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new mega trends implications for our future lives sarwant singh new mega trends predicts the ten trends that will make the greatest impact to business ­ and our lives ­ in the future and offers practical advice on how to profit from them based upon extensive research by one of the world s largest market research companies and tested with fortune 100 companies new mega trends identifies the ten most important global trends that will redefine our world by 2020 e-mobility urbanization health wellness and well-being radical social trends such as reverse brain drain new battlefields virtual connected world innovating to zero value for money business models smart is the new green from planes to trains looking at each of these trends in-depth singh not only identifies and evaluates the emerging trends but also translates these into opportunities for everyday business new mega trends offers a vivid picture of how our working and personal lives will be changed in the immediate future and

new vampire cinema ken gelder the ultimate guide to vampire films from buffy the vampire slayer to twilight and beyond vampire films have always gone to outlying regions not transylvania any more although this remains a `magical point of reference but mexico the suburbs of stockholm a remote town in alaska the forests of the united states australia korea japan and new zealand new vampire cinema examines forty modern classic vampire films from 1992 to the present day responding to this remarkably long-lasting example of genre cinema 978-1-844-57440-7 november £16.99 paperback 224pp 234x153mm world rights all languages all standard sub-rights rights contact elisa risquez full of extraordinary energy each new vampire film carries traces of vampire films that have preceded it from the names of various characters to the conflicts and the fatal attractions fully illustrated with images from both tv and film new vampire cinema is the only book that you will need on vampires and their

victoria s madmen revolution and alienation clive bloom a unique view of victoria s reign through the eyes of the neglected figures of the age ­ the assassins anarchists terrorists and revolutionaries victoria s madmen is about those marginal voices which the nineteenth-century heard only as a distant undifferentiated murmur but through the edwardian twilight and beyond became the cacophony of the twentieth century the unmistakable noise of revolutions shaking both the stability of society and the meaning of self 978-0-230-31383-5 october £14.99 paperback 288pp 198x129mm ebook isbn 978-1-137-26243-1 world rights all languages all standard sub-rights rights contact elisa risquez the book tells the stories of a host of figures who came to exemplify a contrary and contradictory history of the victorian age not one of dickensian london and smoking factories but one of little known messiahs like richard brothers and octavia `daughter of god writers such as oscar wilde arthur conan doyle

novelists in the new millennium contemporary novelists in interview vanessa guignery a fascinating exploration of the twenty-first century s leading literary talent an unprecedented insight into the creative minds of some of the bestselling authors of the new millennium including critically acclaimed and prize-winning authors julian barnes jonathan coe kazuo ishiguro hanif kureishi david lodge arundhati roy will self graham swift each in-depth conversation explores the key themes in contemporary literature and raises themes of genre history form and celebrity culture each interview is preceded by an introduction which places the writer in context while the general introduction highlights and makes connections between these interviews and the debates in contemporary fiction more broadly novelists in the new millennium is an enlightening and fresh take on this century s best ­ and most admired ­ literary authors vanessa guignery is assistant professor of english literature university

my life in politics jacques chirac two-time french president jacques chirac is a pivotal figure in the twentieth-century political landscape ­ here for the first time in english he reveals the truth behind his time in politics my life in politics covers the full scope of chirac s political career of more than 50 years and includes many of the twentieth-century s most significant events originally published as two volumes in french this edition has been updated and condensed focusing on chirac s role on the international stage with a brandnew afterword exclusive to palgrave macmillan 978-0-230-34088-6 november £18.99 hardback 352pp 235x156mm ebook isbn:978-1-137-20578-0 world rights english language all standard sub-rights rights contact kerry nordling chirac started his political life with france s defeat in algeria in the early 1960s and went on to become the personal negotiator with saddam hussein for france s oil interests in the persian gulf he sold iraq their first nuclear

brain gain the mind on technology and the road to wisdom marc prensky a persuasive argument that the power of technology can improve natural cognitive abilities the majority of people now use technology to help them keep track of appointments get from point a to point b and stay socially and professionally connected yet we re constantly questioning if this is truly a useful crutch or if we re merely dampening our own ability to think and remember 978-0-230-33809-8 september £15.99 hardback 256pp 234x156mm ebook isbn 978-1-137-23580-0 world rights all languages all standard sub-rights rights contact kerry nordling in brain gain tech expert marc prensky draws on the latest neuroscience and his own extensive research to show readers how smart people are now learning to improve their thinking power by using technology wisely without losing their humanity marc prensky is an internationally acclaimed speaker writer and consultant in education and learning he has appeared cnn fox news and

history 978-0-230-34161-6 october £10.99 paperback 288pp 234x156mm previous isbn 978-0-230-62318-7 ebook isbn 978-0-230-33849-4 world rights all languages all standard sub-rights rights contact kerry nordling the long night william l shirer and the rise and fall of the third reich steve wick the unique story of an american journalist who witnessed first-hand and reported on the rise of hitler and penned the bestselling book the rise and fall of the third reich when william l shirer agreed to start up the berlin bureau of cbs news in the 1930s he quickly became both the most trusted and most determined reporter in all of europe the long night fleshes out the details of the maverick journalist s adventures in europe and delivers a new rich perspective on the third reich through never-before-seen journals and letters `elegantly-written and engaging narrative roger moorhouse author of killing hitler `steve wick makes excellent use of shirer s letters and papers to chronicle his often

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