is papercutz s biggest launch ever with an initial print run of 190,000 for the first volume the challenge of samukai · lego ninjago has quickly become one of the lego group s most popular product lines rapidly selling out at toys r us when introduced in january 2011 · the product line has since expanded to include guidebooks trading cards chapter books from scholastic and video games from warner bros games · lego ninjago apps for the iphone and ipad launched in august 2011 · all-new animated series debuted on cartoon network in december 2011 · ages 6 to 11 pleasingly lively and polished art that reproduces the figural forms of lego bodies with great accuracy even as it imbues their plastic faces with emotional expressiveness ­ booklist © 2011 the lego group all rights reserved lego ninjago graphic novels #5 kingdom of the snakes greg farshtey writer ® not final art new september lego ninjago graphic novels #1-3 boxed set $19.99

october marketing · the three stooges have always been popular in comics having appeared in series from st john s publications dell comics gold key comics eclipse comics and most recently malibu comics the three stooges® is a registered trademark of c3 entertainment inc the three stooges® characters names likenesses and all related indicia are trademarks and property of c3 entertainment inc © 2012 c3 entertainment inc all rights reserved · these are classic comics a category that is a perennial favorite especially with libraries · all ages also available the best of the three stooges comicbooks graphic novels #2 norman maurer writer presenting the three stooges classic comics for an all new audience originally published in the 50 s 60 s and 70 s these comics find moe larry and curly and sometimes shemp in a variety of zany situations that are just as funny today as they were when they first appeared paper over board $19.99 22.99 can 7 x 10 full-color 192 pages isbn

october monster graphic novels #4 monster turkey lewis trondheim writer and artist paper over board $9.99 10.99 can 8 x 10 full-color 32 pages isbn 978-1-59707-349-3 the fourth volume in louis trondheim s series about the almost normal adventures of an almost ordinary family with a pet monster petey and jean along with their parents and pet monster kriss go on vacation in the countryside things quickly spiral out of control when the family is besieged by animals that have been transformed into giant monsters from giant man-eating rabbits to hostage-taking cows this is the zaniest volume of monster yet ©guy delcourt productions all rights reserved classics illustrated deluxe #9 a christmas carol and mugby junction by charles dickens · adapted by rodolphe writer estelle meyrand artist you may know the ghosts of christmas past present and future from charles dickens s beloved tale a christmas carol but did you know this is not his only ghost story this edition of classics

october marketing · papercutz has sold over 600,000 geronimo stilton graphic novels worldwide selling over 250,000 copies in the us alone · with over 40 chapter books already published in the united states for over 9 years this series has proven very popular with a built-in audience · the graphic novels are all-new geronimo stilton stories never before seen in the us · over 16 million scholastic chapter books sold to date in north america alone · ages 6 to 11 · see backlist on page 20 © atlantyca s.p.a all rights reserved not final art geronimo stilton graphic novels #11 we ll always have paris by geronimo stilton what s geronimo to do in order to prevent the pirate cats from turning the almost-complete eiffel tower into a gigantic monument to catardone s already monumental ego no matter what the answer this is a mission that will require the scientific expertise of ampy von volt as geronimo takes to the skies in this new high-flying adventure set in late 19th century paris

december sybil the backpack fairy graphic novels #3 aithor paper over board michel rodrigue writer antonello dalena and manuela razzi artists $11.99 13.99 can 6 ½ x 9 full-color 48 pages isbn 978-1-59707-369-1 having a fairy friend can be fun but it s not easy when nina first met the fairy sybil and her companion pandigole she had no idea the fate of the world would end up resting in her hands after her defeat in sybil the backpack fairy #2 the black fairy amanite has teamed up with the king of evil aithor planning to destroy the trees of life that are found throughout the world of the fairies if these trees are destroyed not only will the fairy world fall but the world of humans as well in response the king and queen of the fairies charge sybil and nina with the task of stopping aithor and amanite as nina gets closer to discovering the truth behind a mysterious prophecy that seems to foretell her future © dargaud-lombard s.a all rights reserved marketing · kids can relate to

monster graphic novels 8 x 10 32 pages full-color paper over board only $9.99 10.99 canada lewis trondheim ­ writer and artist monster christmas isbn 978-1-59707-288-5 monster mess isbn 978-1-59707-294-6 monster dinosaur isbn 978-1-59707-322-6 backlist © 2011 bamboo edition all rights reserved dance class graphic novels 6½ x 9 56 pages full-color paper over board only $9.99 11.99 canada except #6 and 7 $10.99 canada #1 so you think you can hip-hop isbn 978-1-59707-254-0 #2 romeo and juliets isbn 978-1-59707-317-2 15 ©guy delcourt productions all rights

boxed sets the hardy boys graphic novels #1-4 boxed set 5 x 7 ½ 400 pages fullcolor $29.95 32.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-040-9 the hardy boys graphic novels #13-16 boxed set 5 x 7 ½ 384 pages fullcolor $29.95 38.00 canada isbn 978-1-59707-173-4 the hardy boys graphic novels #5-8 boxed set osi the hardy boys graphic novels #9-12 boxed set osi 5 x 7 ½ 384 pages full-color $29.99 34.50 canada isbn 978-1-59707-210-6 the hardy boys graphic novels #17-20 boxed set nancy drew graphic novels #13-16 boxed set nancy drew graphic novels #1-4 boxed set 5 x 7 ½ 400 pages full-color $29.95 38.00 canada isbn 978-1-59707-174-1 5 x 7 ½ 400 pages full-color $29.95 35.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-038-6 nancy drew graphic novels #5-8 boxed set 5 x 7 ½ 432 pages full-color $29.95 35.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-074-4 5 x 7 ½ 480 pages full-color $39.99 45.99 canada isbn 978-1-59707-211-3 nancy drew graphic novels #17-21 boxed set nancy drew graphic novels #9-12 boxed set osi the new case files graphic

backlist geronimo stilton graphic novels 6½ x 9 56 pages full-color paper over board only $9.99 11.99 canada except #6 and 7 $10.99 canada #1 the discovery of america isbn 978-1-59707-158-1 #2 the secret of the sphinx isbn 978-1-59707-159-8 #3 the coliseum con isbn 978-1-59707-172-7 #4 following the trail of marco polo isbn 978-1-59707-188-8 #5 the great ice age isbn 978-1-59707-202-1 tm all-new full-color graphic novel #6 who stole the mona lisa isbn 978-1-59707-221-2 #7 dinosaurs in action isbn 978-1-59707-239-7 #8 play it again mozart isbn 978-1-59707-276-2 #9 the weird book machine isbn 978-1-59707-295-3 #10 geronimo stilton saves the olympics isbn 978-1-59707-317-2 tm boxed sets available graphic novels #1-3 isbn 978-1-59707-231-1 6½ x 9 168 pages full-color $29.99 35.99 canada graphic novels #4-6 isbn 978-1-59707-271-7 geronimo stilton © atlantyca s.p.a all rights reserved

tales from the crypt graphic novels by marc bilgrey jared gniewek ari kaplan john l lansdale joe r lansdale scott lobdell don mcgregor stefan petrucha jim salicrup mort todd fred van lente writers backlist 5 x 7 ½ 96-112 pages full-color except #9 6 x 9 64 pages full-color ages 10 miran kim steve mannion mr exes chris noeth rick parker mort todd sho murase james romberger christian zanier artists #1 ghouls gone wild paperback $7.95 8.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-082-9 hardcover $12.95 15.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-083-6 #7 witchman orsomething wicca this way comes paperback $7.95 8.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-150-5 hardcover $12.95 14.50 canada isbn 978-1-59707-151-2 cryptgn05pbcov.qxd:hb8pbcov.qxd 10/23/08 1:36 pm #2 can you fear me now paperback $7.95 8.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-084-3 hardcover $12.95 14.95 canada isbn 978-1-59707-085-0 0 75,00 #8 diary of a stinky sold dead kid hell hath no fury page 1 all-new stories full-color graphic novel tm #3 zombielicious like a

classics illustrated deluxe graphic novels #5 treasure island by robert louis stevenson adapted by david chauvel 6½ x 9 full-color 144 pages except #6 192pp and #8 240 pp and fred simon pb isbn 978-1-59707-184-0 paperback $13.95 15.50 can $13.99 16.99 can paper over board $17.95 19.95 can pob isbn 978-1-59707-185-7 $17.99 21.99 can except where noted #6 the three musketeers #1 the wind in the willows by alexandre dumas by kenneth grahame adapted by jean david morvan adapted by michel plessix michel dufranne and rubén pb isbn 978-1-59707-096-6 pb isbn 978-1-59707-252-6 pob isbn 978-1-59707-095-9 $16.99 19.50 can #2 tales from the brothers pob isbn 978-1-59707-253-3 grimm $21.99 24.99 can it s tom sawyer as you ve never seen him before ­ manga style adapted by mazan cecile #7 around the chicault and philip petit world in 80 days pb isbn 978-1-59707-100-0 by jules verne pob isbn 978-1-59707-101-7 adapted by loïc dauvillier and #3 frankenstein aude soleilhac by mary

backlist papercutz slices graphic novels 6 x 9 64 pages full-color pb $6.99 7.99 can pob $10.99 12.50 can maia kinney-petrucha margo kinney-petrucha and stefan petrucha writers rick parker artist ages 10 #1 harry potty and the deathly boring isbn 978-1-59707-217-5 pb isbn 978-1-59707-218-2 pob #2 breaking down ages 14 isbn 978-1-59707-244-1 pb isbn 978-1-59707-245-8 pob © stefan petrucha and barking dog studios #3 percy jerkson and the ovolactovegetarians isbn 978-1-59707-264-9 pb isbn 978-1-59707-265-6 pob #4 the hunger pains isbn 978-1-59707-312-7 pb isbn 978-1-59707-313-4 pob graphic novels #1-3 boxed set 6 x 9 192 pages full-color papeback $19.99 22.99 canada isbn 978-1-59707-274-8 pb otty ry p n w har o ing d k on a rks bre y je c r lly e pecia and p ne s o t n e i ds all boxe deci pr foreign and subsidiary rights available ­ contact terry nantier at bionicle all countries/languages the hardy boys all countries/languages except india english