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theatre series theatre series series editors jen harvie and dan rebellato the theatre series is a major innovation in theatre scholarship for the first time a-list scholars mould cutting-edge thinking about theatre into an easyto-digest and easy-to-afford form for consumption by everyone by selecting the key issues but not shying away from the more complex debates theatre brings the very frontiers of theatre scholarship into the hands of any curious reader allowing every theatre student and lover to take part in these exciting and challenging discussions each book is written by a high-profile theatre scholar and represents the latest critical thinking in the discipline additionally the series is edited by two of the leading thinkers in theatre studies and features forewords by some of today s most important theatre-makers including edward bond mark ravenhill tim etchells rabih mroué and lois weaver theatre mind bruce mcconachie professor of theatre arts university of pittsburgh usa

general theatre and performance interpreting the play script contemplation and analysis anne fliotsos assistant professor of theatre purdue university usa an actor s craft the art and technique of acting david krasner associate professor of acting emerson college usa playing for real actors on playing real people edited by tom cantrell actor tutor and researcher department of theatre film and tv and mary luckhurst professor of modern drama both at university of york uk `i am convinced that this book will become an important text for studies in play and script analysis it promises to draw in various levels of students and theatre practitioners because of its unique introduction of inner contemplation via zen philosophy and practice it also lays possibly new and interesting groundwork for further exploration into successful script analysis and acting gail medford professor of theatre arts bowie state university usa `interpreting the playscript has a great deal to offer teachers and

practice and practitioners theatre education and performance helen nicholson professor of drama and theatre royal holloway university of london uk site-specific performance mike pearson professor of performance studies and director of postgraduate studies university of wales uk performance and the contemporary city an interdisciplinary reader edited by nicolas whybrow university of warwick uk theatre education has often provided theatremakers with radical new ways to encourage social participation and aesthetic engagement this timely book raises questions about how twentieth century practices have been revised in the twenty-first century and how theatre-makers are finding new ways to engage young people in contemporary issues contents mapping stories part i looking back histories and landscapes spaces to imagine theatre and social reform spaces to play childhood theatre and educational utopias places to learn activity and activism part ii moving on theatre education in the

dance dance dancing naturally nature neo-classicism and modernity in early twentieth-century dance edited by rachel fensham professor of dance and theatre studie university of surrey uk and alexandra carter emeritus professor of dance studies middlesex university uk dancing on the canon embodiments of value in popular dance sherril dodds lecturer in dance studies university of surrey uk an introduction to community dance practice edited by diane amans director of freedom in dance `a rich stock of case studies and personal experiences often moving bring theoretical concerns to life this is an inspiring read that will give courage to all those dancers who work with community groups there should be a wellthumbed copy in every dancer s kitbag arts professional july 2008 hardback paperback 296pp £52.50 £17.99 234x156mm 978-0-230-55168-8 978-0-230-55169-5 this exciting collection makes an important contribution to the field of dance studies intersecting detailed studies of a range of

world theatre performance in the blockades of neoliberalism thinking the political anew maurya wickstrom associate professor of theatre graduate center/college of staten island city university of new york usa contemporary indian dance new creative choreography in india and the diaspora ketu h katrak professor of humanities university of california usa worlding dance edited by susan leigh foster distinguished professor department of world arts and cultures ucla usa from the refugee camps in palestine to the halting sites of the irish travellers this book articulates performance using new theory drawn from contemporary philosophy it explores a new politics that soars across the blockades physical and imaginative which a global network of neoliberalism sets up in order to reduce what it is to live contents list of illustrations acknowledgments introduction making the space of the new present palestine/theatre and the team s architecting efficacy sufferers camps and redistribution

theatre history reassessing the theatre of the absurd camus beckett ionesco genet and pinter michael y bennett assistant professor of english in drama university of wisconsin-whitewater usa shakespearean neuroplay reinvigorating the study of dramatic texts and performance through cognitive science amy cook assistant professor of theatre and history indiana university bloomington usa street scenes late medieval acting and performance sharon aronson-lehavi assistant professor of theatre and performance studies department of comparative literature bar ilan university israel march 2011 hardback 200pp £52.00 234x156mm 978-0-230-60665-4 fifty years after the publication of martin esslin s the theatre of the absurd which suggests that `absurd plays purport the meaninglessness of life this book uses the works of five major playwrights of the 1950s to provide a timely reassessment of one of the most important theatre `movements of the twentieth century march 2011 hardback 190pp £52.00

modern and contemporary theatre british asian theatre dramaturgy process and performance dominic hingorani senior lecturer institute for performing arts university of east london uk heritage nostalgia and modern british theatre staging the victorians benjamin poore lecturer university of york uk performance affects applied theatre and the end of effect james thompson professor of applied and social theatre university of manchester uk an introduction to british asian theatre over the past thirty years hingorani explores and examines productions from major british asian theatre companies including tara arts tamasha kali theatre providing students with the theoretical tools and practical examples with which to study the performance practices of british asian theatre contents introduction british asian theatre on the map tara arts 1977-1984 creating a british asian theatre tara arts 1984-1996 creating a `binglish theatre tamasha theatre company 1989 authenticity and adaptation

modern and contemporary theatre refugees theatre and crisis performing global identities alison jeffers lecturer in applied theatre and contemporary performance university of manchester uk get real documentary theatre past and present edited by alison forsyth lecturer in theatre studies university of aberystwyth uk and chris megson senior lecturer in drama and theatre royal holloway university of london uk contemporary french theatre and performance edited by clare finburgh lecturer in modern drama university of essex uk and carl lavery lecturer in theatre studies lancaster university uk `scholarly and incisive the power of this book lies is in alison jeffers political clarity her empathetic understanding of why refugees are compelled to make theatre and her vivid analysis of how theatre-makers have told refugees stories on the professional stage this remarkable book is compelling reading for anyone who cares about human rights and theatre helen nicholson royal holloway university

index a acoustic interculturalism tan acting presidents altschuler acting professionally cohen calleri the actor in costume monks 16 21 7 10 b baines marinetti perteghella staging and performing translation 18 baugh theatre performance and technology 12 bayly a pathognomy of performance beckett s art of absence ross belfiore bennett the social impact of the arts bell shakespeare s great stage of fools bennett reassessing the theatre of the absurd bennett theatre museums biographical theatre canton bleeker visuality in the theatre brady performance politics and the war on terror brian friel roche british asian theatre hingorani broadhurst digital practices broadhurst machon performance and technology 8 26 8 21 20 2 25 28 27 26 24 25 25 the chemistry of the theatre limon cognition in the globe tribble cohen calleri acting professionally cohen performing otherness cohen working together in theatre the comedy of errors shakespeare conroy theatre and the body contemporary french theatre

index the theatre drama and performance companion mangan theatre mind mcconachie theatre museums bennett theatre the visual johnson theatre and audience freshwater theatre and education nicholson theatre and ethics ridout theatre and feeling hurley theatre and globalization rebellato theatre and human rights rae theatre and interculturalism knowles theatre and ireland pilkington theatre and nation holdsworth theatre and photography anderson theatre and politics kelleher theatre and prison mcavinchey theatre and sexuality dolan theatre and the body conroy theatre and the city harvie theatre education and performance nicholson theatre for change landy montgomery 5 2 2 3 4 4 4 3 4 4 3 3 2 2 4 2 3 4 4 10 10 toward a general theory of acting lutterbie tribble cognition in the globe troilus and cressida shakespeare turner behrndt dramaturgy and performance twelfth night shakespeare the two gentlemen of verona shakespeare 6 20 22 12 22 22 v violence performed anderson menon visuality in