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introducing professional business from palgrave macmillan who we are… palgrave macmillan publishes innovative and influential books for business professionals written by the best minds in business palgrave’s professional program combines topical writing cutting-edge research and strong industry case studies giving professional readers a head-start whatever their needs how can we help… to receive all the latest news information on our forthcoming books author interviews videos discounts and more follow us on twitter at @palgravebiz or sign up to our monthly e-newsletter at if you are a bookseller and are interested in receiving advanced reading copies bespoke leaflets or promotional material please feel free to get in touch at the professional business team key to symbols w world rights all standard subrights including first serial audio and translation bh backlist highlight new new titles publishing from january to

entrepreneurship innovation what are the new ideas that will create the next generation of googles amazons and twitters what are the top entrepreneurs and market leaders doing to ensure they remain successful and relevant looking beyond technology palgrave’s innovation and entrepreneurship books examine the exciting new ideas that are changing the business world forever

independent luxury t w the four innovation strategies to endure in the consolidation jungle jonas hoffmann laurent lecamp in recent years luxury brands have deviated from the principles of craftsmanship rarity uniqueness and heritage this book explains the importance of innovation and argues that independent brands are vital to the survival of the industry 9781137481443 • july 2015 uk • august 2015 us £31.99 • $50.00 • cn$57.50 •hardback • 280pp building the digital enterprise t w a guide to constructing monetization models using digital technologies mark skilton this practical book defines digital ecosystems discusses digital design using converging technologies and provides methods for linking digital technologies to build a digital enterprise in the new economy 9781137477705 • august 2015 uk • september 2015 us £29.99 • $48.00 • cn$53.00 • hardback • 256pp the ambidextrous organization t w exploring the

creating a resilient workforce health and wellbeing for a competitive advantage cary cooper ivan robertson evidence based advice for improving the wellbeing and overall performance of a workforce based on the consulting experience of experts in the field and established authors cooper and robertson including recent case studies of their clients this book contains a review of the existing evidence and specific advice and guidance on processes and tools to assess and improve psychological well-being in an organization 9781137383754 july 2016 uk • july 2016 us £21.99 • $35.00 • cn$41.00 hardback • 208pp new w sir cary l cooper is distinguished professor of organizational psychology and health at manchester university he is a fellow of the british psychological society the royal society of arts the royal society of medicine the royal society of public health the british academy of management and a fellow of the academy of social sciences professor cooper is

hello and every little thing that matters kate edwards hello and every little thing that matters will transform the way businesses interact with customers – delivering a big impact with small ideas this book contains impactful ideas for businesses on how to treat their customers from saying hello to everyone you encounter to making sure the chairs in your place of business are comfortable 9781137489708 january 2016 uk december 2015 us £19.00 • $30.00 • cn$34.50 hardback • 224pp new kate edwards built her consulting business in 2007 and has worked with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry from le cirque in new york to the bookbindery in seattle as well as restaurants at essex house and plaza hotel her company has been hired to create service and training programs for nonhospitality businesses and provide coaching to owners general managers lawyers and entrepreneurs on how to express and implement their service vision w driving demand

spinning into control crafting the sustainable startup amiel kornel spending a decade or so grinding away at their ventures or starting and stopping a stream of new ones the entrepreneur spins with the grace of a dervisher not out of control but in control until their venture becomes a masterpiece this book helps entrepreneurs understand the process of refining and polishing their craft to ensure sustainable success rather than a flash in the pan win 9781137513557 august 2016 uk • august 2016 us £19.99 • $30.00 • cn$34.50 hardback • 256pp new amiel kornel has incubated advised and funded over 20 startups and advised more than a dozen global 2000 companies he is currently san francisco-based senior managing director of private equity venture capital firm spencer trask co and senior advisor at european investment advisory firm mk finance in paris w cosmopolitan managers executive development that works santiago iñiguez de onzoño what works in executive

sex money happiness and death the quest for authenticity manfred f.r kets de vries the four main tenents of life are explored in this unique new book that examines the issues that touch each executive or for that matter people in general based on his experiences as a psychoanalyst professor and leadership coach the author explores how sex money happiness and death affect our work and our lives in general 9781137559555 november 2015 uk december 2015 us £19.99 • $32.00 • cn$37.00 hardback • 264pp manfred f r kets de vries is distinguished clinical professor of leadership development and organizational change at insead france singapore abu dhabi and founder of insead’s global leadership center one of the largest leadership development centers in the world w coach and couch 2nd edition the psychology of making better leaders edited by manfred f.r kets de vries konstantin korotov elizabeth florent-treacy and caroline rook the insead global leadership centre was

imprints series palgrave macmillan publishes a range of themed series and imprints in partnership with leading authors business schools and professional organizations from across the globe whether it’s high-level business briefings on the timeliest trends or cutting edge research from the minds behind the most competitive mba programs this exciting range of titles will have something for

the family business map t w assets and roadblocks in long term planning morten bennedsen joseph p.h fan combining the expertise of two consultants and academics from east and west this book provides an international guide for family businesses showing how to identify and implement the best governance strategies 9781137382351 • september 2014 uk • october 2014 us £29.99 • $45.00 • cn$52.00 • hardback • 266pp mindful leadership coaching tbh w journeys into the interior manfred f.r kets de vries mindful leadership coaching takes an in-depth look at the coaching processes the insights provided here will help coaches and executives to use frameworks for transforming attitudes beliefs and behaviors it advises on how the best leadership coaches help their executive clients create significant personal and professional change 9781137382320 • april 2014 uk • may 2014 us £29.99 • $45.00 • cn$52.00 • hardback • 248pp

index finlay predictive analytics data mining adams it takes more than casual fridays and free coffee 34 and big data 38 albee digital relevance 25 fishenden digitizing government aliber manias panics and crashes 6 florent-treacy coach and couch 38 31 florent-treacy tricky coaching 41 bachrach more than a showroom 21 fölster the public wealth of nations backaler china goes west 15 forbes the science of why 24 baker attracting and retaining talent 37 ford the secret sauce 30 baker conversations at work 18 baker the end of the job description 18 gee the workplace community 37 barnett the enlightened enterprise 9 godart unveiling fashion 41 ben-hurr changing employee behavior 35 gordon risky business in china 37 bennedsen the family business map 41 gouillart the co-creation edge 9 brown digitizing government 38 gruenbaum making social technologies work 24 brown neuroscience for leadership 35 brown the independent director 35 hamilton the instinctive customer 23 hanwell the workplace

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