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2 january february the whistleblower sex trafficking military contractors and one woman s fight for justice kathryn bolkovac marketing key accounts promotional spend available for scale out campaigns and online movie tie-in links and mailings the author will be touring the uk and will be available for launches talks and events upon publication of the book advertising in empire or total film magazine direct e-campaign to a mailing list of empire /total film readers with a special offer promotion on the book online marketing campaign including social networking to tie review links and fan pages between the film book and the dvd release pos available for bookshop promotions including bookmarks and posters wide-scale publicity campaign to national press radio tv and specialist publications human trafficking terrorism crime international law and film fans 978-0-230-10802-8 £16.99 hardback 256pp 234 x 156mm world all languages all standard

january 7 lethal warriors when the new band of brothers came home david philipps the groundbreaking story of how post traumatic stress disorder has brought the war to our doorstep and the steps taken to help solve this deadly problem they were once known by the famous name `band of brothers now 60 years later this same unit calls itself the lethal warriors having seen the worst of the violence in iraq upon their return to their base at fort carson colorado some of the members of this notorious army unit are plagued by ptsd either misdiagnosed or untreated since returning from war which in extreme cases has resulted in drugfuelled crime sprees and even murder here david philipps applies his piercing insight and relentless investigative journalism not only to this particular unit but to the broader issue of ptsd as it rages throughout the country and talks to the people who are fighting for our veterans he highlights the inspiring story of general mark graham a former commander at

12 february how to write history that people want to read ann curthoys and ann mcgrath the essential easy-to-use guide to writing history for all aspiring authors marketing advertising in writing magazine who do you think you are magazine bbc history magazine and history today magazine online marketing with family history websites such as family search family history uk and the family records centre and local family history groups and societies direct marketing campaign to history academics university history societies and to targeted fe history and creative writing courses across the uk third party promotions via the society of authors the writer s guild the historical association the royal historical society the association of art historians the association of business historians the social history society the economic history society the oral history society and the biographers club targeted marketing campaign for cover-mount opportunities with key creative writing

february 17 the self-aware parent resolving conflict and building a better bond with your child dr fran walfish raising a child is the hardest most responsible task a human being can face and yet it s also the job for which people receive the least training the self-aware parent is an essential guide for parents on how to understand their personality type so they can create a closer ever-lasting bond with their child a healthy relationship based on mutual trust is every parent s wish the bond between infant and parent is a natural phenomenon but as children reach their preteens and form their own personalities fireworks between the child and parent can ensue drawing on twenty years of clinical experience and new theories in attachment family therapist and consultant dr fran walfish argues that parents need to distinguish their own personality type in order to make more informed decisions about how they interact and raise their own children this step-by-step guide shows parents how to

22 march month the family adhd solution a scientific approach to maximizing your child s attention and minimizing parental stress dr mark bertin in the uk alone 9 of children suffer from adhd with numbers steadily rising using the latest scientific evidence this new book helps parents to create a thriving environment for children affected by the disorder for families of children with adhd the stress can be overwhelming often resulting in anxiety depression and divorce developmental paediatrician mark bertin addresses the overlooked problems at the core of the family unit and guides parents on ways to create a calmer more productive environment for their child with adhd to thrive in using the latest research in neuroscience bertin shows parents how adhd is a medical condition that affects the brain s development it s possible to strengthen the child s attention capability through play playing together can help train children to mentally focus to capitalize on their child s strengths

april 27 the hippocratic myth why doctors have to ration care practice politics and compromise their promise to heal gregg bloche challenging provocative and insightful the hippocratic myth offers a revealing look at the ethical and practical problems facing doctors and patients today medical ethics dates back to antiquity with the creation of the hippocratic oath to do no harm this oath has worked for thousands of years when medicine was a more simple transaction between patients and doctors but today scientific advances are spawning new non-therapeutic applications such as performance enhancers for school work sports and on the battlefield and doctors preach in court and the press on who should be blamed for overeating smoking acting on sexual cravings and committing crimes of violence all of these new external pressures challenge physicians ability to carry out the hippocratic oath s uncompromising devotion to patients leading medical ethics expert gregg bloche explores how we

april 31 a vibrant and eye-catching series of `short sharp shots for theatre enthusiasts the theatre series is a major innovation in theatre scholarship for the first time a-list scholars mould cutting-edge thinking about theatre into an easy-to-digest and easy-toafford form for consumption by everyone each book maps out the connection between theatre and a key cultural issue in the wider world today including globalisation ethics politics education and human rights each book is written by a high-profile theatre scholar and represents the latest critical thinking in the discipline the series is edited by two of the leading thinkers in theatre studies jen harvie and dan rebellato and features forewords by some of today s most important theatre-makers including edward bond mark ravenhill tim etchells rabih mroué and lois weaver dan rebellato is professor of contemporary theatre at royal holloway university of london international award-winning playwright and author of the acclaimed

36 may sync your relationship save your marriage four steps to getting back on track peter fraenkel using real-life examples an indispensable guide to improving intimacy and getting your relationship back on track in four easy steps hundreds of couples are in therapy today spending millions of pounds trying to find a way to connect and get their marriage or long term relationship back on track over 20 years psychologist peter fraenkel has developed a technique for working with couples in a new way through a deeper understanding of a couple s cycles and rhythms that can have huge implications for the health of the relationship and actually rescue a failing one fraenkel contends that most couples naturally gravitate toward people of different temperaments because we enjoy the tension that comes with mystery instead of synching though the disparity in a couple s innate rhythm begins to grate and cause friction this is a problem that worsens over time and expresses itself in many forms ­

key backlist titles 41 business economics the future of work richard donkin £25.00 hardback 2009 280pp 978-0-230-57638-4 the dream how i learned the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and made millions gurbaksh chahal £15.99 hardback 2008 256pp 978-0-230-61095-8 new in paperback available january 2010 978-0-230-61895-4 £11.99 luxury online styles systems strategies uche okonkwo £25.00 hardback 2009 368pp 978-0-230-55536-5 business at a crossroads the crisis of corporate leadership tom lloyd £25.00 hardback 2009 216pp 978-0-230-23094-1 sex money happiness and death the quest for authenticity manfred kets de vries £25.00 hardback 2009 264pp 978-0-230-57792-3 the green workplace sustainable strategies that benefit employees the environment and the bottom line leigh stringer £17.99 hardback 2009 256pp 978-0-230-61428-4 economics 2.0 norbert häring and olaf storbeck £17.99 harcback 2009 208pp 978-0-230-61243-3 the keynes solution the path to

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