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beauty queen indexta indexat inside the reign of avon s andrea jung deborrah himsel an inside look at the rise and fall of former avon ceo andrea jung and what it can teach us about twentyfirst century leadership andrea jung was arguably the world s most charismatic and effective ceo credited with the astonishing turnaround of the venerable brand avon she seemed incapable of making a wrong move until amid declining sales an investigation by the securities and exchange commission sec and a brand in crisis she stepped down in late 2012 9781137278821 may £17.99 hardback 234x153mm 240pp world english all standard subrights including first serial excluding audio and translation in beauty queen former avon vp deborrah himsel uses jung s story as a case study for two timeless leadership questions what makes great leaders great and what makes them fail she explores both jung s early years of success as well as the combination of missteps that led to her downfall including her failure to

inferno revealed indexta indexat from dante to dan brown deborah mark parker an exploration of dante s world that provides context for understanding dan brown s new bestseller inferno using dan brown s book as a jumping off point inferno revealed provides readers of brown s inferno with an engaging introduction to dante and his world inferno revealed written by world-renowned dante scholars ­ a husband and wife team ­ explores how dante made himself the protagonist of the divine comedy something no other epic poet has done a move for which the ramifications have not yet been fully explored the authors analyze how dan brown has repurposed inferno in his newest book ­ noting what he gets right and what errors he has made of course dan brown is not the first author to base his work on dante the divine comedy has elicited many adaptations from major canonical writers such as milton and keats to popular adaptations like david fincher s se7en and tim burton s beetlejuice ­ all of which

burqas baseball and apple pie indexta indexat being muslim in america ranya tabari idliby an examination of muslim identity told through one woman s exploration and struggle with what her heritage and religion mean in modern america this is the story of one american muslim woman and her family ­ the story of how through their lives their schools their friends and their neighbors they end up living the challenges myths fears hopes and dreams of all americans they are challenged by both muslims who speak for them and by americans who reject them 9780230341845 february £16.99 hardback 234x153mm 256pp 8-page photo spread world all standard subrights including audio first serial and translation in this moving memoir idliby discusses not only coming to terms with what it means to be muslim today but how to raise and teach her children about their heritage and religious legacy she explores life as a muslim in a world where hostility towards muslims runs rampant where there is an entire

walking prey indexta indexat how america s youth are vulnerable to sex slavery holly austin smith a former sex trafficking victim argues that thousands of children across the united states are at risk of being sold into prostitution and shows how popular culture is fuelling this dangerous trend 9781137278739 april £17.99 hardback 234x153mm 256pp world all standard subrights including audio first serial and translation today two cultural forces are converging to make america s youth easy targets for sex traffickers children are engaging in ­ and encouraged to engage in ­ adult sexual attitudes and practices younger and earlier while thanks to the internet and mobile technology predators are able to ferret out their victims more easily than ever before in walking prey former victim holly austin smith shows how middle class suburban communities are fast becoming the new epicenter of sex trafficking in america her experience led her two decades later to become one of the foremost

business economics unconscious branding indexta indexat how neuroscience can empower and inspire marketing douglas van praet exploring how cognitive and behavioral science can help marketers to understand and reach consumers in a crowded media environment if consumers make decisions unconsciously why do we persist in asking them directly through traditional marketing research why they do what they do unconscious branding takes the most brilliant and revolutionary concepts from cognitive science and applies them to how we market advertise and consume in the modern digital age 9781137278920 april £10.99 paperback 234x153mm 288pp previous isbn 9780230341791 world all languages i would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand how to craft communications that will truly resonate justin osborne general manager marketing communications volkswagen of america douglas van praet is executive vice president at deutsch la where his responsibilities include group planning director

politics current affairs the big truck that went by indexta indexat how the world came to save haiti and left behind a disaster jonathan m katz a shocking exposé of why reconstruction efforts in haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake continue to fail in the big truck that went by award-winning writer jonathan katz ties together the two crises that continue to cripple haiti the aftermath of the earthquake and government corruption asking the hard questions about western aid this is a vividly told narrative of how the affluent nations can help the less fortunate in smarter ways 9781137278975 april £10.99 paperback 234x153mm 336pp previous isbn 9780230341876 world all standard subrights a heartbreaking book ­ the huffington post compelling damning wry ­ the times the despair and love of haiti in one earthquake story ­ the new york times magazine jonathan m katz was the 2010 recipient of the medill medal for courage in journalism and the 2012 winner of the j anthony lukas

business economics 9780230342019 paperback £10.99 9780230613881 paperback £15.99 9780230342149 hardback £16.99 history 9780230341562 hardback £16.99 9781137278838 paperback £9.99 9780230342125 paperback £8.99

index a archduke franz ferdinand lives 11 investor s paradox the8 k katz jonathan m 30 b beauty queen6 big truck that went by the 30 birmingham lucy 29 border insecurity 19 brown nancy marie 28 burqas baseball and apple pie18 l lebow richard ned longmire sylvia lost antarctica lost spring the 11 19 32 21 c calkins tim carson clayborne cowen scott crisafulli patricia 24 27 4 25 m martin s dream mcclintock james mcneill david mutter john c 27 32 29 20 d defending the city of god defending your brand doyle larry 12 24 5 n neal catherine s newman sharan 7 12 p parker deborah parker mark phares walid portnoy brian 10 10 21 8 f face of emotion the finzi eric 31 31 h hiding behind hurricanes himsel deborrah 20 6 r redmond andrea rifkin jeremy rwanda inc 25 16 25 i idliby ranya tabari 18 imagine there s no heaven 13 in bed with wall street5 inevitable city the 4 inferno revealed 10 s smith holly austin song of the vikings stephens mitchell strong in the rain 22 28 13 29

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