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uniting the world with future energy the dream of a cleaner world with an endless supply of energy for everyone came closer to reality as more than 100 countries gathered in kazakhstan’s capital astana to showcase their conceptions of future energy—the theme of this year’s exposition staged june 10 to september 10 2017 expo 2017 astana asked “how do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing co2 emissions?” diverse solutions were presented with more than 68 1 of national pavilions choosing panasonic visual systems to express their vision about 450 panasonic projectors were supplied—a large proportion being highly efficient solid shine laser projectors—together with about 50 professional displays supported by key panasonic technologies such as single-cable av and hdbaset ™-compliant control connections management software with early warning capabilities and optional calibration for multi-unit systems with

pavilions featured in this catalog 01 02 03 01 germany 05 japan 02 netherlands 06 thailand 03 italy 07 malaysia 04 korea other pavilions panasonic products are installed panasonic was the no.11 projector brand with 68 1 of installations at expo 2017 astana • projectors supplied over 450 units • professional displays supplied over 2 • total unit deployment over 50 units 500 units 04 05 06 07 1 based on panasonic analysis of 5,000 lm projectors operating across all pavilions 2 total includes back-up

for sheer “wow” factor few could beat the energy show at the german pavilion panasonic’s new pt-rq13k solid shine laser projectors delivered breathtaking images at 4k resolution with imperceptible image degradation over the three-month event despite almost continuous daily operation driving home the message that individual actions can contribute to a greater good germany’s “energy on track” pavilion showed pioneering solutions aimed at sustainable life visitors were encouraged to engage rather than observe smartsticks enabled participation in quizzes about the exhibits with accumulated points converted into an energy show at the culmination of their 01 tour in a clever demonstration of collective action people were transfixed as lasers and mapped projections transformed a of the world energy show was made possible by eight panasonic pt-rq13k 4k 3-chip dlp ™ solid shine laser projectors concealed in the ceiling among the world’s

light weight and laser light source allows select solid shine laser projectors to be flexibly cable-rigged at almost any angle combined with lenses for short-throw projection a range of possibilities for creative presentation are possible pt-rz970 et-dle030 hologram pt-rz970 et-dle030 projectors for background center and foreground screens helped produce captivating stereoscopic dimensionality high brightness enhanced audience immersion “low land high energy”—in one phrase the netherlands captures its unique geography and renewable energy program at expo 2017 astana with its iconic windmills conceptually repurposed for wind-power generation and network of active solar farms the nation is leading the transition to clean power visitors to the pavilion were treated to a five-minute light laser and 3d equipment installed pt-rz970 et-dle030 holographic program that highlighted the dutch way of thinking in spectacular fashion stereoscopic video presentation was

pt-rz770 et-dle030 x 3 units front and pt-rz770 et-dle030 x 2 units rear filterless pt-rz770 and pt-rz670 units have sealed optics and work quietly and dependably in dusty conditions laser light source and single-cable connection allows flexible rigging at almost any angle pt-rz670 x 10 units curved 360-degree screen based on the question “what is energy and what does it serve?” the italian pavilion comprised four oval-shaped areas each bearing the name of a prominent italian scientist leonardo da vinci alessandro volta enrico fermi and antonio cotti whose contributions to science and culture still resonate today immersing in italy’s rich history and culture visitors had context for the 03 country’s achievement in generating more than 38 of its domestic power in 2016 from alternative sources while offering a vantage on equipment installed italy’s plan for emissions-neutral energy pavilion designers used curved walls to tell stories in pictures

pt-dz110x et-d75le95 x 1 unit the panasonic et-d75le95 ultra-short-throw lens enables large-scale image projection in tight spaces without shadowing the lenses were employed with 3-chip dlp ™ projectors at the korean pavilion entranceway pt-dz870 x 4 units theater boasting an exhibition area of 1,804 m2 korea’s pavilion was among the largest at expo 2017 astana the venue provided ample space for its “future energy smart life” concept to unfold augmented reality and cutting-edge animation guided visitors on the journey of an “energy seed” that linked past present and future technologies while celebrating a fusion of traditional and modern culture demonstrating the flexibility of panasonic rear-projection technology equipment installed et-d75le95 ultra-short-throw lenses paired with pt-dz110x 3-chip dlp ™ units lit up the pavilion entranceway with single-screen images projected onto three tall doors inside the pavilion’s dedicated

“what we look for is a good balance of reliability stability and kaoru morimoto cost performance the expo was open every day and we didn’t exhibition planner have to worry about servicing the units that’s very impressive.” expo 2017 astana japan pavilion pt-rz670 x 2 units zone iii pt-rz970 x 3 units zone ii centerpiece to the japan pavilion was a wide theater screen lit up by three pt-rz970 projectors each with 10,000 lumens pt-rz670 x 3 units zone i pt-rz670s with hermetically sealed laser modules delivered dust-resistant operation in portrait orientation watch video url:https youtu.be/lh3aaahjlfs under the theme “smart mix with technology,” the japan pavilion demonstrated a multi-layered approach to clean and efficient energy provision across three dazzling exhibition zones japan was able to deliver its vision for the future against a historical backdrop panasonic was instrumental in bringing multi-media works to 05 theater screens inside

solid shine laser projectors work flawlessly in any orientation while quad-lamp pt-dz21k flagships brought dazzling luminosity to every scene pt-rz670 x 4 units entrance pt-dz21k x 2 units 3d theater with an abundance of natural and agricultural resources thailand was ideally positioned to present the benefits of sustainability through the development of bioenergy visitors to its pavilion themed “bioenergy for all,” toured three spaces comprising an interactive exhibition theater and live exhibition each highlighted the relationship between sustainable energy and thai culture through self-sufficiency programs envisioned by the late king bhumibol equipment installed two 20,000-lumen pt-dz21k 3-chip dlp™ quad-lamp projectors which are compatible with either active or passive 3d systems simulated “farming future energy” with a narrative delivered by a 3d-animated mascot stage performances and interactive exhibits blended 06 multi-media and motion-mapping

a triumph of imagination made possible with pt-rz770 1-chip dlp ™ solid shine laser projectors the rainforest room was a hit with visitors pt-rz770 x 8 units as one of the world’s most forested nations malaysia made geography central to its pavilion theme “powering green growth.” the exhibition showed a nation committed to renewable energy and driven by investment in green technology upon entry visitors were wrapped in a panoramic virtual rainforest inhabited by roaming wildlife trees vaulting into a tropical canopy and ambient 07 forest sounds transporting this unique asian wilderness to kazakhstan a land of steppe and desert in a way many had never equipment installed experienced before 65’’ this stunning exhibit was made possible with eight pt-rz770 1-chip dlp ™ solid shine laser projectors configured for seamless projection mapping with extensive geometric adjustment features expandable for quick and precise mapping via multi-projector

featured projector lineup 3-chip dlp ™ projectors laser models pt-rs30k pt-rq13k 3-chip dlp ™ projectors lamp models pt-rz12k/rs11k pt-dz21k/ds20k note pt-dz21k2 successor model also available 1-chip dlp ™ projectors laser models pt-rz970/rz770 rz660 pt-rz670 pt-dz13k/dz10k dz110x pt-ez770 1-chip dlp ™ projectors lamp models pt-rz570 pt-dz870/dx100 pt-dz770 outdoor pt-ez580 pt-vx420 ultra-short-throw lens pt-dz680 professional outdoor signage displays featured display lineup indoor lcd projector lamp models et-d75le90/d75le95 et-dle030 for 3-chip dlp™ projectors for 1-chip dlp™ projectors th-47lfx60 x 24 units touch screen panasonic visual systems also offers 55’’ 47’’ 65 ’’ a selection of bulletproof all-weather displays for outdoor use with massive brightness and excellent contrast for th-55lfe8 th-47lfx60 th-65lfb70 high visibility in direct sunlight these note th-65bf1 successor model also

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