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technology superior features conventional basic features superior reality processor high resolution super dynamic 6 delivers superior image by fusion of superior reality processor delivers color images with super dynamic with non-linear combined algorithm 650 lines typical of horizontal resolution and enhanced abs adaptive black stretch revealing the picture’s smallest detail conventional superior reality processor details are unclear the person can easily be identified with clear details conventional superior reality processor image is dark and unclear clear image thanks to the high sensitivity it not only features natural contrast reproduction but also improves dark area graduation and visibility around motion area exceeding the human eye high sensitivity minimum illumination 0.08 lx allows color images even when lighting is dim advanced features intelligent resolution when the situation is too dark electronic sensitivity enhancement and day/night feature further enhances the low light capability at 0.008 lx ideal for 24-hour conventional superior reality processor surveillance this feature makes the blur image by an electronic zoom processing to clear image additional value it provide identification of the characters of a number plate a note etc by superior reality processor lens distortion compensation so more effective surveillance system can be offered color reproducibility the compensation of distortion with wide-angle lens enables the use of various lenses electrical sense up 512x conventional superior reality processor to ensure that what you see is the full range of this feature provides effective surveillance in low light condition by up to 512x of electrical sense up function on screen display menu natural color the digital color circuitry in our superior reality processor processes color at a finer level of this feature provides easy and useful configuration menu which implemented to all line-up models detail enabling reproduction of even poorly illuminated or pale colors auto tracking ptz camera only proactive 2d/3d-dnr this feature automatically follows the largest moving object in the image causing the camera to pan and tilt to keep the object in the center of the image conventional superior reality processor scene change detection the combination of 2d dnr processing for the moving object with 3d dnr for the background this feature detects interference and sends an alarm signal when the camera’s operation has been hampered corrects movement-generated streaking now even the headlights of moving cars can been seen clearly auto image stabilizer unmarred by the streaks of light produced by previous 3d dnr object-image processing 4 automatic image stabilization prevents blurring under the condition by vibration from high winds aircraft trains or large trucks supported functions and specifications differ according to the models see the specifications for each model 5