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social theory social theory an age of limits social theory for the 21st century ralph schroeder oxford internet institute university of oxford uk the reader has come to expect brilliant sociological analysis from ralph schroeder and his latest book is no exception recommended reading not only for sociologists political scientists and economists but also for general readers who want to experience what really good social science is like richard swedberg cornell university usa this is an elegant high-powered wide-ranging and extremely disturbing book it will cause a stir john a hall mcgill university canada ralph schroeder presents a masterful sociological projection of the next phase of modernity all thoughtful viewers of our future should take note randall collins university of pennsylvania usa an age of limits outlines a new social theory for understanding contemporary society providing an analysis of why political economic and cultural powers face constraints across the

race and ethnicity palgrave politics of identity and citizenship series edited by varun uberoi nasar meer and tariq modood tolerance intolerance and respect hard to accept edited by jan dobbernack tariq modood both at university of bristol uk across european societies pluralism is experienced in new and challenging ways our understanding of what it means for societies to be accepting of diversity has to therefore be revisited this volume seeks to meet this challenge with perspectives that consider new dynamics towards tolerance intolerance and respect contents introduction jan dobbernack and tariq modood part i beyond toleration 1 moral minimalism and more demanding moralities some reflections on `tolerance toleration veit bader 2 state toleration religious recognition and equality sune lægaard 3 toleration and non-domination iseult honohan part ii a new intolerance 4 the logics of toleration outline for a comparative approach to the study of tolerance werner schiffauer 5

migration and refugee studies transnational student-migrants and the state the education-migration nexus shanthi robertson rmit australia international students are often engaged not just in education but in high stakes towards gaining permanent migration status this book unpacks the consequences of this education-migration nexus analyzing migration policies and providing a vivid picture of student-migrants lived experiences contents 1 introduction 2 the education-migration nexus global flows 3 the nexus and its discontents an australian perspective 4 shaping the student-migrant experience 5 permanent residency as `the holy grail 6 acquiring and practising citizenship 7 negotiating border crossing lives conclusion precarious transnationals and the settler nation military migrants fighting for your country vron ware the open university uk military migrants is a must read for people who care about the realities behind the rituals of our militaries vron ware has done such

gender and sexuality spatial literacy contemporary asante women s place-making epifania akosua amoo-adare reach out to asia rota qatar this book makes the case for an urgent praxis of critical spatial literacy for african women it provides a critical analysis of how asante women negotiate and understand the politics of contemporary space in accra and beyond and the effect it has on their lives demonstrating how they critically read that world contents critical spatial literacy is urgent political praxis feminist positionality renegade architecture in a certain ambiguity politics of postmodern space asante women s place in a capitalist spatiality auntie pauline sampene mobility akwantu travel and the making of roads auntie evelina amoakohene education anibuei civilization and the opening of eyes akosua serwa opoku-bonsu economics sikasem money matters and the love of gold nana sarpoma asante identity process not state becoming not being towards a pedagogy of critical

gender and sexuality naked exhibitionism gendered performance and public exposure edited by claire nally northumbria university uk angela smith sunderland university uk what does it mean to be naked in public approaching this question from across the disciplines this book examines the evolution of female exhibitionism from criminal taboo to prime-time entertainment taking an interdisciplinary approach which brings together all fields of popular culture including literature media film and linguistics naked exhibitionism examines gendered exhibitionism from the mid-twentieth century to the present day and asks whether bodily exposure provides the liberation it enacts or restricts our most secret selves to the sanitized realm of socially-sanctioned gender roles contents introduction the feminine mask and grotesque body bette davis in beyond the forest 1949 `look hands off the performance of female exhibitionism in angela carter s the infernal desire machines of doctor hoffman and

class and inequality class and inequality youth and revolution in tunisia alcinda honwana open university uk drawing on fresh first-person testimony from those who shaped events the book describes in detail the experiences of young activists through the 29 days of the revolution and the challenges they encountered after the fall of the regime contents introduction 1 growing malaise in the country 2 the main actors of the revolution 3 key events through the eyes of youth 4 youth and the post-ben ali transition 5 the young voice at the ballot box conclusion generational change fairness class and belonging in contemporary england katherine smith university of surrey uk katherine smith s book is a deeply insightful sometimes painfully-honest but always riveting ethnographic account of white working class experiences of fairness racism and the transformation of urban britain during the early years of the twenty first century alexander smith university of warwick uk using

culture and media global media apocalypse pleasure violence and the cultural imaginings of doom jeff lewis rmit university australia a visionary analysis of contemporary global conditions essential reading for anyone interested in media culture and the future of the planet dr kristy best murdoch university australia the modern world seems trapped between fantasies of infinite pleasure and the prospects of total global catastrophe global media apocalypse explores these contrary imaginings through an evolving cultural ecology of violence articulated through the global media these apocalyptic fantasies express a profoundly human condition of crisis contents preface introduction out of the 9/11 decade new media-old empires celebrity sex and revolutions of knowing under the volcano the cultural ecology of nature hyper-pleasure consumer rituals and transactions of desire menace westernism media and the cultural ecology of violence after the apocalypse refugees human rights and

work and organizations globalizing social rights the international labour organization and beyond edited by sandrine kott joëlle droux both at university of geneva switzerland based on the case of the ilo both as an actor and driver of international social policy this collection explores the internationalization process of social rights in a number of national and international contexts this collection brings together a variety of new scholarship by a group of highly qualified and internationally renowned scholars contents part i transnational networks and milieus around the ilo part ii the ilo and the production of social standards part iii the ilo and national spaces from social norms to social rights part iv competing social models the ilo and other international bodies thailand s hidden workforce burmese women factory workers ruth pearson university of leeds uk kyoko kusakabe asian institute of technology thailand the authors give a voice to a part of thailand s workforce

environment science societies beyond oil oil dregs and social futures john urry university of lancaster uk societies beyond oil analyzes how the twentieth century created a kind of mirage of the future that is unsustainable into even the medium term and envisions the future of an oil-dependent world facing energy descent contents introduction the problem of energy part 1 oil dregs 1 oil and the crash of 2007-8 2 the century of oil 3 consuming miles 4 carbon capital 5 peaking 6 the chinese century 7 the curse of oil part 2 social futures 8 magic bullet future 9 digital lives 10 resource fights 12 low carbon society 13 after easy oil urban studies urban studies dirt new geographies of cleanliness and contamination edited by ben campkin university college london uk rosie cox university of london uk dirt and our rituals to eradicate it are as much a part of our everyday lives as eating breathing and sleeping yet this very fact means that we seldom question what we mean by

anthropology a comparative ethnography of alternative spaces edited by jens dahl esther fihl both at university of copenhagen denmark through ethnographical cases this book examines the ways in which social groups position themselves between cultures states moralities and local state authorities creating opportunities for agency alternative spaces designate in-between spaces rather than oppositional structures and are both inside and outside their constituent elements contents introduction a comparative ethnography of alternative spaces j.dahl e.fihl b.s.johansen the united nations and the indigenous space j.dahl the legitimacy of south indian caste councils e.fihl `gambling is gambling creating de-contextualized space at an indian racecourse s puri frontier zones of diaspora-making circassian organisations in turkey l.f.hansen a politics of place the scaling and re-scaling of events in young muslims internet use d.h.possing voices and exits in oaxacalifornia:the

develop your skills as an academic with the palgrave research skills also available in the series high quality resources for graduate students researchers and academics authoring a phd how to plan draft write and finish a doctoral thesis or dissertation 1st edition 9781403905840 the postgraduate research handbook succeed in your ma mphil edd and phd 2nd edition