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now accepting proposals publishing across the humanities the social sciences and business palgrave pivot introduces an innovative new format for scholarly research designed to liberate scholarship from the straitjacket of traditional formats and business models palgrave pivot allows us to deliver quality new research rapidly and at its natural length benefits to authors flexibility pivot offers the opportunity to publish at lengths between the journal article and the conventional monograph typically 25 ­ 50,000 words speed publication of accepted manuscripts within 12 weeks peer-review palgrave pivot publications are subject to a professional and rigorous peer-review process wide dissemination publications are available as digital collections for libraries including via palgrave connect individual ebooks for personal use and as print editions is an exciting new this development which provides a welcome alternative to the conventional journal article or monograph conundrum the pivot

developmental psychology developmental psychology language and thought language and thought understanding child sexual abuse perspectives from the caribbean edited by adele d jones university of huddersfield uk understanding child sexual abuse is the first book to address the issue of child sexual abuse within a region of the world constructed as a paradise in the language of global travel and thus makes a significant contribution to the international literature on the topic the book follows on the heels of the most recent research into the topic and draws extensively from previously unpublished material while child sexual abuse occurs in all countries few books explore the nuanced conceptual cultural and social behaviors which underpin it this edited volume includes contributions from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology psychotherapy law social work sociology early childhood education and counseling contents part i context theory and caribbean realities in tackling child

social psychology emotions in politics the affect dimension in political tension edited by nicolas demertzis national and kapodistrian university of athens greece this collection represents the state of the art with regard to the sociology of emotions the essays by leading scholars in the social sciences clearly demonstrate the fundamental importance of affect in the study of political action and institutional behaviour i know of no better introduction to this growing field its publication could not come at a better time ron eyerman yale university usa prompted by the affective turn within the entire spectrum of the social sciences this books brings together the twin disciplines of political psychology and the political sociology of emotions to explore the complex relationship between politics and emotion at both the mass and individual level with special focus on cases of political tension contents introduction nicolas demertzis 1 the theory of affective intelligence and

social psychology intimacy and friendship on facebook alexander lambert university of melbourne australia this is a carefully written and compelling book on a contemporary subject matter theoretically rich and highly engaging lambert s focus on facebook as a means to advance/remediate work on intimacy will undoubtedly draw interest from scholars students and the general public zizi papacharissi university of illinois-chicago usa intimacy and friendship on facebook theorises the impact of facebook on our social lives through the lens of intimacy lambert constructs an original understanding of why people welcome public intimacy on facebook and how they attempt to control it asking the reader to re-imagine what it means to be intimate online contents 1 introduction 2 discovering intimacy on facebook 3 frameworks privacy performance social capacity 4 methodology 5 the performance of connection 6 distant intimacy 7 prosthetic intimacy 8 when insecurity looms 9 negotiating

social psychology psychology and modern warfare idea management in conflict and competition michael taillard bellevue university usa holly giscoppa cognitive-behavioral psychology expert usa throughout history both military and commercial entities around the world have utilized these methods and even since the formalization of psychological operations during ww2 our methods have improved greatly but we are still only touching the tip of the iceberg so to speak of what is truly possible contents part i introduction part ii a critique on current methods part iii idea modification 1 introduction 2 messages 3 perception 4 brainwashing 5 trust and identification 6 interpersonal conflict 7 challenges and limitations 8 suggestions for future research part iv emotional modification 1 introduction 2 emotional manipulation 3 motivational theory 4 morale 5 marketing and branding 6 theatrical presence 7 psychotropics 8 challenges and limitations 9 suggestions for future

cognitive psychology the self in question memory the body and self-consciousness andy hamilton university of durham uk andy hamilton s the self in question is a penetrating and refreshingly original work on the related topics of self-consciousness memory self-reference and personal identity it locates previously unrecognised connections between these topics and its discussion of conceptual holisms is particularly important hamilton carves out a distinctive and plausible position covering a wide range of key topics in epistemology metaphysics and the philosophy of language and he does so in a way that will be useful to readers both inside and outside the analytic tradition ­ stephen braude university of maryland usa a humanistic account of self-consciousness and personal identity and offering a structural parallel between the epistemology of memory and bodily awareness it provides a much-needed rapprochement between analytic and phenomenological approaches developing wittgenstein s

work and organizational from stress to wellbeing volume 1 the theory and research on occupational stress and wellbeing edited by cary l cooper lancaster university uk a comprehensive collection by professor cary cooper and his colleagues in the field of workplace stress and wellbeing which draws on research in a number of areas including stress-strain relationships sources of workplace stress and stressful occupations volume 1 of 2 contents part i theory and reviews of stress and wellbeing part ii stress-strain relationships part iii sources of work-place stress part iv stressful occupations part v:research methods in stress and wellbeing critical perspectives the emergence of somatic psychology and bodymind therapy barnaby b barratt university of cape town south africa barnaby barratt s work is essential for students not only in the field of somatic psychology but for any clinicians who need to understand the intricate impacts of bodily experience on healing and human

psychoanalysis psychoanalysis studies in the psychosocial series hauntings psychoanalysis and ghostly transmissions stephen frosh birkbeck college university of london uk this is a welcome addition to frosh s earlier books on psychoanalysis and like them it is rigorous clear and engaging and can be highly recommended for extending understanding of psychoanalytic theory and its ethical foundations and for placing these in the context of social and political issues therapy today hauntings explores how the present is troubled by the past and the future it uses the idea of haunting to explore how identities beliefs intimacies and hatreds are transmitted across generations and between people and how these things structure psychosocial and psychopolitical life contents acknowledgements introduction psychoanalysis as a ghostly system facing the truth about ourselves ghostly psychoanalysis the evil eye telepathy transmission forgiveness conclusion references january 2013 uk

popular psychology art and psychoanalysis maria walsh university of the arts london uk often derided as unscientific and self-indulgent psychoanalysis has been an invaluable resource for artists art critics and historians throughout the twentieth century art and psychoanalysis investigates key psychoanalytic concepts to reveal a dynamic relationship between art and psychoanalysis which goes far beyond interpretation contents distortion and disguise the dream-work uncanny eruptions refashioning fetishism and the masquerade female fetishism in the expanded field eye and gaze restoring body to vision the evolution of abjection black narcissus repetition and the death drive returning to melanie klein `real-making a transitional phenomenon new skins for old february 2013 us 176pp hardback paperback published by i b tauris canadian rights popular psychology the face of emotion how botox affects our moods and relationships eric finzi medical director and president of two

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