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superior reality processor concept superior features super wide dynamic range enhanced abs advanced features panasonic s analog cameras will evolve into the next generation with superior reality processor intelligent resolution color reproducibility proactive 2d/3d-dnr enhanced abs adaptive black stretch lens distortion compensation electrical sense up 512x on screen display menu auto tracking scene change detection auto image stabilizer basic features horizontal resolution 700 lines min.illumination 0.08 lx color 0.008 lx b/w 0 lx with ir led panasonic black box technology technology for analog products “superior reality” processor realizes much high efficiency such as high resolution color reproducibility high sensitivity lens distortion auto tracking ptz camera only scene change detection fixed camera only auto image stabilizer sd non-linear combined algorithm super wide dynamic is improved in color reproducibility with new algorithm enhanced abs enhanced abs processing improves dark area graduation and visibility around motion area exceeding the human eye proactive 2d/3d-dnr enhanced dnr processes image proactively with the combination of 2d dnr processing for the moving object with 3d dnr for the background 2 supported functions and specifications differ according to the models see the specifications for each model 3