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introducing professional business from palgrave macmillan who we are… palgrave macmillan publishes innovative and influential books for business professionals written by the best minds in business palgrave’s professional program combines topical writing cutting-edge research and strong industry case studies giving professional readers a head-start whatever their needs how can we help… to receive all the latest news information on our forthcoming books author interviews videos discounts and more follow us on twitter at @palgravebiz or sign up to our monthly e-newsletter at if you are a bookseller and are interested in receiving advanced reading copies bespoke leaflets or promotional material please feel free to get in touch at the professional business team key to symbols w world rights all standard subrights including first serial audio and translation bh backlist highlight new new titles publishing from july to

entrepreneurship innovation what are the new ideas that will create the next generation of googles amazons and twitters what are the top entrepreneurs and market leaders doing to ensure they remain successful and relevant looking beyond technology palgrave’s innovation and entrepreneurship books examine the exciting new ideas that are changing the business world

building a digital enterprise a guide to the architecture of digital workspaces mark skilton a practitioner guide to building digital enterprises that provides an introduction to “digital workspaces” and a set of mechanisms for monetizing digital technologies the digital economy is at a tipping point this practical book defines digital ecosystems discusses digital design using converging technologies of social networking mobility big data and cloud computing and provides methods for linking digital technologies together to meet the challenges of building a digital enterprise in the new economy 9781137477705 august 2015 uk and us £29.99 • $48.00 • cn$53.00 hardback • 336pp new mark skilton is professor of practice in information systems and management at warwick business school with over 20 years’ experience in information technology in many commercial and public sector businesses he specializes in helping companies realize their business value

india reloaded inside india’s resurgent consumer market dheeraj sinha a critical look at the myths and contradictions surrounding india as a consumer market and an examination of the new opportunities it offers brands and businesses from across the globe have tried to leverage the india opportunity based upon simplistic and widely-held assumptions this book takes a critical look at these myths and contradictions from an inside perspective presenting a fresh and nuanced perspective on the opportunities that the indian market offers it draws upon a wealth of data from consumer research market data macroeconomic research popular culture and case studies to provide a compelling insight into what makes for success in the complex indian market 9781137367099 june 2015 uk • july 2015 us £24.99 • $40.00 • cn$46.00 hardback • 208pp new w dheeraj sinha heads planning for grey wpp group in india south south east asia he is the author of consumer india inside the

building the team organization t new w how to open minds resolve conflict and ensure cooperation dean tjosvold mary tjosvold interdependence is a basic characteristic of organizations yet it is only recently that managers have begun to appreciate it this book provides managers professionals and employees with a concise understanding of productive teamwork in organizations 9780230247123 • june 2015 uk and us £29.99 • $40.00 • cn$46.00 • hardback • 200pp people data t w how to use and apply human capital metrics in your company tine huus people are an organization’s biggest asset and easily amount to 30 of company costs a unique toolkit to an important new trend people data demystifies and simplifies the process of understanding and working with human capital metrics 9781137466945 • may 2015 uk • june 2015 us £17.99 • $29.00 • cn$31.00 • paperback • 200pp hr in the boardroom t w the hr professional’s

making social media work how to implement successful social media in the workplace ronan gruenbaum a complete and comprehensive overview of all the ways businesses can make use of social media at work and how to implement the strategies successfully and sustainably embracing social media at work is not just a corporate page on facebook or a blog from the ceo it is about understanding all the opportunities where social media activities could improve your company from marketing to operations a practical guide for managers and an informative window into the world of social media in business 9781137024817 august 2015 uk and us £16.99 • $27.00 • cn$31.00 paperback • 192pp new ronan gruenbaum is a digital specialist based in london uk with over fifteen years’ experience designing developing and delivering the online presence for organizations he is currently professor of marketing and technology at hult international business school focusing on digital

strategy management from the aspiring leader to the experienced ceo our management and strategy books enable readers of all professional backgrounds to learn earn and lead in the 21st

the manager’s dilemma solving the inverse equation of increasing demands and shrinking resources jesse sostrin provides a framework and set of key concepts for leaders looking to hone their managerial skills in the midst of the difficulties they constantly confront at work this groundbreaking book provides a framework and set of key concepts enabling leaders to exert their influence over the difficult choices and competing priorities they confront compelling stories and vivid case studies help to deliver a serious game plan to any leader who is grappling with burnout caused by the manager’s dilemma 9781137485793 august 2015 uk • july 2015 us £19.00 • $30.00 • cn$34.50 hardback • 224pp new w dr jesse sostrin is a sought after consultant writer and speaker working at the intersection of individual and organizational success he is best known for translating complex ideas about the workplace into simple language and useful tools through his

digitizing government understanding and implementing new digital business models alan brown jerry fishenden mark thompson a valuable guide for public services and private sector suppliers on how to implement new digital business models investment in digital technologies is now an essential priority for success for businesses of all sizes digitizing government is a timely guide to understanding and implementing digital transformation to increase business value and improve client engagement alan w brown is professor of entrepreneurship and innovation in the surrey business school 9781137443625 november 2014 uk • december 2014 us £29.99 • $47.00 • cn$54.00 hardback • 290pp mark thompson is senior lecturer in information systems at cambridge judge business school jerry fishenden is former deputy chief technology officer cto for the uk government w predictive analytics data mining and big data myths misconceptions and methods steven finlay a sophisticated but

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