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study skills by ½ million copy bestselling author stella cottrell the study skills handbook 3rd edition print and digital resources from palgrave macmillan go to for our study skills newsletter opt in to receive future editions by emailing bestseller this no.1 bestseller introduces students to the skills they need to succeed in higher education in a user-friendly interactive format student praise `without this book you can get by just fine with your education but with it you could be exceptional zac student `this book literally wills you to succeed it s inspirational anon student lecturer praise `among similar books i think that cottrell s book stands out in its innovative presentation common sense approach and practicality the job of universities is changing as we can no longer assume that students know how to learn ­ and so we must guide them this book is an excellent support for that mission dr keith pond the

writing skills cite them right 8th edition how to use your reading in your essays by jeanne godfrey `combines a clearsightedness about the academic process from deciding what to read to polishing a final draft with detailed advice and activities in specific areas of language usage and grammar kate williams oxford brookes university uk featuring real texts and examples of student writing this practical book guides the student through the process of effectively using reading in their essays it covers selecting what to read how to quote paraphrase and summarise sources through to spotting and correcting mistakes in the final essay 978-0-230-20540-6 £11.99 the essential referencing guide by richard pears and graham shields `i am using this book for my degree i had never had to use referencing before this and had basically no clue this book is very `user friendly and has every reference you could ever need this honestly is the best book i have ever bought and will see me right through

writing skills authoring a phd how to plan draft write and finish a doctoral thesis or dissertation by patrick dunleavy it is superb after reading it it is hard to see how many phd students ever managed to write an acceptable thesis without reading it i know of no other work offering advice of such substance john peck cardiff university uk based on the author s supervision experience with over 30 students it provides solid advice to help phd students cope with both the intellectual issues creative challenges and practical difficulties of organizing their work effectively an indispensable and time saving aid for doctoral students and supervisors 978-1-4039-0584-0 £19.99 nursing midwifery and health writing for nursing and midwifery students 2nd edition by julio gimenez `why did such a book not exist when i was in my early study years institute of nursing and midwifery university of brighton uk the new edition of this popular book combines the theory and practice of academic

personal development and career skills presentation skills for students 2nd edition by joan van emden and lucinda becker review of the first edition `this is a really useful book for students and lecturers with helpful links and reminders of how to present oneself and subject material in a range of situations department of environment studies the university of hull at scarborough uk topics covered include speaking effectively in seminars and tutorials delivering formal presentations and succeeding at job interviews regular checklists and the friendly down-to-earth style make this an ideal reference tool 978-0-230-24304-0 £12.99 work placements a survival guide for students by christine fanthome using comments from students employers and tutors it includes guidelines on how to find an appropriate placement construct a strong cv and application prepare for an interview develop audit skills and derive maximum benefit from the work placement experience 978-1-4039-3434-5 £15.99

research and it skills the foundations of research 2nd edition by jonathan grix `the welcome second edition of this well received book provides a clear and practical guide to the tools and terminology of research which will be invaluable for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students wyn grant professor of politics university of warwick uk provides an accessible introduction to the foundations of research in the human sciences it covers the tools terminology and research perspectives that students need to know in order to engage in academic debate and successfully complete their long essays dissertations and theses 978-0-230-24897-7 £17.99 the undergraduate research handbook by gina wisker this practical research-informed text will provide students across all disciplines with models tasks and activities to enable them to plan action write and present quality research it will help develop ideas creative thinking and systematic research practices to enable students to produce

for international students study skills for international postgraduates by martin davies destined to become a life saver for international students everywhere this book provides clear comprehensive guidance for students embarking on postgraduate study at a western university helping to maximise your chances of academic success topics include challenges such as critical thinking research writing and speaking skills 978-1-4039-9580-3 £15.99 for academics new teaching study skills and supporting learning by stella cottrell outlines positive environments to enhance student skills and addresses areas such as supportive infrastructures induction and supporting `at risk students topics include interactive group skills revision and exam strategies writing memory and critical analysis skills 978-0-333-92124-1 £23.99 the international student handbook by hayo reinders nick moore and marilyn lewis `the authors show a keen awareness of the many difficulties faced by international students

other titles in the series include pocket study skills little books big results heavyweight advice in a handy pocket sized book new new new becoming an academic by lynn mcalpine and gerlese Åkerlind 978-0-230-22791-0 £22.99 978-0-230-29016-7 978-0-230-29120-1 978-0-230-29281-9 global inequalities and higher education by elaine unterhalter and vincent carpentier 978-0-230-22351-6 £22.99 new 978-0-230-29960-3 978-0-230-24758-1 978-0-230-25193-9 understanding the international student experience by catherine montgomery 978-1-4039-8619-1 £22.99 978-0-230-27230-9 978-0-230-24910-3 978-0-230-57479-3 teaching for understanding at university by noel entwistle 978-0-333-96298-5 £22.99 978-0-230-22002-7 978-0-230-22067-6 978-0-230-58476-1 £5.99 find out more 978-0-230-57763-3

new modules for 2011 skills4studycampus is a unique e-learning resource developed with stella cottrell author of the bestselling the study skills handbook it focuses on all the core study skills needed for success at university or college by improving the quality of the learning experience for students and adding value to your institutions own offering skills4studycampus will support retention initiatives build student satisfaction and enable teaching staff to spend time where it is most needed if your institution subscribes your students can be given free access to this engaging and interactive online resource it can be integrated into your systems customised with your institution s own branding and used flexibly for self study or as part of a taught course skills4studycampus offers core modules on getting ready for academic study new writing skills reading and note-making referencing and plagiarism critical thinking skills module assessments allow you to track progress diagnostics